STARGAZING  Week of December 28th – January 3rd, 2016


LOOKING BACK at the year 2015  it was a place for several important endings that began in 2012. One was the end of an era when the seven Uranus/Pluto squares finally ran their course, ending in March, 2015. Another was when Saturn finished its travel through Scorpio in September, taking us from secrecy, lies, darkness, and deceits into the bright fire sign of Sagittarius, representing freedom, Light, and world consciousness. Although we are incredibly thankful that these alignments are finally behind us, we remain grateful for the many adjustments and transformations that have occurred.

This week, Venus moves into party animal Sagittarius on Wednesday the 30th, making for New Years Eve, a great combination for a party. This moves the love planet from darkness and secrecy into a bright energy of bouyant and Light-filled fun. Time for wild, loud parties, fireworks, and celebrations as we move into a Leap Year. Nows your chance girls.

The final week of 2015 begins with the moon in heart warming Leo, a great way to end a long holiday weekend. The tone changes on Tuesday when the moon moves into hard working Virgo. Its time to get organized!