STARGAZING —— Week of December 24th through December 31st, 2018

Dec 24, 2018 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing


This week brings us two minor upsets and a last-minute sign change on New Year’s Eve.

There’s a tricky Mercury/Neptune square on Monday, the 24th that can distort and confuse conversations. If your deliveries are late or delayed, expect some problems. On Christmas Eve, transportation planet Mercury makes a challenge to Neptune. Be aware, and careful of both drunken drivers and drivers who just are not paying attention.

Horoscope for LeoAlthough there’s is a minor mental and transportation challenge on Christmas Eve, the Moon in heart-opening Leo on Christmas Day makes everything upsetting burn away with the Moon-Jupiter fire trine. There should be no unpleasantness and this warmth coming from the Universe promises a happy celebration.

For shoppers on December 26th, the Moon is in her quite void of course phase in the morning hours. Astrologers generally suggest avoiding important purchases or taking important actions when the Moon is not making relationships to other planets. If you must shop in those hours, save the receipt.

The rest of the week is pretty easy, with a social Libra Moon on Friday and Saturday. Friday afternoon has a gentle relationship between relationship planet Venus and go to deeper levels Pluto, a great time to go to deeper emotional levels in your significant relationships.

Saturday, the 29th brings us a quick Sun/Moon square that could increase your tensions and stress levels, but it passes by quickly.

New Year’s Eve includes an emotionally intense Scorpio Moon with aggressive Mars moving into physical Aries will get everyone moving. Opening your mind to spiritual mindedness is a good thing to do under this planetary aspect. Accept all of our many blessings from above and know that although this energy cannot be seen, it does exist, for sure. As the clock strikes midnight, take a moment to remember and reflect on the people and experiences that have touched and warmed your heart over the past 12 months. Mentally send each one a warm and loving thank you. That includes you Max. Wishing everyone, love, peace, abundance and safety as we welcome in 2019. Happy New Year!