STARGAZING – Week of Feb. 29th through March 6th, 2016

Feb 29, 2016 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing



February ends on Leap Year Day, the once in every four years day that balances our earth’s rotation with the calendar. Women get to propose to their beloved. What?? Only once every four years? Time to balance the power between the sexes.

March brings two eclipses to help you get in touch with new beginnings and final ending priorities. Eclipses block out the busyness of your daily life to help you tune into what is most important on a soul level. The first one is next week on March 8th.

lunar_eclipse-Mnts.The incoming Virgo/Pisces tone is associated with taking on a higher service while still paying attention to earthly needs. Spiritual visions and a sense of mission begin to find a new way to work in the everyday world.

Pisces is associated with the ocean of the collective consciousness, so pay attention to the presidential candidates to determine who is working towards the larger, collective good and who is promoting their own agenda as well as lower order fears.

Mercury enters Pisces on the 5th and becomes less critical and more visual, intuitive, and creative. Watch out for the flip side because Mercury floating through dreamy Pisces can make reality-based decisions hard to come by. The challenge for the rest of March is to dream big while staying grounded.

Later that same day, Warrior Mars moves out of Scorpio into Sagittarius. This begins an extra-long cycle of aligning your highest philosophy and dreams with your actions. Mars makes a temporary visit into Sagittarius where it will remain, until in it’s retrograde cycle, at the end of May. While Mars is in this flexible, mutable sign, from March 5th through most of September, we will see changes in personal space travel and immigration laws, as well as more on-line universities.

While at first it may seem lucky that both Mars and Mercury allow Jupiter in Virgo jurisdiction over them, it’s magic is not operating in full power because Jupiter is still retrograde until May 9th.

Jupiter-orbitSunday is the time to prepare yourself for next week’s triple header. Write down your desires and goals Saturday night – and repeat them as if they are already yours – every night before closing your eyes, through next week. Then — Clap you hands, stomp your feet – and let’s go——! We’ve been waiting a long time, and we’re finally ready to move on up in the world.

March is going to be a very exciting month and a lot is going to happen that will surprise you.