STARGAZING Week of February 24th – March 2nd, 2013

Feb 26, 2013 | Special Messages

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Week of Feb. 24th – Mar. 2nd, 2013

As if having the Sun and Mercury in its midst isn’t enough, Pisces now gets Venus, too! The virtuous Virgo Full Moon on Monday puts our feelings on the line. Thankfully, tenderness and imagination ride supreme in relationships this week. Venus enters compassionate and mystical Pisces on Monday. Moments of sweet delight may occur just about anywhere with this kind of magic in the air. Dreams of a perfect love can inspire even tired old hearts, but have a tendency to lead unrealistic individuals astray. The planets have a special gift in store for you when Venus, the planet of love, moves into dreamy and romantic Pisces. Whether you’ve already found your soul mate or you’re just developing a new crush, this transit will take your romance to the highest of highs! Keep in mind, though, that if you don’t pay close attention, the fall back to earth could hurt when reality finally rears its head again. But for now, savor every sweet, silly moment! With such loving and tender feelings engulfing you, it may be difficult to distinguish between who’s really right for you and who just seems perfect now.

Mercury is retrograde in Pisces, so you can either take a break and space out for a bit, or invest time in re-visioning your vision. It would also be a good time to practice your intuitive abilities, meditate or do forgiveness practices. It’s time to narrow your feelings to focus on what is most significant or else you can dissipate your energy without having the desired impact. But concentration will likely be elusive because the Sun and Moon are square to grandiose Jupiter, encouraging you to overlook the details and think in vague generalities.

However, there’s still more celestial action ahead! On February 26th, Mercury and Mars line up in Pisces for a toned-down version of the bickering they typically get into. Pisces detests confrontation, so tempted as you’ll be to get a little fiesty, you’ll probably just end up biting your tongue.

Then, on February 28th, Venus moves into a fantasy-driven conjunction with Neptune. With Venus and Neptune in close quarters with one another, you’ll enjoy the most sugary-sweet daydreams. So what if they don’t come true! Simply thinking about that one true love can be almost as fun as the real thing. Consider your feminine power during the next two weeks, and recognize that it is every bit as powerful as the more aggressive masculine energy (which will be in abundant, impatient supply later in March). Rest up now because the pace picks up dramatically later in March. . . . MORE next week.

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