STARGAZING—Week of February 20th – 27th, 2011

Feb 22, 2011 | Special Messages

FEBRUARY 20th to 27th, 2011

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Mercury leaves Aquarius this week, and may just run off with the bulk of your energy and morale. But keep your spirits up! The communication planet has only stepped into you’re the area where it will light up your finances. This is the beginning of the glory days for your bank account. As Mercury enters Pisces this Monday, the energy allows you to push forward all your works in progress. If you’re putting together a project at work, you’re able to wrap it up and present it quick as a flash, and without skimping on quality. Don’t hesitate to show it off to the people who can help you. In addition, Uranus and the Sun announce some unexpected good news. A renegotiation within your workplace should benefit you personally. In the love department though, things are less fresh and wonderful. You may be drawn like a magnet to someone who’s not available or not good for you. And once you’ve taken that first step towards them, you’re caught in a web of confusion and heartache. However, Mercury is making it easier to communicate and to meet people, especially if your heart is free. You’re playing the field with gusto! If you’re in a couple, Mars in Aquarius is making you hard to live with. You’re moody and never satisfied, and your partner gives up on trying to make you happy. Jupiter is holding the reigns of your relationship. Your union is protected by your lucky star, and happiness will soon reign under your roof. Enjoy. On the career front, Pluto throws a monkey wrench in the works. You’re motivated to take the initiative and make changes, but it’s not the right moment. Be patient. Your day will come. Finally, your finances are free of any major planetary influences. You’ve got no money worries raining on your parade.

Your Love Week—Air Signs: Dating is a crazy-free zone on Monday, but with both Mercury and Mars in Pisces by late Tuesday, what you know about this person starts to shift. A harmonious public date could privately go awry Monday or Tuesday. Not only does the Libra Moon trine Neptune and quincunx Uranus but Mercury and Mars enter Pisces, too, making everything difficult to talk about. People get along nicely on Wednesday, although moodiness and stubbornness arrive after the Moon enters Sagittarius Thursday. The day is so crowded with hard aspects from a Sagittarius Moon that you might want to forget about romance for a while. Pluto tries to set your priorities straight on Friday. If you need to vent, a Moon-Saturn sextile on Friday clears off a therapist’s couch just for you. When the Moon enters Capricorn on Saturday, your attitude could improve significantly. Still, take things one-step at a time this weekend. Ex or future lovers can stand being in the same room under Saturday afternoon’s Moon. Sunday night favors monogamy, even if this isn’t your final destination.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

The Moon’s arrival in Libra early in the week elbows retrograde Saturn into action, resulting in a long lost friendship coming suddenly back to life. To your great surprise, this person apologizes for their past behavior and gives you a rational explanation for it. It’s up to you to decide whether or not you want to give this friendship a second chance. The beginning of the week sends a wind of progress to push your personal projects ahead. Concerning love, if you’re in a couple, an outside friendship laced with tenderness starts to make you feel uncomfortable. Something is not clear there and it’s up to you to change that. You are a bit concerned because there’s nothing much new in your life together apart from the fact that your partner seems a bit distant. You’ll have to double your efforts to catch their attention and coax them back onto your wavelength.  Jupiter in Aries guarantees excitement for singles. You’re interested in so many different people. You’re flirting and flitting around like a seductive butterfly and fully enjoying it. Mercury and Mars place some attractive new faces on your path. But the most you can hope for at this time is a flash in the pan romance or some head-spinning flirting. Professionally, if you’re ready for a change, Venus and Pluto are there to help you. Want to move ahead? Or to change careers altogether? This is your moment. The Moon also affects your professional life this week, bringing a surprise rise in activity. But you manage it all perfectly. Venus and Pluto are in residence in your zodiacal bank, bringing in more money than you were expecting and multiplying your spending and project possibilities. At last, your finances aren’t causing you and troubles. Your money situation is stable and healthy.

Your Love Week—Fire Signs: Monday’s Moon-Venus square makes dating about appearance rather than substance. Things could get deliciously physical Take responsibility for your words and actions on Monday. You will need all the points you can get as Mercury and then Mars slip into Pisces. Tuesday’s Moon-Jupiter quincunx brings uncomfortable conversations. If you’re trying to assert yourself as an individual rather than a plaything, Thursday brings a clash of wills as the Sun and a kinder, gentler Mars square the Moon. A good self-image certainly helps when the Moon is in Sagittarius Thursday through mid-Saturday, because Aries, Gemini, Libra, Leo, or Aquarius might not want anything to do with you. Friday’s Sun-Mercury conjunction helps you study someone’s behavior to see if you want to get involved. After the Moon enters Capricorn Saturday, your dating decisions will be better informed. Saturday night’s Mars sextile and Sunday’s Pluto conjunction turn you into a good friend again. Maybe that’s the best you can ask for right now.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Mercury’s arrival in Pisces this week is just what you needed and is a harbinger of good news. Your smile perks up instantly and your ambitions get an inrush of fresh energy. You’re ready to make the changes you’ve been wanting to but hadn’t dared. The messenger planet is also positively impacting your career, because you’re unafraid to tell it like it is, ask for what you want, and push your skills into the spotlight. You’re listened to and taken seriously, and each time you take the floor, major changes and improvements are likely to follow. Your love life experiences a sudden improvement, especially if you’re single. Mercury, the messenger of the zodiac, joins forces with the Sun and Uranus, to line up all the love encounter opportunities you could ever dream of, and this includes the possibility of love at first sight. Keep your eyes peeled and get ready to be hit by that wave of sweet sensations. Concerning love though, Mercury in Pisces cuts both ways. Singles, you’re overconfident and you lack subtlety when you most need it. Couples, you want to lead the dance and make all the decisions, and your partner may not want to take your lead. However, the same old routine is doing its best to be your bedfellow. Don’t let it win. Plan something exciting that’s sure to spice things back up between you. Jupiter is making life on the job a dream. You’ve nothing to fear in this area, you’re protected. Feel free to take the initiative whenever you feel it’s useful. Finally, your finances are enjoying Jupiter’s blessing. The planet of luck is beaming its protection onto your bank account, wallet and spending sprees. Finances are for the most part balanced and healthy. Be prepared though, for some additional expenses linked to the family or home.

Your Love Week—Water Signs: You’re irresistible Monday and Tuesday. Mercury and Mars enter Pisces, the Moon enters Scorpio, and Neptune, Chiron, and the Sun radiate sexy energy. Try being friends on Monday instead of looking for love. By Tuesday, both Mercury and Mars are in Pisces, making the truth easier to avoid. By Thursday it’s time to hit the highway, whether you’re bailing or being chased. Among that day’s hard aspects, the Moon-Mars square feels most like a betrayal. This isn’t a problem with a lusty Moon in Scorpio, but promises and confessions hurt more on Thursday. Pluto interacts with three other planets on Friday, possibly making you too dominant to be attractive. Friday’s Sun conjunct Mercury invites practical apologies and peace offerings. Once the Moon enters Capricorn Saturday, going back to your ex or staying alone makes more sense than seeking someone new. Saturday’s Capricorn Moon brings out your gentler nature again. An old lover might question this, but a new one is sure to be impressed. Can’t make up your mind? Oh well, there will be other weekends.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

Mercury enters Pisces at the beginning of the week, shining a bright spotlight on your love relationship and other partnerships in general. If you and your lover have been wading through some recent tension, better communication based on mutual confidence makes it all disappear. You’re flooded with relief. Mercury leaves your zodiacal bank this week, transferring your dose of luck from your finances to your friendship and social sector. As a result, every day becomes tinged with a light-heartedness and fun that may have been lacking before. The messenger planet is also going to influence your love life, and if you’re single, you’re finding it much easier to approach people and strike up a conversation. When you like someone, you’re able to get it across with subtlety and flair. Single? Pluto and Venus encourage you to get closer to someone you’ve just met. You intuitively understand the interplay of energies behind your love dance, and you’re able to stack the cards on your side like a master. Couples, Venus in your sign is making you tender and attentive and your partner’s giving it back to you ten-fold. In a nutshell, you’re both in emotional seventh heaven. Saturn retrograde is holding the reigns of your career sector. This influence slows you down. You feel like you’re wading through quicksand at work. The atmosphere is conflict bound and you may have trouble getting along with your colleagues and bosses. If you can take a few days off, take advantage. It’ll help you put everything back in perspective. Later in the week, Mercury once again intervenes on your behalf. If you want to negotiate a promotion, transfer or other change, go for it because a positive development is in the works and you’re able to give it the push forward it needs. At week’s end, your finances are manhandled by retrograde Saturn, who obliges you to tighten your belt to make up for some recent spending sins.

Your Love Week—Earth Signs: When the planet Mercury enters Pisces on Monday, your date needs to see your creative side. Monday’s Moon-Venus square makes things cozy as Mercury enters Pisces. With the Moon in Scorpio Tuesday and Wednesday, it’s easy to pretend you’ve found The One. A conjunction with Chiron makes you a chatterbox on Tuesday. Discretion is advised as the Moon enters Scorpio. Thursday finds you craving some alone time, and if that chills a hot romance, so be it. But if it’s an Aries, Scorpio, Gemini, Virgo, or Leo, Thursday brings some real edges after the Moon enters Sagittarius. Friday’s sextile with Saturn helps you be kind about breaking up. The Sun-Mercury conjunction Friday helps you find someone else if you’re looking. Saturday afternoon the Moon enters Capricorn and might blur the line between friend and lover. Keep it casual and this shouldn’t be a problem. Saturday afternoon, you’re ready for someone new. But Sunday night’s Moon-Saturn square says to take it slowly. If this is real, you will know soon enough.