STARGAZING — Week of December 28th – January 3rd, 2016

Dec 27, 2015 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing


LOOKING BACK at the year 2015 – it was a place for several important endings that began in 2012. One was the end of an era when the seven Uranus/Pluto squares finally ran their course, ending in March, 2015. Another was when Saturn finished its travel through Scorpio in September, taking us from secrecy, lies, darkness, and deceits into the bright fire sign of Sagittarius, representing freedom, Light, and world consciousness. Although we are incredibly thankful that these alignments are finally behind us, we remain grateful for the many adjustments and transformations that have occurred.

This week, Venus moves into party animal Sagittarius on Wednesday the 30th, making for New Year’s Eve, a great combination for a party. This moves the love planet from darkness and secrecy into a bright energy of bouyant and Light-filled fun. Time for wild, loud parties, fireworks, and celebrations as we move into a Leap Year. Now’s your chance girls.

The final week of 2015 begins with the moon in heart warming Leo, a great way to end a long holiday weekend. The tone changes on Tuesday when the moon moves into hard working Virgo. It’s time to get organized!  Early morning will be mentally challenging as Mercury is slow to wake up while ambitious Mars is pushing you to get to work. Take a breath or meditate to make certain that you have mental focus before taking action. Acting without thinking things through now will come back at you later.

Morning traffic problems are one likely manifestation when Mercury and Mars are not playing nicely together. By late in the evening Tuesday, romance planet Venus moves into party animal Sagittarius until January 23rd. This is a great combination to meet new people and to explore big ideas. But give new relationships the test of time because this isn’t the most stable of energies.

2016New Year’s Day has the moon moving into Libra. Relationships and social interaction get a boost this year, so get out of the house. It is a gentle start to 2016.

New Year'sEve-NY City-Ball FallingThe most famous New Year’s Eve tradition is to watch the ball drop from New York City’s Times Square, which is televised out to millions of people across the world. The rooftop ball is programmed to descend that famous flagpole beginning precisely at 11:59 PM and lands at the bottom at exactly midnight! This custom originally came from a synchronization technique once used in navigation as well as in astronomy. Many other New Year’s Eve rituals have their origin in ancient times. The last day of the year ends, and the new one begins with the Sun in Capricorn, casting a melancholy shadow as we sing “Auld Lang Syne,” remembering old family and friends and toasting times gone bye “with a cup of kindness and cheer.” For better or words, this year of 2015 is now recorded in the Akashic Records of the galaxy and stars and next year is just a sunrise away.

2016 opens with the Moon in Virgo conjuncting Jupiter, while squaring Saturn, creating possible money gains and windfalls. telly_sevalas  As Telly (Kojak) would say, “Happy, Happy New Year Baby.”

These weekly YouTube forecasts will give you a map of the celestial weather and road conditions you can expect in 2016, but it’s not the Stargazing Report that determines your journey, but the decisions and actions you take along the way.

In January, Mercury will be retrograde from the 5th through the 25th, in disciplined and restructuring Capricorn. Ambitious Mars will be in focused Scorpio most of January, helping you to work on your intentions. Venus will be in the travel sign of Sagittarius most of the month.

Mercury enters its storm on Friday, New Years Day. Don’t start any new projects now. Just follow through with those already begun. Write down any new ideas with the date and time, and begin them after Mercury goes direct when they return to the degree when you had the idea.

Because Mercury responds to our mental process and Aquarius focuses on what’s new and upcoming, this is a time when you have every intention of keeping your New Year’s resolutions you’ve made. Unfortunately there’s a better than average chance that you could slip back because next Tuesday Mercury retrogrades back into Capricorn. (More next week)

On Sunday, January 3rd there’s a Moon-Mars conjunction in Scorpio that can dirty up the emotional waters because your reaction will likely be emotional and intense and whatever you do won’t involve a lot of thinking, but rather subconscious reactions. Mercury goes off-line bringing lots of impulse-driven reactions, so keep an eye on the political arena, the Stock Market as well as the interest rates. It looks like the beginning of 2016 could be called Back to The Future.