Stargazing Week of December 5th—December 11th, 2011

Dec 5, 2011 | Special Messages


This week’s astrological event brings the Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Saturday morning, December 10th. The high-strung Sun-Moon opposition is more intense than usual because of a combative T square from impatient Mars in Virgo that can instigate battles over minor details. Don’t allow the energy to trap you. Working out practical matters before they escalate can keep resentments from building and nerves from becoming frayed. The Moon moves into nurturing Cancer early on Sunday morning, soothing our hearts with some much-needed healing, calming, along with peace and quiet. Time to sit, think of others, and begin to get those Holiday cards out.

Week of Dec. 5th – Dec. 11th, 2011
The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

The alluring planet Venus aligns favorably with passionate Mars on Monday, making you want to take some time off to play. A mix of work and pleasure is possible, allowing you to take care of business while enjoying yourself. Friends may be elusive, but don’t worry about it. They could be preoccupied with other things like shopping for the Holidays. Soon they’ll be back calling, texting, seeking you out, and looking forward to spending time with you. As Uranus turns direct on the same day as the Lunar Eclipse, you may find it easier to translate your ideas into action. With this powerful energy you will need to be careful on the road. Try to relax and don’t overwork your brain—it needs a rest. Take a few breaks during the day or you could give yourself headaches. Travel and people from faraway places could be especially appealing on Friday and Saturday, but the Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse might necessitate a cancellation if you make too many plans. You could be the star of the weekend with the Full Moon in the interactive and intelligent Air sign of Gemini. This Lunar Eclipse is likely to intensify your emotions and put you in the spotlight whether you want to be there or not. Your romantic life will rock this weekend with a high level of cosmic activity. The flirty Gemini Full Moon prompts curiosity, provoking a playful attitude. However, this event is also a Lunar Eclipse stressed by irritable Mars in Virgo. Being too fussy in your tastes or negotiating with picky people needs to be tempered with a forgiving and flexible attitude. Reacting strongly to just about everything makes you a lively companion, but also a restless and unpredictable one. Mixing things up with a variety of activities and people allows you the freedom to keep on the move. Listening to your intuition will bring the answer to an ongoing family problem. Allow yourself to be guided from within. The Lunar Eclipse encourages you to let go of old beliefs. Make a clean sweep. Just know that happier times are coming. Also, this Lunar Eclipse gives you a good reason to fall in love, Air Signs, but don’t rush it. Something may connect you with someone you’d lost contact with. There may be a reunion, and it looks like it will be a very special one

Your Love Week—Air Signs: Don’t give in to outside pressure this week as Pluto joins Venus. If you roll over now to make someone happy, you’re likely to regret paying such a high price for it. The Full Moon in lively Gemini on December 10th is a powerful Lunar Eclipse, which can disrupt your personal life. Aggressive Mars’ stressful T square to the Sun and Moon can spark fights and fussiness that will be unsettling. Watch out for accidents in the home or on the road. If, on the other hand, you’re willing to battle for love, focus on the specific issues that can be fixed to get you two back on track. If you’re single, perhaps making some adjustments to your appearance or attitude could be helpful to enhance your desirability. Be willing to work hard and face some difficult truths in the early part of December so that you can benefit with a more lively relationship life in the second half. Venus, the Goddess of Love, has joined deep, dark Pluto that can bring complex issues to a boil. Sure, it’s understandable if you don’t want to face unpleasant feelings or share them with others. But looking within, going deep inside to expose old wounds and current disappointments is painful work that’s worth the effort. That’s because you will find a truth in yourself that can help to heal old wounds and open a wider road to creating meaningful partnerships. Mistrust and self-doubt, difficulty in a current alliance, and fears about being less desirable are possible. Obsessing about someone you’ve lost or someone you think that you can’t live without could provoke discomfort. Yet investing in the process of addressing these issues with patience, commitment, self-discipline and honesty can pay off with personal satisfaction that is more than worth the price. It’s essential that you take charge of your emotions now, so begin your spiritual work within. You could feel more like an outsider than usual until December 20th. Perhaps you won’t get your usual share of attention, or maybe it’s just that you need more private time away from the spotlight. Either way, you’re likely to benefit from quiet getaways with one trusted person or simply spending some time alone where you can get a more strategic view of your relationship life.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Your creative energy continues at optimum power this week, but there may be more delays than usual. Don’t let them get you down. Keep going, Fire Signs. Be careful, especially when signing contracts. Make sure you have the facts and read the fine print. It’s never wise to sign anything with Mercury retrograde, so see if you can postpone matters until after the 15th. Brainstorming will be more productive than usual, so use it to solve your biggest problems. Your patience for slow-thinking people could reach its limit this weekend. The volatile Gemini Full Moon brings a dramatic flair, filling every word with an extra charge of emotion. This passionate enthusiasm could open doors to new people and ideas as long as you can tolerate individuals who don’t look at life like you do. It’s better to ignore minor differences than to let them damage a promising relationship. Relationship issues could come to a head with the Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. If you’re single, you could have a major revelation that places you on a more productive path toward romance. If you’re already involved with someone, expect plenty of relationship drama. Big issues and little ones pop up for discussion, yet resolving matters may not come easily. Don’t force yourself to make a hasty decision just because others are impatient. Wait and see how you feel after the dust settles in a few days. Friends can be your salvation by filling your social calendar with interesting people and intriguing invitations. Yet some of these individuals might be a little unpredictable and not live up to your vivid expectations, indicating that it might be wise to eliminate a few activities from your overcrowded agenda. The complications that you can attract now are best managed with a lighter schedule and a healthy sense of humor. Delays can keep you from getting things done. Persevere, as they may work in your favor. Sometimes timing is everything. Mars in Virgo encourages you to be a go-getter and fulfill some of your cherished goals. Be mindful of others and try to cooperate, as this will help you succeed more quickly. This is an opportunity for a heart-to-heart talk. You might just learn something that can change your life if you keep your mind and heart open.

Your Love Week—Fire Signs: Personal messages are mixed when the week starts. The all-powerful Sun is in the optimistic Fire Sign of Sagittarius until Dec. 22nd. Yet, even if your heart is open to taking chances in the pursuit of love, Venus, the planet associated with amour, is in serious Capricorn where accountability is high. Obligations at work and home can cut into your playtime, especially after sweet Venus joins dark Pluto. You can feel manipulated or mistrusted with this alignment, so handling alliances with extra care is recommended. With the Sun in Sagittarius, it is likely to lift your self-confidence and encourage the adventurous side of your personality. However, it’s wise to be a little cautious when it comes to relation ships now. Amorous Venus is in cautious Capricorn, where it joins intense Pluto, stirring deep feelings of mistrust or discontentment, signaling a need to be on guard with what you say and how you act. Verbal Mercury is in Sagittarius, retrograde, where it can loosen tongues with some overly frank statements, so a bit of self-restraint is recommended. Don’t hold on to who or what no longer serves you now, though if this is about a very important partnership, you may want to think things through before taking action. On Saturday the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse can spark conflicts within a current alliance or make you edgy about pursuing a new one. Pay attention to the details, though, because making some minor adjustments could be all that’s needed to get you back on track.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

This week you’ll be doing a lot more intellectual work. Don’t forget to give your brain a rest now and then. Switch to off and work out or go for a walk. Mercury continues retrograde until the 13th, so you may encounter obstacles and delays. You need to work these into your schedule and allow more time for everything. You may struggle to advance in your career. Meetings may be canceled, and getting decisions you need may prove impossible. Don’t worry – this phase will soon be over. You’ll then have the clarity to make the right choices. Your partner is still being critical, so either ignore it or tell him or her how much it affects you. Consistency may be hard to come by this weekend with a Full Moon in fickle Gemini on Friday and Saturday. This is also a Lunar Eclipse that’s pressured by a stressful T square from restless Mars. If you can patiently iron out the details of a partnership, this can be a useful time to talk things out. But it’s going to take flexibility and a light touch to avoid the discomfort of minor conflicts. The Lunar Eclipse may stir up family dynamics just in time for the holidays. Something needs to change. This Eclipse helps you Water Signs make peace with your shadow and brings healing to the neglected areas of your psyche. Saturday morning the lunar energy that can shake things up at your place. It’s a Lunar Eclipse, spurring surprises at home. This unsettling atmosphere brings hidden issues to the surface where they can be discussed freely as long as everyone stays calm. But this powerful event also could make your private life more interesting if you’re open to experimenting and breaking free of the past. Love is in the air. The tide turns on Sunday, with a lunar entry into the Water Sign of Cancer making you more emotionally available to others. Close connections may be shaken by surprises in the morning and awakened with intense passion at night that can run you through a full range of emotions. Enjoy the ride, but hold on to your heart.

Your Love Week—Water Signs: Your high hopes for a happy Holiday Season could take a hit this week after festive Venus creates a tense conjunction with manipulative Pluto. You may be disappointed by a friend or run into complications within a group where your sense of worth is undermined. You might want to withdraw into a wounded place, which is understandable, yet there’s healing possible now as well. Notice what you’re missing in your life and where you’re paying too much in relationships. This difficult self-examination can help you change unrewarding habits and restore your power in partnerships. A clear head is especially helpful on Wednesday when Venus runs into a challenging angle with super-sensitive Neptune. You could make sacrifices or get lost in a dreamland of romantic fantasy. It’s great to be inspired emotionally but don’t lose your sense of good judgment at this potentially confusing time. Pluto pops into the relationship picture and secrecy could play an important role as you uncover a hidden truth or are charged with keeping a confidence. This provocative transit can also spur some strong reactions as even gently spoken words may hit a sore spot. You could burn with resentment, but remember that it’s healthier to be honest about your feelings than to simmer with anger. This could be the kind of inner crisis that provides a wake up call about your personal life. You may find an opportunity to enjoy the company of someone new or to put more spice in a current union. Yet, it’s possible that even though pleasure is in the offing that some patience and self-restraint are still required. Tread carefully, but enjoy the coming positive changes, Water Signs.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

Relationships have been intense and passionate lately, and there’s still time to show how much you care. Monday is perfect for an impromptu date that could be a turning point. Continue to be careful when purchasing, especially online. Mercury retrograde could gum up the works. Keep receipts and paperwork. A romance may strengthen early in the week. Your passion becomes more intense, Earth Signs, so you may want to make a greater commitment to one another. Mercury continues retrograde until the 13th, so don’t even think about putting your house on the market or buying a new one just yet. Be prepared for a change of heart if you have already done so. The order and planning that put your feet on solid ground may not work out as well as you wish this weekend. First, the Moon is in jumpy Gemini where moods and rules change very quickly. Second, there’s a Full Moon on Saturday that tends to increase emotions and reduce logic. Third, it’s also a Lunar Eclipse, which brings up unfinished feelings from the past that may be too difficult to face. Keeping things simple is your best bet for all these reasons and more. Flexibility is the key to enjoying yourself as well, this weekend with the jumpy Gemini Full Moon changing up everyone’s moods from minute to minute. Keeping your cool with a relaxed attitude is especially important when you feel criticized or under pressure. Pushing back is only going to inflame the situation. Working around issues may not be your style, but it’s better than wasting time fighting a major battle. You might be so busy taking care of other people that you won’t have much time for enjoying yourself. The diversified Gemini Full Moon fills your plate with obligations on Saturday. It’s better to reduce your commitments, even if it disappoints someone, than to wear yourself out and have no energy left for personal pleasure. The Lunar Eclipse brings a realization about your career. It may be time to make a few changes. Also, this eclipse may encourage you to reexamine your financial priorities. Don’t waste money. Invest your money in something or someone.

Your Love Week—Earth Signs: There’s complexity this week because the love planet Venus is in earthy Capricorn, an Earth sign that’s compatible with yours, until Dec. 20th. Yet there’s a more serious than sensual side to this transit, offering pleasure while loading up expectations and responsibilities. As December opened, lovely Venus joined Pluto, Lord of the psychic underworld. This can stir intense feelings that are often so extreme that they are difficult to express openly. Resentment and unrelenting desire are two ends of the emotional spectrum. While mistrust is possible, facing your fears and addressing your disappointments can help you get a deeper understanding of your needs. With this intense energy component, it doesn’t take long for relationship issues to come up in important ways. This union can raise the stakes in the game of love. You might be passionate with desire and express emotions with uncommon strength. But you could also dive into the depths of self-doubt as jealousy or rejection lowers your self-esteem. There is, fortunately, a way to work with this, rather than accepting fate’s hand. Be prepared to change how you look as well as your values and expectations in matters of the heart. Holding on to the past is the least desirable way to go, even if it’s understandable to avoid openly expressing your Self. Still, you have the capacity to transform how you approach others to make yourself more appealing to them. Of course, you have to be honest with yourself since integrity and truth are among your best qualities, Earth Signs. The Full Moon on December 10th in chatty Gemini is also a Lunar Eclipse, which ups the ante. Aggressive Mars in practical Virgo forms a stressful T square to the Sun and Moon. This could trigger conflict but also arouses passion that could turn a fight into a fun time. Do your best to keep things light instead of letting a minor misunderstanding escalate into hurtful misunderstandings. If you keep your sense of humor, the rewards can be especially pleasurable. Try not to get hung up about little things than can undermine a partnership. If you have any issues, constructive criticism is a positive way to deal with them, rather than simply pointing out problems without suggesting reasonable solutions. Things will resolve themselves next week, once Mercury turns direct on the 13th. Be willing to kiss and make up.