STARGAZING — Week of February 18th – February 24th, 2013

Feb 19, 2013 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

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Week of Feb. 18th – Feb. 24th, 2013

There’s no getting around it, this week will require a lot of hard work and perseverance if you hope to achieve any success. You can thank, or blame, Mars, Pluto, and Saturn for this extra workload, although as far as Mars-Pluto and Mars-Saturn transits go, these will actually be more agreeable than most.

On February 18th, Mars and Pluto bring greater depth to your understanding of a current situation in your life, but not without first throwing a few obstacles your way. Any goals you hope to reach are indeed attainable, but these two planets will be there to remind you that you’ll have to earn your rewards!

Then Mars meets Saturn, a pairing that reinforces how self-control and discipline are just as important as hard work if you want to get anything done. So, grit your teeth, focus your energy on the tasks at hand, and don’t let yourself get distracted! If anyone tries to get in your way, remember that confrontation will only slow you down; smile sweetly and delicately work your way around the situation, always keeping your end goal in sight.

If you have something important to say, it’s best to speak up before the weekend. Messenger Mercury turns retrograde on Saturday the 23rd, which complicates communications during the next three weeks. Make adjustments now as loving Venus takes hits from radical Uranus and reactive Pluto that can stir up restlessness and resentment or lead to emotional breakthroughs in relationships. Change is inevitable, but how you choose to respond to it is up to you.

The Moon moves into talkative Gemini on Sunday the 17th, so pick up that phone and connect with friends and family. The only fly in the ointment is that disciplinary Saturn is slowing down to begin its long retrograde cycle on Monday the 18th (until July). Projects can get put on hold or be delayed under this influence, so allow extra space in timing your schedule.

Mercury turns retrograde on February 23rd in Pisces, so you can either take a break and space out for a bit, or invest time in re visioning your vision. It would also be a good time to practice your intuitive abilities, meditate or do forgiveness practices. Social Venus is in Aquarius most of the month, so it is an auspicious time to make new friends and explore new organizations. This weekend’s Moon in Leo is great for friendly sharing. Then the tone changes to hard work under a hard working Virgo Moon. MORE next week.

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Week of Feb. 18th – Feb. 24th, 2013

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

A sense of dissatisfaction may leave you feeling frustrated and unappreciated this week. With a major focus on Pisces, you may feel out of sync with your bosses and superiors. Pisces is an emotional sign, and Mercury retrogrades in Pisces on Saturday, bringing emotional concerns to a head. However, your ideas could be inspired. You could get extra brownie points for creatively solving a difficult problem. Mercury turns retrograde this weekend, so be careful when negotiating deals or signing contracts. Read the fine print and stay ahead of the game. You might need to pace yourself, as you may be more tired than usual. If you get into the habit of working out regularly, it may help ground your energy and keep you feeling fit and vital. You might need to watch your health, especially if you suffer from allergies or food intolerance. You could be more sensitive to some foods or household chemicals. Take action and avoid them if you can and you might feel a lot better. Travel and romance go hand in hand. Moving outside your comfort zone could bring romance your way. Pisces is a dreamy, attractive sign and you may see plenty of romantic action this week. It’s a good opportunity to reflect on whether you’re happy with your current situation. Saturn turns retrograde for five months, so you may experience delays in achieving goals. A major focus on your personal finances suggests you need to keep control. Don’t let spending out of get out of hand. If you buy expensive items, keep the receipts, because you may need them after Mercury turns direct on March 17th.

Your Love Week—Air Signs: If repairing your current relationship or finding a new one is a priority, there’s some cleanup work to be done on Friday. Addressing an unsettled issue, expressing an unmet need, or eliminating an undesirable habit or individual clears the way to the joy that lies ahead. Being part of a team isn’t always easy, but the emotional rewards are certainly worth the effort. It’s easy to enjoy yourself by playing with friends this weekend. Showing confidence is a must this weekend. The dramatic Leo Moon helps you express yourself with warmth and creativity and could make you irresistible to other people. However, you might attract someone who makes claims that stretch credibility. With the brainy planet Mercury turning retrograde on Saturday, it pays to double-check the facts when you are dealing with significant issues or giving away your heart. This is a great time for playing with an adventurous person who knows how to show you a good time. The expressive Leo Moon attracts bold individuals with strong personalities. Put more passionate effort into a current relationship while you have the chance. Let yourself feel like a kid whose only goal is to have fun. This playful approach also pays off if you’re single and looking because adopting a low-maintenance attitude makes you much more fun to be around.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

It’s that time of year when a major focus on your spirituality brings an opportunity to reflect on the past twelve months as well as the next. It’s also an opportunity to wind down and let go of projects or even relationships that seem to be coming to their natural end. It might be best to go with the flow for now. Home, sweet home may be on your mind this week as the Sun moves Pisces. With a major focus on your living space, you may want to redecorate or perhaps start a home business as an artist or craftsperson. If you’re attempting any do it yourself projects, make sure you know what you’re doing so as to avoid plumbing or electrical disasters. If in doubt, get an expert. Watch out for misunderstandings when Mercury turns retrograde on Saturday. Romance looks upbeat and happy with lots of opportunities to go out on some special dates with your partner. The two of you seem to be getting on really well. Your sex life is also very promising, with a mystical focus that may encourage you to explore Tantric methods or the wisdom of the Kama Sutra. Relationships look upbeat and positive. If you’re entertaining at your place, you’ll have a fabulous time. Joint financial affairs could be muddled, so be careful when taking out a loan or using your credit card. Keep track of everything so you know where you are. You have an opportunity to consolidate your debts over the next five months, as Saturn turns retrograde.

Your Love Week—Fire Signs: You may need to be extra careful midweek to avoid saying or doing something that upsets others. Fortunately, the likelihood of finding yourself in such delicate situations lessens on Friday afternoon when the Moon fires into colorful Leo, opening you up to new adventures. Your enthusiasm grows by leaps and bounds, especially when it comes to meeting new people and trying unusual experiences. Exploring unfamiliar territory could be the key to a very fulfilling weekend. Having fun should be your top priority this weekend with the playful Leo Moon lighting up your life. It’s your time to shine by showing off your adventurous attitude and generous spirit. Your antics are highly entertaining now, making it easy to attract more than your share of attention. But if you’re trying to appeal to a sensitive person, exercising a little bit of self-restraint will keep you from coming on too strong and scaring away the object of your desire. Your fiery personality and roar may be louder than usual Your personal power and the ability to attract attention are operating on overdrive. But it can also mean that you may seem bossy or arrogant even if you’re not. Adding a touch of tenderness could be the magic needed to turn a potential connection into a fulfilling experience. Kindness and compassion kindle feelings that can take love to a higher place.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Creativity and romance seem well starred this week, with great potential for both to blossom. You’re usually quite reserved about your feelings, but you may find yourself falling in love and becoming quite devoted in the process, which is not your usual style at all! Saturn turns retrograde in Scorpio, which might encourage you to review your progress over the past few years and consider new goals for the future. It’s a good time to get out the paints, craft materials, or your favorite musical instrument and enjoy being creative. With a magnificent lineup of planets in the Water sign of Pisces, you’re in a very creative mood. If you work in the media or as an artist, musician, or actress, you may be in demand. It’s a good time to set your goals for the year ahead. It also helps to keep a to-do list. With so much Pisces energy around, you could get spaced out and lose track. Mercury retrograde could cause problems due to excessive red tape. You may feel a strong desire to expand your options and explore new subjects, especially those linked with spirituality, alternative healing, and other similar subjects. Travel could be on the agenda, too, with a desire to go on a pilgrimage or similar journey. Saturn turns retrograde on Monday the 18th, which could coincide with delays in a budding relationship. You may want to review the situation and decide whether or not this is really for you. One thing you won’t be short of is romance now. Make the most of it!

Your Love Week—Water Signs: Avoid making serious long-term commitments this weekend as talkative Mercury is turning retrograde in Pisces on Saturday. The backward shift of this brainy planet indicates that promises made now may be hard to keep later. Instead, you can use the next three weeks to clean up messy communications that stand in the way of harmonious relationships. Taking the time to restate your position and to reconsider the feelings of others rebuilds important personal bridges. Feelings of jealousy could arise on Friday when loving Venus irritates the intense planet of Karma, Pluto. If you’re not getting what you want in relationships, it’s time to take stock of yourself instead of trying to change others. You can’t help but yearn for adventure and romance over the next few weeks, Water Signs. Your restlessness starts with the Sun’s shift into Pisces on Monday. This solar alignment lifts your mind above the mundane matters of daily life to inspire a more exciting vision of relationships. Planning a trip with your current partner, connecting with someone abroad, or engaging in cultural activities from another country spur dreams that can make your heart sing with optimism. Weighing your needs against your assets will show where and how to make necessary improvements. You have plenty to offer the one you love, but you need to discover different ways to express yourself to maximize what you receive in return. Begin to incorporate loving responses and watch all your relationships improve.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

It’s a mixed week with the option for plenty of fun and good times. You may want to offer your time to a charity or volunteer for community projects. You can be very self-sacrificing and could get caught out by someone who sees you as a soft target. Try to keep your boundaries firm and be discriminating. Saturn turns retrograde on Monday the 18th, so you may feel like reviewing your current relationships and the give-and-take involved. With Saturn turning direct , you may be in the mood to review your current friendships and group commitments. There may be a weeding-out process going on, as some relationships seem to be naturally fading away while others are becoming stronger. Watch out for misunderstandings involving friends. Relationships in general seem very important now, however, with the focus on emotional Pisces, try not to make promises you can’t keep. Verbal exchanges could get muddled, so it could be easy to let someone down without realizing it. You need to be even more careful when Mercury turns retrograde on Saturday the 23rd, especially when signing contracts or closing deals. However, this focus is also very romantic, so you and your lover may want to arrange some special dates and spend some quality time together. Back up important data on your computer, too! A creative influence suggests you might be good at writing fantasy or poetry. Give it a try to warm the heart and relieve stress.

Your Love Week—Earth Signs: The road to romance could be a bumpy ride this week when the sociable planet Venus is shaken by stressful contacts with unpredictable Uranus on Monday and inscrutable Pluto on Friday. Adjusting to surprises is key for the former and addressing power and control issues comes with the latter. Life is all about change now; if you’re brave enough to embrace it, you will get more from your relationships than you ever imagined. Don’t take what you hear literally this week as many of the messages others share might be unclear. The culprit of this confusion is the planet Mercury slowing down before turning retrograde (backward) on Saturday. Learning to read between the lines by listening to the tone and tempo of speech will provide more information than the exact words themselves. Being more discreet in what you say softens tense conversations. Your powerful intuition is your secret weapon now, so don’t be afraid to use it. A little drama can spice up your relationship life this weekend with the Moon’s move into theatrical and red-hot Leo. You may be expected to give more to make magic happen with another person. Being generous in your actions and attitudes paves the way to an exciting connection. While this feeling certainly could be romantic, you can still have a memorable time without falling in love. Open your heart to love and positive relationships in all its many splendid forms.