STARGAZING – Week of February 20th through February 26th, 2023

Feb 20, 2023 | Stargazing

This will be a vibrant and energetic week, with lots of excitement in the air. From Monday on, there will be a feeling of turning a corner and starting something new, thanks to the New Moon, along with Venus’ entry into Aries.

The New Moon in Pisces, on Monday, February 20th This Lone Wolf Moon sits next to Saturn in Aquarius without forming any other aspects. Venus enters Aries on the same day.  This is an excellent time to focus on romance and commitment. Artistic people in particular could accomplish great things at this time. A trip to a concert or the theater could turn into a stellar moment. The time is also ideal for meditation and contemplation. Self-discipline is important as well.

Tuesday is a time when a creative idea will get you further than well thought out plans. Just flow with your intuition. When the Moon meets Neptune that day, and Mercury squares Uranus, words could be found for emotional experiences that have not yet been communicated. 

Passion and love abound on Wednesday on both a personal and universal level. Use this time to look for a suitor, pep up an existing relationship, or help your community with volunteer work to make the world a better place. This will be a very active day. The Moon is in Aries urging you to get moving with exercise and ambition.

At the same time communications planet Mercury is in harmony with Mars and with Mars is Aries you have a double action combination. Beware, however, of talking things to death, especially in the late afternoon, when Mercury and Mars trine each other.  Share your ambitious ideas but think before you shoot off an impatient email.

Uplifting vibes finish out the workweek, making it easy to complete all tasks. This period of time is so mild, easy going, and productive that by the time Saturday comes, you could be left with nothing to do.  That could bring in negatives feelings of fear and dread. Funny how we can feel guilty when the universe gives us some “me” time.

The energy shifts on Sunday, which is an excellent day to spend with people you care about. Get out the apron and cook dinner with your kids. Maybe they could learn a thing or two about the kitchen.

The quality time in February is emphasized by planets in Aquarius and Pisces. Pisces, as the last sign of the zodiac, is associated with the theme of letting go, as a precondition for new beginnings. Since both Saturn and Pluto will change signs in a few weeks, the theme of letting go and transition is emphasized on other levels as well.

It could be that such issues suddenly arise in your life, too. Changes in your job could be on the horizon, or a change of friends or residence. But it could also be a vague longing for a new purpose in life.

Your astrology chart cannot give you instructions on how to lead your life. It just shows you the energy that is present. The interpretation of your personal quality of time, however, gives valuable hints that enable you to consciously shape such a transition.

The rest of February mostly holds helpful and pleasant lunar relationship and that helps you feel good.