STARGAZING — Week of February 1st through February 7th, 2016

Feb 1, 2016 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing


The balance of power this week centers on an intense conflict on Saturday, February 6th, the day before the Super Bowl. In one corner we have the Moon and Venus conjunct Pluto crisis-loving Pluto squaring Uranus master of sudden, quick surprises and active aggression. This can be a game changes for many of us (see February Predictions) and comes through an unexpected gut punch. This higher power could mean war, a market crash, or a reflection of the offensive and defensive line-ups that face each other off on Sunday’s Super Bowl. Just know, you Stargazing fans, that it looks like this Super Bowl 50 is certainly going to be a game to remember.

Also, beware because you may not be as patient as you can be with your lover this week, especially if you’re trying to show off how independent you are in your thinking at the moment. You may run into trouble if you try to be too rebellious in your relationship, especially if the one you love is having their own power-trip. The key is to remain honest, kind and compassionate with one another right now.

groundhogOn Tuesday, Ground-Hog Day, the Moon moves into adventurous Sagittarius. If ground hogs read their horoscope, they would definitely come out of their shelter and play, signaling the end of winter. Do something to physically move your body during the middle days of this week.

Careful now, The moon then moves into pragmatic Capricorn at the end of the day Thursday through Saturday. Capricorn likes to accomplish something tangible. Work on a project that creates immediate improvement in your life, work, or home. The challenges this weekend come from the planet Venus, which means they are not insurmountable challenges. Venus is associated with your values and desires. Avoid pushing your desires or values onto others, even if you have a smile on your face while you are doing it- or watch out for people who would do this to you.

The positive side of Venus on Friday is that you can let go of whatever you are done with as the planet aligns with death and rebirth Pluto. This combination supports feminine power, a soft, but powerful, form of change. On Saturday, Venus makes a challenge to Uranus. Venus wants to be lovers and Uranus wants to be just friends. Venus wants to curl up by the fire with their partner and Uranus wants to go out and party or explore some new horizon. Create a balance between being cozy and sharing while trying something that is just a little bit new and different this weekend.
Sunday morning is an interesting and odd combination of energies. It is the private, dark of the Moon before Monday’s New Moon, yet the Moon is in friendly Aquarius and wants to get out into social environments. Aggression could be high, so be careful on the road or anywhere when traveling. There could be some upsetting pre-Super Bowl news as well.

FootballThe life-giving Sun makes a challenge to aggressive Mars early Sunday morning, suggesting that you will either wake up early and not be able to get back to sleep, or have those restless, sit up in bed with your heart beating fast, dreams. The Moon in Aquarius suggests “expect the unexpected” which could lead to trick plays in the Super Bowl or a win by the underdog. Then just around sunrise, Venus makes a peaceful and calming harmony with Mars, a great combination for relationships.

Sunday combines “leave me alone” with “I want to share in an intimate way” with ”I need to get out of the house and be around people” with “I want to go into my room to meditate.” As you can imagine, there is no simple, right answer for the end of this week.