Stargazing — Week of Feb. 28th through March 6th, 2022

Feb 28, 2022 | Stargazing


We enter the month of March this next week, and turn our clocks ahead on March 13th. Is it safe to say that winter is almost over? The daffodils, forsythia, and good vibes are most definitely in bloom.

A highly productive Moon conjuncts Mercury and Saturn on Monday providing a peppy to the new week and New Moon on Wednesday. A Lunar square could throw a monkey wrench into to works, but nothing that a little originality and hard work can’t fix.

Relationship and ambition planets Venus and Mars both move into Aquarius to help you open to innovative ideas. It also helps you reach out to meet new friends and check out groups and organizations. Both of these planets align with Pluto at the New Moon on March 2nd.

The energy of the Sun, Jupiter, and Neptune in the sign of Pisces indicates an inner awakening. You realize that it makes a difference when you speak up and take a stand. Mercury in Aquarius is in tension with Uranus in Taurus and “tickles” your tongue. You may say something bold, but nothing trivial. You must not care what other people think about you.

Many of you have a special nature, which, while often unobtrusive, is also very often tired of what you observe in the world: unnecessary misunderstandings, unnecessary fights. By pointing out the unkind and unnecessary, you are making people realize that there are much more important things in life. By pointing out larger connections that people overlook, you are doing a service for peace.

However, it can also be predominantly about yourself. If so, then it is your job to take a fresh look at you and see all that is good and beautiful. If you love all beings on this planet, then realize you automatically belong to them. Sometimes we all can forget that.

Wednesday’s New Moon is brimming with positivity and generosity; combined with Mercury’s conjunction to Saturn at the same time, it’s an excellent day to set goals for the coming year, especially how to be a better person and improve the world around you.

The connection of Neptune in Pisces to Mars and Venus in Capricorn seems like a confirmation that it’s all about love. Mars and Venus lack a bit of feeling in Capricorn – and now with Neptune it comes to them like salt to soup, so your relationship life should be almost perfect. If something is still missing for happiness, you should consciously notice it and address it at a good opportunity to bring whatever is missing into your life. Of course, this needs your personal attention and commitment.

The positive vibes continue on Thursday, with an incredibly potent, regenerating conjunction between Mars, Venus, and Pluto sextiled by a Pisces Moon. Spend the day doing something you love and that inspires you in order to restore your sense of inner power and confidence.

A bighearted, generous conjunction between the Sun and Jupiter ushers in an upbeat Saturday, but if you’re going out in the evening, avoid people who have to be “center stage” all the time.

You may want to spend Sunday morning lazing in bed with your sweetie. Passion and romance take center stage, big time, while the desire to do chores or run errands are fading into that beautiful and emotional Neputnian mist.