STARGAZING—Week of Feb. 23rd to Mar. 1st, 2015

Feb 24, 2015 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

Week of February 23rd – Your Weekly Astrology Report


This week giving in to sensual delights is possible, although you’d be better off channeling your energies into constructive projects. In fact, you get a chance to do just that from Tuesday on, when your focus will be stronger and you’ll be more determined to succeed. As the Sun is currently in Pisces, you’re in a natural phase in which it helps to relax and recharge your batteries. Try not to overdo it! Make time to reflect on life and reconnect with your heart’s desire.

Monday, you will feel better if you accomplish tangible goals under an earthy Taurus moon. Because the Sun squares Saturn Monday morning, you will feel sluggish. But the pace will pick up as the day progresses. The mid-week is very busy, and Wednesday is like an energetic roller coaster.

All the news happens mid-week. The situation is complicated because you will sense two very different, but distinct influences. There could be delays with your current romance or business focus, but this is also a serious motivator to success because it strengthens your physical and mental endurance levels. So far – so good. But Wednesday is not the day to make any important decisions, because they could be an illusion or fall flat on their face. This energy can illuminate or make everything obscure.

However, your adventurous spirit encourages you forward, particularly if you’re eager to expand your horizons. Don’t stay inside and cover up your head; instead dig deep within to find the Light that lies ahead. Make space to be alone, meditate and focus. Allow your intuition to be your guide.

Dynamic energies can be harnessed to develop creative ideas, particularly if they’re linked to publishing, teaching, or coaching. At the same time you may be ready to travel and eager to explore places you’ve never seen.

This is one time when romance can show up, making for a perfect romantic encounter. If you find yourself in a do-or-die situation, take a tip from Father Saturn, and proceed with caution. Take time to gather all the facts and pitfalls before moving ahead.

By the weekend, the moon moves into Cancer and you want comfort food and to surround yourself with safe and nurturing people.

Over the weekend, avoid impulsive moves that could be more trouble than they’re worth. Romantic desire peaks at this time, which can bring fresh delights to a long-term romance or encourage you to be bold regarding a love interest. If you’re hoping to date, a desire to commit to anything long-term could be absent. For now it’s best to enjoy lighthearted fun and avoid getting too caught up in anything. Even so, you can use this creative energy to kick-start a personal project, especially if it gives you an opportunity to showcase your talents.

The 2015 Eclipses begin in March, with the first one arriving at 29 degrees Pisces on March 20th – the Spring Equinox; an eclipse hasn’t occurred in Pisces since March, 2007; time for a new vision and life focus. We also get the energies of the seventh of seven squares between Uranus and Pluto, a challenging pair that has been squaring and messing with us since summer 2012. The first and the seventh are always the most powerful.