Stargazing—week of February 27th – March 4th, 2012

Feb 27, 2012 | Special Messages

Week of Feb. 27th – March 4th, 2012

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A long cycle has come to a close. There’s something you’ve been struggling with over the past few months, and you probably feel like you’ve had to jump a few hurdles to deal with whatever this issue is. Fortunately, it’s now time to breathe a sigh of relief! Clear decisions come as well as a favorable resolution.

Many of us may not be as busy as we expect at this time. Everything seems to be in slow motion. We feel as if we have sufficient time to finish our jobs with the Moon’s presence in sensible Taurus early in the week. The Moon forms a fluid Grand Trine with powerful Pluto in ambitious Capricorn and energetic Mars in hardworking Virgo. Although we would rather daydream, we must take the time to simplify our goals while persistently pushing ahead. Things will pick up speed mid-April.

On February 26th, communications planet Mercury entered the shadow period of its coming retrograde cycle at 23 degrees Pisces. The shadow period before it turns retrograde at 7 degrees Aries gives you hints about the issues in your life you will be dealing with after Mercury actually turns retrograde on March 12th. In Pisces, you want to pay attention to intuition, your immune system, feet, and enhancing your meditation or prayer time. Mercury then moves into Aries on March 2nd, which can help your exercise program. It can also stimulate you to get moving in other areas of your life, but do be careful of impatience or speaking impulsively.

On February 28th, the Sun in Pisces will pair up with powerful Pluto, signaling an end to whatever burdens you’ve been shouldering lately. In addition to simply letting you know that your problem is finally solved, Pluto’s presence ensures that your recent ordeal has taught you a valuable lesson about who you are and how much you can accomplish. It may have also shown you that different responses bring better results.

Mixing fast words and tender emotions makes for a volatile social environment this weekend. Chatty Mercury moves into impulsive Aries to spark lively conversations on Friday, yet feelings are easily bruised with the Moon’s entry into super-sensitive Cancer at the same time. Honestly assessing personal needs can be a tough task, but one that’s necessary for relationships to flourish now. You’re now completing a cycle and walking away stronger and more resilient, and if a situation like this arises again, you’ll be ready to handle it with ease and reassurance!

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

As this week opens, you might feel out of sorts without knowing why. Mars is stirring up your psyche, and this could be causing you to feel unsettled. You might wonder where your confidence went and notice that your dreams seem to be encouraging you to sort out long-overdue issues. This is a time to take a careful and thorough look at your health. Make a few decisions with a view to making your well-being a priority. The focus on your career continues, but so does the interference associated with home and family. You may want to get ahead, but you can’t do as much as you’d like because of other obligations. Patience is the key. Also be willing to research your options and do what you can while still keeping your main goal in mind. You could become even more outspoken as Mercury moves into Aries on Friday. You’ll be doing a lot more mental work, too. Don’t live on your nerves. Be sure to relax. Saturday could be particularly frustrating, so don’t force the pace. Financial issues need delicate handling. It will help if you keep control of your money and make this a habit for the foreseeable future. You need a strategy that enables you to track what you have and focus on how much you want to earn. Time to prepare your tax return, as it could be an eye-opener and offer some wise lessons. Your social life looks good, but don’t pick Sunday for that crucial first date. Otherwise, go out and have fun. Spring weather is on the way, Air Signs.

Your Love Week—Air Signs: This week may not bring much in the way of dynamic action when it comes to your romantic life, but it does promise much tender affection, and the ability to be able to share your thoughts very sweetly with your nearest and dearest. There is the possibility of some wonderful evenings in a very delightful setting, the whispering of sweet nothings and plenty of melting moments. You are not sure whether to go for it or not. You know that the person in question holds a deep fascination for you, and the thought of being close to them makes you melt. Yet something, some minor detail that you can’t quite put your finger on is holding you back. You need to decide one way or the other. However, take your time and get to know this person a bit. There’s lots of room for decisions later in the year. Intellect is wonderful, Air Signs, but it can’t answer the questions posed by the heart this weekend. There’s no logic or system that can put relationships on the fast track, so give your brain a rest and let your feelings lead the way. A permanent commitment is not like going for fast food. It needs stirring and simmering as well as lots of love. Sure, this emotional journey can take you into some unfamiliar territory, but you need to be courageous and brave to find the kind of love that you desire. Adjusting to your constant changing feelings isn’t easy but is the best way to deepen intimacy now.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

When the Sun is in a Water Sign (Pisces), it helps if you Fire Signs regularly take time out to reflect on your priorities. Monday offers a chance to make a career choice that brings dynamic change. You may be better off making decisions by listening to your instincts for much of the week. Since Neptune moved into Pisces you might have noticed that you need more peace and time to yourself. This is your chance to dive deep within and find the healing you’ve been seeking for some time. You might want to turn your home into a spiritual retreat where you can relax and connect with your inner being at any time. It’s important to maintain control of your finances and stick to a reasonable budget. Make sure you know where your money is going. You continue to be focused on success and eager to grab those golden opportunities, but the effort comes first and the money comes later. Career matters could be frustrating. Try not to initiate anything really important just yet, as it may come to nothing. Be patient. Starting Friday, you’ll be in a no-nonsense mood and ready to speak your mind in an instant. Don’t allow combustion. Go with the flow this weekend. Don’t make waves. Remember, Mars is still retrograde and there may be delays and confusion, so watch out for this, especially on Saturday. Don’t take it personally if someone seems distant. They’ll soon be back to normal.

Your Love Week—Fire Signs: The position of the planets creates a slightly stubborn attitude of mind may prevent you from seeing the best in your sweetest love this week, Fire Signs. Talking would probably help, as you both need to share your feelings and see if you can get to the root of the problem. But what may be even better is getting out and doing something radically different and really exciting. Go for it! It may prove quite enlightening when it comes to understanding something about a close relationship. Although you start out the week feeling even more confused than before, this cloud of unknowing will diffuse, leaving a sparkling certainty in its place. The key lies in understanding just what you both want out of the relationship. It really is this simple, love, peace, and harmony. Tune into your softer side this weekend; the Moon is in caring Cancer and you’re rewarded for being extra considerate of your partner. Don’t turn away from delicate emotions now; engaging in a serious dialogue is essential if you want to grow closer with someone special. It’s true that expressing your needs, desires and uncertainties exposes your vulnerability, but it’s also an invitation to join hearts. You will feel more together as March opens, Fire Signs.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

This is one of those weeks that could be frustrating if you try to do too much too quickly. It’s best not to attempt anything major, especially with Mars retrograde. Your efforts could come to nothing. You might be at cross-purposes with your partner this week Water Signs. No matter what you do or say, you just can’t seem to connect. Inspiration strikes on Monday, and an idea might impress someone enough to want to listen. If you’re doing business, be very clear about your objectives and read the fine print. Relationships in general could prove frustrating now. Just do what you can and keep smiling. You are very creative and imaginative, Water Signs, and you’re quite psychic and intuitive. Make sure you listen to your feelings if you’re about to get involved in a new romance. There’s a chance you could be made a fool, but also the potential for a special relationship. Just flow like the river and expand with getting to know someone new. As Mercury moves into Aries on Friday, you’ll have more clarity of thought. You’re eager to connect with key people and obtain the information you need to get ahead. You’ll enjoy the weekend as long as you don’t have exact plans, deadlines, or too many expectations. Keep a low profile. Things between you and your mate might be especially fraught on Saturday. Don’t choose that day to ask for any favors. You can make the most progress by not rocking the boat. Don’t try to outsmart anyone, either. It just won’t work! Be content doing small things well.

Your Love Week—Water Signs: You may find it difficult to decide what to do when it comes to your love life this week, Water Signs. It is not that you feel particularly down or bad about any aspect of it, but that you cannot fathom the course of events. The position of the planets confuses the signals that you thought you had been receiving from one particular person The signs in the sky mean that things may not go quite as planned. You may have had certain ideas or even a date arranged yet it will not turn out as you imagined. Events may happen as if out of the blue, but may in fact lead to a more positive and exciting relationship. The Moon enters Cancer on Friday, which intensifies your watery and emotional feelings. Reactions can swing from high to low and back again with lunar alignments to disruptive Uranus and passionate Pluto. This is not the ideal time to make any serious decisions, especially if you’re feeling stressed. Shaking up your relationship life is worth considering if you’re not happy, but it’s wiser to cool down before making a major move you might regret. Hang in there, be patient, and know that all will soon be revealed.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

You could make a decision regarding a love relationship on Monday. What you decide may change things dramatically. As far as long-term relationships are concerned, you might find it difficult to see eye to eye. You could be frustrated as your best efforts seem to come to naught. Mars is retrograde, so this isn’t the best time to initiate anything new, including love relationships or creative projects. Don’t worry about small undertakings, but be careful if a lot of money is involved. You could find yourself backtracking and needing to go over work that you thought you’d finished. With both Mars and Saturn retrograde, trying to force success might have the opposite effect. You’ll get more done if you take each day as it comes. Jupiter continues to move through Taurus, so you’re lucky in love. The only problem you might have is misunderstanding the signals someone sends you. If in doubt, wait until you’re certain. The weekend could be problematic if you’re trying to meet a deadline or looking for that feeling of deep satisfaction. Drop your expectations and find pleasure in the simple things of life. When the Sun moves to oppose Mars, you might end up arguing at cross-purposes, especially on Saturday. You may want to splurge on Sunday, but it would be better not to. Overall, you’ll need to be patient and focus on what you can do rather than on what isn’t working.

Your Love Week—Earth Signs: You will want to go forward, Earth Signs, but may end up going backward. You could desire to state exactly how you feel, yet give away not a single feeling though you ramble on about love for hours. The alignment of the planets makes everything about your romantic life blurred and indistinct, yet provocatively hopeful. Don’t give up, as this could be one of your most entertaining weeks for some time! Everyone dreams, but is the attention and interpretation we give to them that makes the difference between whether they come true or remain night visions. The current aspect encourages you to pay attention to one particular dream and bring it to fulfillment. It certainly involves someone special, and also involves you taking the initiative in some way or other. All you need to do is dare to take the plunge. You might feel a little like an outsider this weekend, which is fine if you prefer peace and privacy over a busy social life. Venus opposes responsible Saturn on Sunday, which is more about dealing with relationship realities than preparing or expecting romance. Still, a pleasurable time is possible when doing simple things with a positive attitude and a practical partner.