Stargazing — Week of Feb. 21st through Feb. 27th, 2022

Feb 20, 2022 | Stargazing

This week it’s time to dream for the big success! Creative energy is present big time thanks to two midweek sextiles to Neptune. Be aware that a certain sluggish energy, because of you thinking negative thoughts about you, may be present to undermine any artistic, inventive vibes. Instead of thinking that you have to tackle your ambitions head-on with gusto, kick back, stare at the ceiling or the clouds, and allow new ideas to come to you naturally. Put off carrying them out until next week. Allow the time this week to be dreaming creative, and journaling. Make constructive notes about what you want to bring into this world, and how.

The Scorpio Moon on Monday and Tuesday helps you focus on deep levels, be it worldly research projects or deep emotional healing. A manipulative T square between the Moon, Mercury, and Pluto can bring complications.

Don’t allow others to harness your natural compassion into becoming their foot soldier for social or political causes. It’s nothing but a power play or a money grab on their part. Instead, use the emotionally nurturing trine between the Moon and Sun on Tuesday to strengthen the bonds with those closest to you. 

A large number of lunar aspects between the Moon, Jupiter, Venus, Mars and Neptune makes this an excellent day for intuitive visualizations, but the square between the Moon and Saturn makes this a less than ideal day for getting things done. 

 By Wednesday, your are ready for some playtime. The Moon moves into party animal Sagittarius and active Mars makes a minor harmony to fantasy-loving Neptune. Fun, romance, such as a walk by water or a romance-action movie are examples of how to use this energy.

This energy slips into Thursday when relationship planet Venus makes the same minor harmony to Neptune. The difference is that Wednesday is more physically active where Thursday is more romance and heart/feelings oriented, if the two can be separated since they occur so close to each other.

On Thursday, Mercury squares Uranus leading to feelings of paranoia and suspicions; try not to overthink things but instead, allow your intuition to guide you.  

A Capricorn Moon on Friday and Saturday directs you to more tangible projects. You can accomplish a lot, but it is more practical than fun. 

Have a quiet Sunday morning in preparation for lots of talk to end the month. The Moon conjuncts Mars, Venus, and Pluto. This is a highly romantic period for both singles and couples.

The Moon moves into social and friendly Aquarius on the last day of the month. Have fun with friends.

As March opens:  Relationship and ambition planets Venus and Mars both move into Aquarius to help you open to innovative ideas. It also helps you reach out to meet new friends and check out groups and organizations. Both of them align with Pluto. The New Moon on March 2nd brings endings and beginnings, opening to a new vision and taking action on that new vision. All of the planets are moving in direct motion; now it’s time to create that forward progress. 

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