Stargazing — Week of February 24th through March 1st, 2020

Feb 24, 2020 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

Mercury turned retrograde in Pisces on February 16th, and will go back into Aquarius before the cycle ends on March 9th. Love and money Venus moves into Aries shortly before the Leo Full Moon on March 8th. That should give you the “fiery energy” to get moving by opening your creativity and intuition to pioneer a new path. This energy also asks you to balance your relationship needs with you independent needs. Perhaps it is time to begin a new path in relationships and/or come up with new ideas to make money.

It’s a great time to pull back from the world, meditate and tune into your higher vision. Give yourself sacred space to “feel” if your path needs to be adjusted, and what that might look like. Pisces is associated with intuitive abilities, so it needs to access the inner space often to allow the vision to come to you, This can be difficult – with the outer world pushing you creating too many things to do. However, in doing so you will be more focused and achieve success on a higher level.

There is an abundance of planets creating action and activity, so expect to be constantly shifting while on the move. Love and money Venus is challenging you to move much faster on a new path, while Jupiter is supporting your efforts while urging cautious expansion. It is important to open to new possibilities now, but that doesn’t mean you should immediately drop that which is working for you in the present moment. There is always a bit of a balancing act as you go beyond the veils and limits of the material world and these issues must still deal with it.

Monday has nice planetary aspects with the feeling oriented Moon still in Pisces, bringing you support for gentle assertiveness and/or exercise.

 This physical and quietly ambitious energy continues on Mardi Gras Tuesday and Ash Wednesday as the Moon moves into more aggressive and athletic Aries. If you’re planning to go to Mardi Gras on Tuesday, it could be quite a fantasy run as the Sun merges with a retrograde Mercury in dreamy Pisces.

Ash Wednesday brings in the season of Lent, a time to fast, cut back, lean on Spirit, and prepare for the Easter and Spring season.

Friday morning brings some minor relationship challenges, so don’t force issues or get into any heavy discussions. Friday evening is much more supportive for communications and exploring a new and perhaps out of your routine activity.

The Taurus Moon on Friday asks you to do something productive and then reward yourself. However. There is also a Venus-Pluto square that can intensify relationships by bringing up hidden issues and secret disturbances.

Saturday brings us the extra day if the year. February 29th, known as “Sadie Hawkins Day”, is a day when the female takes charge and proposes. This could be anything from a marriage to a fabulous business merger.

If we didn’t add this extra day every four years, the calendar would be off by twenty-four days. Leap Year, traditionally the day of role reversals, has been around for thousands of years and always falls in the presidential election year for the United States.

Although this tradition may not carry much weight in the new millennium there are still power struggles going on between genders as evidenced by the current “Me Too” movement.

Sunday brings us March 1st so here is a rundown of what’s coning in on the astral plane.

Mercury ends his retrograde cycle on Monday, March 9th after briefly dipping back into Aquarius. Take action and move energy Mars is in productive Capricorn until the end of the month. He pushes the three planets in this year’s Capricorn alignment, Saturn-Pluto- and Jupiter between March 20th-31st, so expect action along with some extra hard work.