Stargazing — Week of December 20th through December 26th, 2015

Dec 20, 2015 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing


fullmoon-taurusAs weeks go throughout the year, it doesn’t get any more exciting than this one. Beginning with the Solstice and first day of Winter, an extra special Christmas Moon, and a wake-up call from Uranus, a planet that’s been asleep for the last five months.

The moon moves into stabilizing Taurus on Sunday, partially settling down the mentally disruptive energy of the weekend. However, Mercury and Uranus are challenging each other on Sunday. The positive side of this is that you can open to new concepts and innovative ideas. The negative is to attract annoying people with poor boundaries. Just keep activities on Sunday in the short & quick range, and you will make it through easily.

Find your center place, that connection with your calm, inner self; because the outer world is working on overdrive. The overall tone has expect-the-unexpected Uranus slowing down to end his retrograde cycle (since late July). It is wise to practice flexibility and adaptability when this explosive planet is changing directions. The bad side is all the bad things we have already seen in the world this past several weeks. The good side is that as Uranus picks up speed in the weeks ahead, you open to innovative ideas, new friends and groups, and are ready for constructive changes to your life.

star-flashingThe Winter Solstice is on Monday the 21st at 11:49 PM here in New York. The next three months show an energy of Grand Earth Trine. This brings triple harmony to your practical world of money, resources, and earthly desires. Emotions, mental ideas, and big, philosophical concepts can come into form in the months ahead. However, there are challenges that require you to change and raise your consciousness. You must find a healthy balance between throwing a revolution, and dealing with the world as it is today- a combination I like to call being a careful revolutionary.

The Sun marks the last seasonal turning point on the calendar as it enters Capricorn on the 21st and we celebrate the longest night of the year as well as the first day of Winter. A popular way to celebrate this Solstice is bon-fires, drumming, feasting, and singing or caroling from house to house.

The moon moves into Gemini Tuesday evening through Christmas Eve. This creates an abundance of short, party like activities and quick conversations.

worldprayerA Winter Solstice forecast shows a pattern that would look like a diamond-shaped kite if you drew it in the sky. You will receive help in transforming your way of thinking about your world. With the nurturing Moon opposite Venus, you get to decide what you value and what you are ready to release and remove from your life. That isn’t just a lot of stuff to give to Goodwill for your end of the year tax write-off. It includes the attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that no longer server you. So write them all down and throw the paper into that bon-fire to release those habits, relationships, or stifled judgments. Open up to the new!

The Full Moon is in Cancer, calling for nurturing and emotional support. The Sun is in Capricorn, asking you to step into larger levels of responsibility. Like every Full Moon, the Cancer Christmas Moon will rise at sunset, shine all night long, soaring to the highest point in the sky at midnight, and setting at sunrise. This Full Moon is extra special because it’s a Supermoon, receiving a positive assist from Neptune that bestows a gentle, magical glow.

Angel-MangerIn addition to the Super Full Moon on Christmas day on Friday, it’s also home to a rousing change of direction for Uranus, when the wild child of the solar system wakes up in the sign of the child, Aries, after a five month nap, This fiery shift can mean an increase with sudden, unexpected changes that promises to affect all of us on a personal level. These changes can also include new discoveries from science/technology, which is a sector that Uranus rules; aircraft, trains, computers, electronic gadgets and automobiles; anything with fast movement.

The plus side of this energy is that you can set yourself free of old reactionary patterns, meet new friends, and participate with different groups that are philosophically in harmony with you.

However, this explosive planet is also in a challenging relationship to destructive Pluto. Careful now, this can get tricky! The key is to decide what you are ready to release, and then take steps to chart a new path. If you trust the wiseness of the Universe and surrender, the more smoothly the shift takes place. This has been going on in different ways since the summer of 2012, so it shouldn’t feel new to you.

The communications planet Mercury is preparing to turn retrograde on Jan. 5th, so pay attention to upcoming projects. It is now making a challenging square relationship to masculine Mars. Plan to improve your exercise regiment under this energy. It is common to see mechanical things being activated under Mars, and communications equipment under Mercury. Watch for sudden, fast changes with the weather as well as in the political arena. I promise you there will be a lot of activity over the next six weeks.

meditation_chakrasIn spite of the busyness of this time of year, make room for a bit of quiet meditation, rest, self-nurturing as well as setting healthy boundaries over the weekend. Wishing all of you a blessed Holiday and a heart-warming Christmas Day. I’m looking forward to sharing with you again during the week of New Years.