Stargazing—Week of December 26 to January 1, 2012

Dec 27, 2011 | Special Messages

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Happy New Year everyone, welcome to 2012!


The planet Jupiter goes direct this week. Therefore, you should be feeling physically well, enthusiastic about life, and in the mood for love and excitement! You could also be even more inclined than usual to think big and make ambitious plans for your future. Lay the groundwork this week for these plans if you’re serious about them. Write your 2012 resolutions and a “to-do” list. Don’t let this planetary advantage pass you by!

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Week of Dec. 19th – Dec. 25th, 2011

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

You’ll knock heads with someone in authority on Monday. Play it cool with this person. He or she has more influence than you do! You’ll put a new spin on an old problem on Tuesday. Taking a different approach will resolve the dilemma. Put on your detective hat on. Ask the right questions and you’ll get the right answers. As the Moon conjuncts Neptune in Aquarius on Wednesday, the thought of escaping to a fantasy world will be very appealing! You also could want to sleep more than usual. Those dreams are worth it. A colleague may overstep your boundaries on Thursday. Set healthy guidelines with others. A co-worker will repay a favor. The Moon conjuncts Uranus on Saturday. A loved one may long for excitement. You may contemplate your life options as New Year’s Day approaches. It’s possible you’ll decide to go in a different direction. You’ll spend New Year’s Eve searching for adventure with your sweetie or close friends. Consider getting your 2012 tax documents in order on Sunday while you listen to football in the background.

Your Love Week—Air Signs: Be careful this week, Air Signs. If you lose your temper, you may go way over the top, as you usually find it difficult to do anything half way. The planetary energy causes sparks to leap into instant flames, and you will need to be extra careful that you don’t deliver one of your tactless remarks at a particularly sensitive moment, as it may not be taken in good humor. You could stir up a heap of trouble, given the week’s planetary energy. All you need to do is just mention “that subject,” and you will have a merry blaze that could take quite a long time to put out. Otherwise, if you truly value your partner, you will use the extra energy you have to do something about another matter, over which you have procrastinated for too long! You may be tempted to give up the whole notion of relationships altogether, with the astral energy at play. Your loved one could appear to be totally lacking in any kind of warmth and spontaneity, and you may be tempted to wonder if they are actually still living. As you thrive on warmth and generosity, you find it hard to understand those days when your partner just doesn’t seem to want to play. The planets are creating a temporary distance between you both, which, if you would be honest with yourself, is probably not a bad thing right now. After a period of relative closeness, you would both probably benefit from some time alone. Take heart, this is just a temporary phase. Before you know it, you will both be in love again.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

You may let out a loud, fiery roar on Monday. A loved one will hurt your pride. Your brain will be flooded with innovative ideas on Wednesday. Follow through on all of your new ideas. Your leadership skills will be called on when the Moon sextiles the Sun on Thursday. Others will look to you for guidance regarding an important issue. Financial speculation could prove risky on Friday. Research economic ventures before you invest. A real estate deal may fall. Don’t get discouraged! The timing wasn’t right in the matter. A conversation with a loved one may turn heated on Sunday. Mercury in Sagittarius squares Mars in Virgo. Sugarcoat your words when interacting with others on New Year’s Day. You’ll work on creating resolutions for 2012. Going back to school could be at the top of the list!

Your Love Week—Fire Signs: You may decide to stay in bed this week, rather than have to get up and face the music. Although you dislike any sort of conflict, you would do better to wade in and begin to sort out the mess. If you can try and see the problem from your partner’s perspective, you will be able to find it easier to make amends. You’ll need to call on all your communication skills. You may find it quite hard to fathom the reaction a close personal friend of yours seems to be having to a recent suggestion. From the look on their face, you would think you had asked that they go jump in a lake. In fact, the planetary energy is creating a climate of misunderstanding. On another day, the same suggestion would hardly raise an eyebrow. Relationships may not be exactly fun now, as you are feeling more inclined to go off and do things by yourself. The planets are making you feel more self-contained and less like participating in anything, whether with your partner, or anyone else, for that matter. You would probably benefit by taking this opportunity to become more acquainted with your own needs, wishes, and feelings. Take some quiet time and meditate. You may open to some wonderful, new, and brilliant ideas.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

You may feel frazzled on Monday. Consider giving your brain a rest. It’s time to take it easy mentally and physically. Your intuition will be off kilter. Let logic lead the way in all circumstances. Household repairs may be needed on Tuesday. Get ready to use a hammer and nails! A secret admirer may come your way on Wednesday. If you’re not interested in this person, say so firmly. It’s in your best interests to be a team player on Friday. Strive to get along with others, particularly at work. Think before you act because hasty decisions will lead to regret later. Unexpected events will shake up your agenda on Saturday when The Moon squares Pluto. Pluto energies represent the past, and past deeds in past lives. They can be either nasty or nice. A life-changing event may occur on Saturday. The Moon in Pisces is quincunx Saturn. You may have a date with destiny on New Year’s Eve! You either strengthen a relationship or realize that “it’s over,” nobody wins. Be prepared to go with the flow.

Your Love Week—Water Signs: Sometimes it takes an unusually intense force to shift a very entrenched obstacle. The planetary energy may make you aware of just how angry you really are. It may well clear the air if you can find a way to express this without losing control altogether. You will feel a release from pressure, and they will understand a little more about where your boundaries lie. This week the planets are really just a reminder that for every peak there is a valley, that nothing can continue along on the same even keel. Your current relationship may seem to have reached a low point, but from here on things can only go up. Don’t take this week’s events too seriously, as in a few days time your perspective will have changed once again. The planets are causing you to feel it is not worth the effort to try and find a romantic partner. You may have decided that every potential lover you meet just turns out to be bad news for one reason or another. You are inclined to be your own worst enemy though, especially now. In a few days time you will probably have adopted a more optimistic viewpoint. This planetary energy gives you two options in the way that you handle a certain relationship crisis. If you want to prolong the agony and really go to town on the whole issue, you can sulk, stomp about, and throw them disdainful glances. Alternatively, you could treat the whole situation with the contempt it deserves and refuse to be drawn into such petty arguments. Hang in there, Water Signs.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

The urge to overindulge will be strong on Monday. Strive for moderation in all circumstances, especially while at the store with your gift returns, and final year sales. Try to put your priorities in order. An important issue needs your immediate attention. Good news will reach your ears on Tuesday when the Moon sextiles Mercury. Get ready to smile! If you’re single, someone special may appear as the Moon conjuncts Venus. If you’re attached, your lover will light up your life. Have faith in yourself on Friday. An associate may try to damage your self-esteem. Weed any naysayers out of your life. Follow through on a project on Friday. Be proactive in all endeavors. A friend may cancel a get-together on Saturday. Go to plan B to celebrate New Year’s Eve. A loved one will need moral support on Sunday. An old school friend may contact you. Take out your photo albums. You’ll spend New Year’s Day reminiscing over old times.

Your Love Week—Earth Signs: The planetary energy is encouraging a sense of righteous indignation concerning a recent tiff with your loved one. While it may be tempting to get melodramatic, and gently dab your eyes with a hanky while putting on that pouting sulky look, it may not actually achieve very much. You would be better off to just say why you are mad, and have a civilized conversation about it. This week the planets are making loving relationships a slightly chillier option than usual. Somehow your loved one just isn’t in the mood for all that kissing and cuddling, and all the other activities you normally get up to. If someone tries to get you involved in any kind of argument now, be sure to steer clear, especially if it is your partner or close personal friend. The slightest provocation could start a real row, and this would not do either of you any good. The planets are making you apprehensive about a certain romantic relationship. At the moment your mind is running through the entire gamut of fears, feelings, and choices concerning various issues. Thinking in this way is not exactly going to make things better for both of you, but on the other hand, you do need to be realistic. It may be best to make yourself really cozy and spend some time by yourself, and then arrange to meet up again in a few days. Perhaps you just need some time alone. In a day or two you will not even remember what the problem was all about anyway.