STARGAZING-Week of February 14 – February 20, 2011

Feb 14, 2011 | Special Messages

FEBRUARY 14 to 20, 2011
The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

The Moon in Cancer means you’re walking a financial tightrope. Numerous expenses require you to dig deep into your resources and risk sending you into the red. Try to give your attention to the essentials and let the rest wait. The Moon in has a few other surprises in store for you this week. Everything you’ve got planned is the plaything of its mood swings. You can forget all about plan A! It’s time to show just how adaptable you can really be. Go for it and amaze everyone with your brilliance. In the love department, Saturn retrograde once again plunges singles back into their past. You’re feeling nostalgic and maybe a little sad, but don’t let this taint your hope for a brighter future. Venus favors temptation for couples. Someone you meet when you weren’t expecting to inebriates your senses. Don’t let this put your relationship in danger. Keep your wits about you and remember that the grass is rarely greener elsewhere. Venus and Pluto are at your service and are adding some welcome excitement to your intimate connection. This gives your relationship a fresh glow just when it needed it. Whew! If you’re single, love is just as complicated. Your desires are split between two people as different as night and day and you’re getting more and more lost in the labyrinth of your feelings. Your finances too are unstable, thanks to Uranus. Err on the side of spending caution. On the job, Uranus tests your determination, throwing obstacles your way and obliging you to run around like the proverbial chicken without its head. Hang in there, because you should be able to rest up this weekend.

Your Love Week—Air Signs: A Mercury-Saturn trine keeps you free on Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is particularly intense. If you’re toying with a Fire Sign’s affections, you may get burned Tuesday. Freedom gets lonely as the Cancer Moon is quincunx four planets in Aquarius on Tuesday. Ask someone out once the Moon enters Leo and trines Jupiter Wednesday. Wednesday’s Leo Moon offers you a second chance, but take it slowly with those Fire Signs on Thursday! With three planets opposing the Moon, there could be trouble. Thursday’s Sun-Neptune conjunction offers creative date ideas. But as the Sun leaves Aquarius Friday night, let the other person choose the movie or pick up the tab. Do you want to be pampered or independent this weekend? Virgo encourages thinking with your head instead of hormones on Friday, although the Sun entering Pisces makes you easy prey to daydreams. Let your ruling planet Mercury keep things reasonable this weekend. As long as Mercury, Mars, and Neptune bring the love Sunday night, you’re good with anything.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

The Moon is amusing herself with seeing how far she can drain your energy and tug down your mood. There’s nothing truly upsetting going on, but your decision-making slows down and lacks conviction. Also, the Moon is giving your fantasies a new dimension. You’re hungry for sensuality and new experiences and you’re taking the initiative in that area. Your partner will be delighted but just the same, do take them to paradise gently. The Mercury/ Sun/ Mars trio, as well as Neptune, favor intense complicity, with a good dose of desire and tenderness added to the mix. It’s not a bad combination! Your senses are wide-awake and your relationship gets an energy infusion. Wow. Singles are secretive and withdrawn. Rather than going out and conquering, you prefer to let others approach you and take their chances with your silence. If you’re secretly in love, this is your moment. It’s time to take your chances and declare your flame to the person that makes your heart flutter uncontrollably. On the job, you take a break from seeking the spotlight. You’re happy to carry on with your usual tasks diligently, but you avoid overtime and going the extra mile like the plague. Things are relatively calm and uneventful. You may even be tempted to take a few days off. It’s true that you’ve been a conqueror on the career front recently and that you do deserve a holiday to rest up and celebrate your wonderful results. Financially, You may be forced to dip into your savings to take care of an expense related to housing, but you’re quite comfortable. Venus and Pluto have taken it to heart to pad your bank account with some extra cash, so how about that cruise vacation?

Your Love Week—Fire Signs: If you promise your Valentine the (Cancer) Moon, he or she might be unhappy Monday and Tuesday. Let your actions send a message. When the Moon squares Jupiter and opposes Pluto, it undercuts your Valentine’s Day promises. The Sun provides sincere apologies on Tuesday, and a little courage goes a long way as the Moon enters Leo on Wednesday. See how far imagination takes you Thursday as the Sun conjoins Neptune. Ask someone to get closer. If he or she says yes, Thursday’s Sun-Neptune conjunction lets you try something you’ve only dreamed about. Friday and Saturday could move you from nowhere relationship to new romance as the Sun enters Pisces. Remember, no probably means no, although with Friday’s Virgo Full Moon, Aquarius, Scorpio, and Pisces might change their minds. Saturday brings pleasure and hope as the Moon trines Venus and the new Pisces Sun conjoins Chiron. The dating scene is hopping on Sunday. But watch your step on Sunday night, and be patient. There’s still so much you don’t understand.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

The Moon in Cancer early this week beams in good news for singles. A flirting binge with someone attractive or a short but intense romance leaves you spellbound. You weren’t expecting to enjoy yourself quite so much! Let yourself savor the present moment without second guessing what’s in store for the future. The Moon can bring a short trip at the beginning of the week. This pulls you right out of your routine and does you the world of good. In the love department, Uranus puts singles on guard against getting too carried away too fast. You love being flattered and are inclined to succumb to the charmers before you know what hit you. Slow down, hold on! Try to be more selective, they may not be what they seem, or worth the efforts. If you’re in a couple, the planets practically put your relationship to sleep. You’re in serious need of some spice and spontaneity! The ball is in your court; let’s see how creative you can be! Life under your roof is a bastion of serenity. You, however, are in the mood for more romance, affection and tenderness. A word of advice: if your partner’s not picking up on your hints, choose a more direct approach for getting your desires across. On the job, the stress is stretching your nerves thin and as a result the errors pile up. Don’t try to go over the top to impress your bosses. It’s likely to backfire! Jupiter is your biggest fan and supporter. You’re always at the right place at the right time for seizing the opportunities and showing off your skills. Your finances, on the other hand, are not posing you any problems. You’re benefiting from the support of Jupiter, who’s making it much easier to bring money in. Be careful now, because at week’s end the Moon sends a tidal wave of the unexpected crashing down on your zodiacal bank. You’ll need to be particularly careful with what you spend and where.

Your Love Week—Water Signs: The Cancer Moon trips you head over heels into romance Monday. Isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is all about? This Moon floods Monday and Tuesday with watery passion, but the sailing isn’t smooth if your Valentine is a Sagittarius or Capricorn. Tuesday’s Moon-Saturn square pushes you toward commitment. Look at the possibilities Wednesday with the Moon quincunx Neptune and trine Uranus. Wednesday the Moon trines Uranus and enters Leo, inspiring an end to bad relationships or fast-forward beginnings. But Thursday’s Mercury and Mars oppositions slow you down. Neptune sparks your imagination Thursday but leads you to question reality Friday. The Moon enters Virgo, the Sun begins its month in Pisces, and anything’s possible this weekend. The Moon pulls in distrust and delight from the outer planets as it enters Virgo and the Sun begins its dreamy month in Pisces. If dating has its ups and downs this weekend, you will ride those waves. Saturday’s promises lead to Sunday night’s Mercury-and-Mars-fueled instant gratification.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

A huge slice of your time and attention is eaten away this week by a project. It all seemed so simple at first, you thought you’d be finished in five minutes flat. But then the complications snowball into an avalanche. After solving the bulk of the problem and tying up the loose ends you feel like you’ve just completed a triathlon. Congratulations if it’s your first. The Moon moving into Cancer shifts the spotlight onto your friendships and social life. The invitations for events and outings are pouring in and your days and evenings are full of activity and fun. If you’re single, this flurry of activity unfortunately doesn’t do much to stimulate your love life, except for the Moon in Virgo over the weekend, which can provoke some deliciously mad flirting. The Venus/ Pluto duo sends you a wonderful surprise, in the form of an encounter that strikes your heart like one of Cupid’s arrows. Your idea of love starts to transform immediately. Couples, Uranus forecasts a storm-filled atmosphere that’s ripe for conflicts. If you agree to compromise all will be well; food for thought. You’re each quite busy but you make sure to work in time for each other and it can be a pleasure for you both if you can lay down the conflicts and relax. On the job your days are full to the rim. Your worries and preoccupations grow and multiply, requiring you to run around like mad and rack up the overtime. The Mercury/ Sun/ Mars trio delivers opportunities but Saturn retrograde makes sure you’ve got battles and delays ahead of you, before you’re able to use theses opportunities to make yourself shine. The competition’s stiff and absolutely everyone wants to hog the spotlight. Finally, your bank account is once again upset by Saturn’s retrograde motion, and you are required to tread carefully with your expenses. Be careful, because your finances are hit with some instability at week’s end and require your immediate attention.

Your Love Week—Earth Signs: Beware of looking desperate on Valentine’s Day as the Moon enters Cancer, trines Chiron, and opposes Pluto and Venus. Monday’s Mercury-Saturn trine guides your logic while an emotional Cancer Moon works on other parts of you. If you fall hopelessly in lust on Tuesday, the Moon brings you strength to act as it enters Leo on Wednesday. But as the Moon reaches Leo, it’s hard to care about someone else’s desires, especially if you’re satisfied. Manners and rules are critically important Thursday, but reality matters even more as the Full Moon and the Sun change signs on Friday. Thursday, however, you should recognize the difference between sexual tension and anger. Luck is with you Friday as the Full Moon enters Virgo, the Sun enters Pisces, and Pluto adds a dash of romantic confidence. Just don’t let money become an issue over the weekend. Make somebody feel good with words or actions. But please remember that anything you change for a future lover has to work for you, too.