STARGAZING – Week of February 1st – 8th, 2015

Feb 1, 2015 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing


Week of Feb. 1st – Your Weekly Astrology Report


On February 1, Superbowl Sunday, there is a potentially dangerous alignment with the lineup of Venus and Mars. This will make it difficult to know who the good guys are. If you’re waffling with a decision that concerns someone you love or something you value, it’s best to take off the rose colored glasses and keep your eyes wide open.

This is a week chock full of opportunities that are made possible through the generosity of Jupiter, the beneficial planet. The first opportunity comes along on Tuesday, February 3, on the Full Moon in Leo, which is dancing closely with Jupiter, also in Leo. This is a positive time, perhaps the best in 2015, and guides you to the work of bringing unresolved issued to a completion point over the next two weeks.

This Full Moon brings some emotional ups and downs. Because the moon is aligned with expansive Jupiter and you are willing to take on anything, as long as it is big and fun. At the same time, there is the need to step back from your passionate enthusiasm to see the big picture from a detached, unemotional view. You can certainly meet interesting new people under this happy, social energy, but give them the test of time to determine who will be around for the long haul. This could be something fast, short, four weeks, and sweet.

Relationship planets Venus and Mars are in Pisces, completing a relationship cycle, with perhaps sudden, unplanned break ups. On the 21st, they align in Aries to begin a new cycle of building new relationships and ambitions.

On Friday, the 6, Jupiter retrogrades back into its annual opposition to the Sun, which brings objectivity into our lives. This time we may find the space to turn inward and reconsider our hopes for the future. (Jupiter)

Now is the time to start working on future projects, but don’t enter into any contracts right now. You will need to wait until the New Moon on the 18. This is a chance to look at our lives from a less egotistical and detached point of view. If you take time over this weekend of February 6 -8 to revise and define your dreams, you could get the winning tick to your future success.

Venus aligns with dreamy Neptune on Sunday morning, so hit the snooze button and pay attention to your visions and dreams. It is also a romantic combination if you want to get a head start on upcoming Valentine’s Day.

Finally, restrictive Saturn is making a challenge to visionary Neptune all month. On one level, your higher ideals have the opportunity to come down to work in the earth plane-as long as you are not stuck in the perfection illusion. On another level, your practical side and your cosmic visionary desires do not want to compromise with each other. Have fun and be sure to create your happy balance.