STARGAZING — Week of February 15th through February 21st, 2016

Feb 13, 2016 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing


AquariusJust like the wind and temperature, the tone changes between Valentine’s Day and the 17th. Prior to the 14th, there had been a serious and practical Capricorn energy working in the planets, urging you to be productive. Then the earthy element gives way to lofty air as mental Mercury and pleasure-loving Venus move into Aquarius for the rest of February and early March.

Valentine’s Day is Sunday, and it is also the first quarter phase of the moon. Because the moon is getting brighter, you are challenged to create something. However, you must pay attention because the head and heart are not always on the same page at this time. Fortunately, the moon is in sensual pleasure-loving Taurus all day Sunday, and there is emotional harmony in the morning through mid-afternoon.

President Flag-wavingThe tone changes for the USA President’s Day holiday on the 15th, when the moon moves into multi-tasking Gemini. Begin the workweek doing small tasks that do not bog you down in any one thing. Do something to get your blood circulating with your partner, like walking on the beach or dancing.

On Tuesday evening, warm Venus moves into cool Aquarius until March 12th. This is an excellent combination for exploring new organizations and activities, but be aware, this is operating on a more intellectual exploring level than emotionally nurturing. It is friendly, which does not necessarily mean warm.

With Venus in this unconventional and independent sign, the challenge over the next month – mid-Feb to mid-Mar, is figuring out how to be free and stay in a loving space. As best this energy is a reminder that’s it’s just as important to be a good friend as it is to be a good lover. Just be aware, Venus is operating on a more intellectual exploring level than emotionally nurturing. It is friendly, which does not necessarily mean warm.

Pisces Fish-colorEarly Friday morning, the 19th, the Sun moves into Pisces, which shifts the main focus of energy away from the challenging intellectual and slightly off the wall vibration of Aquarius towards the emotional, clingy energy of Pisces, where arts, compassion, healing, and illusion rule supreme. You have all day Friday to get used to and work with this new energy. You could get some very positive results.

Mercury and Venus will follow along soon enough, but now you’re left with the challenging task of fusing the hard edges of these two planets to the soft texture of Pisces energy, without losing your way.

By the weekend, the sun has moved into compassionate Pisces, a great sign for meditation, music, poetry, intuitive development and hanging out in a watery place. The moon moves into heart-opening Leo for the weekend beginning Friday evening. This is a really nice combination for romance. Saturday morning challenges you to actually accomplish short tasks, like “go vote” in South Carolina; but then the day softens towards a gentle evening, good for sharing with warmhearted friends. Because Pisces is associated with the film industry and Leo the heart, a romance movie is in order for the weekend.