STARGAZING Week of February 28th to March 6th, 2011

Feb 28, 2011 | Special Messages

FEBRUARY 28th to March 6th, 2011

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

This week a Moon/ Saturn square sticks its nose into your emotional world, Air Signs. You are once again obliged by the heavens to take a trip down memory lane and visit your love past. You need to do this in order to better take stock of your current love situation, where you’re in fact tempted to make some radical changes. Be sure to think carefully before making any moves, some words and actions are irreversible. Also, Venus enters Aquarius, sending your charisma through the roof. Other people are drawn to you and want to help you. So if there’s something you want, turn on your most magnetic smile and go for it. In addition, you’ve got the Sun, Mercury and Mars all working to bring you prosperity. Need some extra funds? You can count on luck and yes, some extra cash. The red carpet of success is rolling out before you, just don’t trip on all the flowers being thrown at your feet. Want to get more out of love? Singles, the planets have deserted your dating sector, but the love planet in Aquarius is making you incredibly attractive. Use it, take the initiative and let your charm carry you forward. If you’re in a couple your partner finds you irresistible and since you’re aiming to please, thrills are guaranteed. Finally, Jupiter is turning you into a chatterbox on the job. You know just how to approach people and bring them on board for your project. Professionally, the planets fill your days to the rim, but they are productive and enjoyable. Mercury and the Sun allow you to push things forward. In addition, Mars fills you with strength and gets the ambition flowing through your veins. You may be offered a promotion or a long hoped-for transfer. The doors of progress are wide open. All you have to do is walk through them. Finally, your finances fall under the influence of pitiless Pluto, who doesn’t let you get away with one wrong move. Heads up and be watchful as you complete your annual taxes, and be sure to be careful.

Your Love Week—Air Signs: Steady dating could be challenging this week, but if you’re playing the field, Monday and Tuesday offer a wide range of possibilities as the Moon and Venus enter Aquarius. This combination turns bad luck to good on Monday and Tuesday nights. Suddenly everybody wants to be with you! Life gets deliciously complicated on Wednesday, as Mercury could sabotage your efforts with a Capricorn, Libra, or Cancer. Pluto and Mars favor group dates and singles events on Thursday and Friday. Thursday’s Moon-Neptune conjunction brings someone’s hurt feelings to the surface. Maybe this is your ticket to a romantic Friday under a Pisces New Moon, or maybe it drives you into different arms this weekend. But once the Moon enters Aries on Saturday night, be careful about taking things too far or too fast with someone who really matters to you. Respect his or her boundaries. It’s easy to make assumptions Saturday night when the Moon conjoins Uranus and enters Aries. Take it slow and be sure you know what you’re getting into.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

The priority this week is given to your home or to an important real estate project. Want to move house? Search high and low for your dream home? Know that the heavens are facilitating each step you take. Call the realtor! On the love front, Jupiter warms romance and is setting the tone. If your married life has suffered more downs than ups recently, you glimpse the light at the end of the tunnel this week, with Venus’ grand entrance into Aquarius. You and your partner feel yourselves moving back onto the same wavelength, and in no time, you’re partners in crime once again. You each experience an inrush of excitement over a joint project. You’re able to spend more time together and feed off each other’s good mood. Single? You’re suddenly tired of playing the field and ready to settle down. You take a step back from all the action and start looking at eligible others with a softer, more serious eye. This weeks transit can help you get to know the one you’re dating on another level, and you may get more serious. Love has never been so exciting. Professionally, your days are calm, but you couldn’t be happier about that. You’re happy to rest on your laurels a bit, and escape from the usual stress. Your work days are rather uneventful and you’ve got all the time you need to tweak your projects and strategies. Your situation is stable and healthy thanks to your spending wisdom and excellent money management. Financially, things couldn’t be better. Pluto is watching over your finances and protects you. Negotiations tip in your favor, you uncover deals and some extra mad money comes in from various sources. What more could you ask for?

Your Love Week—Fire Signs: As the Moon and Venus enter Aquarius early this week, you’re feeling free and attractive. Saturn and Venus make you a great lover on Monday. Tuesday’s Moon-Jupiter sextile brings out your inner pickup artist, but you’ve already loved and left by the time Venus enters Aquarius late Tuesday. Wednesday’s Mercury-Saturn quincunx creates great discomfort when talking about relationships. You take someone more seriously once the Moon conjoins Neptune and enters Pisces Thursday. It’s actually much easier to show someone how you feel Thursday and Friday, with help from Mars, Pluto, and the Pisces Moon, which turns new Friday night. Thanks to a Mars-Pluto sextile and Friday’s New Moon, you could have just about anyone you desire. That monthly conjunction with the Sun reminds you who you are. Saturday’s conjunctions with Mercury and Uranus inspire further conquests, although you’re pushing your luck Sunday when an Aries Moon conjoins Jupiter. Plan a romantic weekend with your date, and stay away from everybody’s parents on Sunday!

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

A water sign is the place to be this week. The Sun, Mars, Mercury and Uranus have all gravitated there and are infusing you with dynamism, ambition and willpower. Wow. You’re a force to be reckoned with. The heavens place your love life in the spotlight, and this is especially true if you’re searching for your soul mate. Your water sign is generating energies set to domino into a love at first sight encounter. Get ready for a bolt from the blue that changes your life. Are you in a couple? If you want to spice things back up between you and your partner, you’ll have to be creative. You’re both feeling radiantly tender and your happiness can be seen a mile away. If you’re single, your charm takes the dating game to new heights. All at once you expand your horizons and open yourself to getting involved with people who are different from your usual type. On the job, Jupiter creates a climate of luck and serenity that is perfect for your professional development. You’re able to push your projects and interests forward and you can practically do no wrong. You may be able to step into a leadership position and if you’re already there, you inspire your team with a fresh sense of purpose. Be ready to seize the opportunities that come along, they will be ripe with potential. Saturn shakes the financial tightrope you’re walking in a mad effort to make you lose your balance. Be sure to watch your wallet and to put a safety net in place. However, Jupiter sends stroke after stroke of luck to your financial sector. Could you ask for a better week? Each moment is a gift, be sure to savor it.

Your Love Week—Water Signs: The Moon sextiles Uranus and enters Aquarius Monday night. Venus copies that move Tuesday, helping you win hearts or beg forgiveness. You prefer Air Signs to Earth Signs as the Moon and Venus leave Capricorn on Monday and Tuesday. Even if it’s an easy transition for you, beware of breaking hearts along the way. Wednesday’s Mercury-Saturn quincunx could be trouble. Keep your mouth shut when the Moon conjoins Neptune and enters Pisces on Thursday. You’re likely to get what you want on Thursday and Friday as Pluto and Mars make soft aspects with a Pisces Moon. And when that Moon turns new late Friday, love is in the air – although you will settle for lust. Somebody loves you, or maybe you will make that happen under the Pisces New Moon. Understand that someone may resent your motives when the Moon enters Aries Saturday night. Saturday’s Mercury and Uranus conjunctions keep you floating, but Sunday’s Sun-Saturn quincunx could be the reality check you didn’t want. Welcome (back) to the wonderful/terrible world of dating!

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

A Moon/ Saturn square at the beginning of the week injects the unexpected into your financial situation. Higher than usual expenses, late payments and other unpleasant surprises make money matters tricky. Err on the side of caution in all your decisions and keep careful track of everything that happens. This square sets up a tricky week for you on the job. It’s suddenly difficult to get along with certain colleagues, and your boss tests you, assigning you a complicated brain teaser of a mission. It’s not easy to wade through it all. Fortunately Venus eases these troubles by stimulating your relationships on the personal front. You can count on happiness at home, friendships that enrich your life on many levels, and if you’re single and on the prowl, delicious romantic encounters. If you’re single, get ready. The Moon electrifies Pluto at the beginning of the week to create opportunities for encounters and there’s one in the bunch that turns out to be interesting indeed. If you’re already paired up, Mars, the Sun, Mercury and Uranus all add energy and excitement to your interactions. You may get worked up and push each other’s buttons at times but at least you’re never bored. You’re feeling out each other’s points of view and limits, and it’s adding spice to your life together. The communication between you is right on target. Not only do you get all your messages across, the tenderness flowing between you sends you straight to seventh heaven. The atmosphere on the job is light-hearted and fun. Everybody at the office is in a great mood! Work-wise, however, there’s nothing new. Finally, Neptune is of no help to you financially. Between unpaid bills, angry creditors, late payments and unexpected expenses, you have a hard time dodging the obstacles. But take heart, this trend will turn around as we enter March.

Your Love Week—Earth Signs: Sometimes you’re nervous about discussing the future, but tenderness and pillow talk lead you there easily as the Moon and Venus enter Aquarius Monday and Tuesday. Your roving eye could get you in trouble with your date on Monday and Tuesday. Be patient and tactful on Wednesday Saturn is quincunx Mercury and trine the Moon. A Mercury-Saturn quincunx tangles communications Wednesday, and Thursday’s involvement with Neptune and Pisces confuses your love life with unwanted or misunderstood emotions. But silence and restraint may be impossible after the Moon conjoins Neptune and enters Pisces late Thursday. If you can get past that by mid-Friday, the New Moon offers one of the year’s most romantic weekends. With the right words, you could get lucky on Friday during the year’s most romantic New Moon. Compromise could be worth your time this weekend The Saturday Moon conjunct Mercury helps you go with the flow rather than worry about your next move. If you must impress your date’s family on Sunday, be good!