STARGAZING — Week of December 8th — December 14th, 2014

Dec 9, 2014 | Special Messages

December promises to be an active and hectic month. This week begins with a Full Moon in Gemini and we are heading towards the sixth Pluto/Uranus square. Things could get a bit weird as we work through the week.

Mars moves through Aquarius, allowing and encouraging you to set new plans for 2015. Jupiter turns retrograde in Leo til mid-Spring, slowing things down a bit.

If you are having a gathering this weekend, or next, it should be an exciting and great time of sharing.

Don’t believe everything you hear this week, as Jupiter is slowing down, and people will tend to exaggerate. This is a time when you can communicate you inner feelings, and people will understand and support you.

Hold on to your ideas until next spring, when Jupiter goes direct again.

Finish up old business this week so that next week you can begin to prepare for your new lifestyle in 2015. Keep moving forward but don’t get scattered.

The entertainment industry will be facing more scandal, and recreational activities as well as matters having to do with children may slow down.

There could be some travel restrictions put in place, and you will have to focus on home and family matters.

You could find some shopping values and good deals at the end of the week.

Pleasure and enthusiasm heat up again as we move into the weekend, but weather could bring a severe snow storm. Be prepared.

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