STARGAZING—Week of February 25th through March 3, 2019

Feb 25, 2019 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing



Except for Venus changing signs, this is a quiet last week of February.

Last weeks Full Moon in Virgo energy is helping you let go of whatever approach in your life is counterproductive to you becoming the best version of yourself. Any hard habits to break will melt away under this energy. You’ll have no trouble releasing what you know is unrealistic in order to finally produce the results you’ve been looking for all along. What a cosmic relief!

From Monday afternoon and Tuesday, the Moon in Sagittarius is good for friendly interaction and presenting your expansive ideas.

On Wednesday, February 27th it’s time to make things happen both at work and in your personal affairs. Wednesday’s dinner time would be nice to share with a friend.

On Thursday February ends under a Capricorn moon, helping you tend to practical matters.

On Friday, March comes in like a Lion with the first of three Venus – Uranus scuffles. Get ready for some conflicts between your desires and your quest for security. After Venus enters Aquarius you seek freedom, and your focus changes from material to being detached, non-committal and much more innovative with your creativity.

With Venus moving through Aquarius in March, you may want to strengthen your relationship with your finances by discarding your old habits and establishing a clear sense of where your money goes. Go easy now, and take your time. No need to throw out the baby with the bathwater. As you learn new ways and grow, you will become more self-confident in time.

The primary astrological influence in March is Mercury retrograde in Pisces, an intellectual planet in a psychic sign. It’s time to rethink your higher vision, or perhaps re-set some of your long-term goals. With on-going upsets everywhere around you, March is definitely a month that calls for some deep meditation.