STARGAZING — Week of December 10th – December 16th, 2012

Dec 12, 2012 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

Week of Dec. 10th – Dec. 16th, 2012


Here we are at the end of the Mayan Calendar and a 26,000 year Era. It’s the renowned December, 2012! This week is full of inspiration and opportunities. Consider these next few days a jumping-off point for you to head off in new, exciting directions!

There’s a shift toward a more philosophical view of relationships this week as messenger Mercury moves into independent Sagittarius on Monday. Mercury’s three-week stay in Sagittarius, which begins December 11, kicks things off with discussions and debates over causes and grand plans alike. You’ll tend to blurt out whatever is on your mind, but this cavalier approach will help clear the air and get you moving in the right direction. It’s truly time to let go of the past.

Thursday’s New Moon in exuberant Sagittarius encourages plenty of risk-taking in social situations. Uranus turns direct in Aries as well, so any plans languishing on your back burner will suddenly be ready for action! The New Moon brings with it several chances for new beginnings. Your plans may not always be the most practical, but you won’t allow setbacks to get you down so you’ll just keep jumping right back into the saddle. As alluring Venus moves through the outgoing fire sign of Sagittarius this energy help us set aside past emotional issues and embrace a new world of romantic possibilities.

Finally, on December 14th, Mercury and Uranus meet, showering you with moments of enlightenment. Ideas will drop into your lap out of nowhere, while seemingly dead-end problems will suddenly have solutions.

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Seize the moment on Monday. You will definitely miss the boat if you hesitate to act. A partner will be in a chatty mood on Monday. This person may want to discuss relationship issues. A new friend could appear as well. This person might be from a culture other than your own. You may receive a financial windfall when the Moon conjuncts Venus on Tuesday. Consider putting some of the extra cash into a savings account. The urge to splurge will be strong when the Moon opposes Jupiter in Gemini on Wednesday. Leave your credit cards at home if you go shopping! Jazz up your agenda on Thursday. The same old activities are getting boring! Challenge yourself by learning a new sport. A project will get the green light to go forward on Thursday. This endeavor should be a resounding success! A flash of insight will help you resolve a dilemma when Mercury trines Uranus on Friday. Rely on your smarts in all circumstances. Your brain will teem with bright ideas. Write your notions down for future reference. Spiritual matters will take center stage on Sunday. You might decide to go on a religious retreat this weekend. Say thank you to the Universe. Positive vibrations will surround all of your endeavors. You may need some alone time on Sunday. Find a quiet nook in which to unwind.

Your Love Week—Air Signs:The brainy planet Mercury blasts into outspoken Sagittarius on Monday to encourage flirtatious words and bold behavior. The cosmic energy during the first part of the week can put you Air Signs in touch with deep desires and a profound sense of what you’re missing. While this might evoke some feelings of regret, it also provides you with the motivation required to go after what you want. Thursday’s New Moon in Sagittarius as well, opens opportunities for new partnerships. Connecting with a new adventurous companion and being more experimental in a current relationship are positive possibilities. But you need enthusiastic individuals who can entertain you by exposing you to different kinds of experiences. The cool Aquarius Moon’s presence on Saturday and Sunday is an ideal opportunity to demonstrate your charms in a playful and carefree manner so you don’t appear anxious or needy. Finding a creative outlet gives you the chance to freely express your heart. Your relationship world should be rocking this weekend. Late night activities with pals might be particularly pleasant as delicious Venus dances Sagittarius. If you’re ready to share your heart with generosity, then others are likely to respond in kind. However, the line between romance and friendship could grow fuzzy over the next few weeks, adding complications to relationships. Tread lightly so no one gets hurt.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

You may be tempted to invest in a risky venture on Monday. Do the math before opening your wallet. Your heart and mind will be in sync, Fire Signs, when Mercury enters Sagittarius on Monday. You’ll instinctively know the right path on which to walk. Your logic may be fuzzy on Tuesday. Try to postpone making important life decisions. You may experience stress on Wednesday. Soothe yourself by getting a warm massage. Life may become very fast-paced on Wednesday. Have a pair of running shoes handy! Sing a new song on Thursday when Uranus turns direct. Toss aside outdated clothes and update your hairstyle. A colleague might deliberately provoke you on Friday. Don’t let this person’s antics upset you. Maintain your cool in all circumstances. Put the past to rest when Uranus turns direct in Aries on Thursday. It’s time to focus on the future! Wanderlust will hit you on Saturday. Think about taking an impromptu trip to a new locale. A change of scenery will revitalize your spirits. Romance will blossom when Venus enters your love zone on Saturday. If you’re single, you could meet a soul mate. You’ll project a very favorable aura on Saturday. It’s a great time to mix and mingle with others. Call a friend and hit the hot spots in town. Household repairs will top your to-do list on Sunday. Remember to put safety first when doing projects in the home. A friend might need moral support on Sunday evening.

Your Love Week—Fire Signs: Your itch for new experiences can shake the foundation of a current relationship, ignite it with fresh inspiration or spur you to take chances in pursuit of your next great adventure. Playing it safe doesn’t appear to be in the cards this week. But this is a great time to live for the moment with less concern about long-term consequences. You’re feeling fired up and ready to go with an energizing New Moon on Thursday. It’s Showtime for you Fire Signs with the boisterous Sagittarius New Moon. Your personality is bound to shine and romance is in the air. It’s time for a fresh start with a bolder approach to getting what you want and maybe even an updated look to go along with it. Don’t over-plan your schedule so you have room for surprises during the weekend since the unconventional Aquarius Moon can turn a trip to the store into a romantic adventure. Friends and groups can be especially helpful in satisfying your desire to broaden your social horizons this weekend. On Saturday evening, the Moon shifts attracting unusual people and unexpected encounters. This spontaneity can excite your relationship life if you’re willing to be a bit more experimental than usual.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Your status in the community will rise on Saturday. You may be asked to head a neighborhood committee. Good news will come your way on Sunday. Celebrate with a friend! Work before play needs to be your motto on Monday. A long list of tasks will require your attention. Persistence is the key to your success when the Moon conjuncts Saturn in Scorpio on Monday. Keep trying until you achieve a cherished goal. An old school chum may contact you on Tuesday. This person wants to talk over old times. You might feel discouraged on Tuesday. A certain situation won’t work out the way you’d hoped. However, this event is a blessing in disguise. Your job description may change with the New Moon on Thursday. If unemployed, it’s a great time to send out resumes. A rare opportunity will come your way when your ruler Moon conjuncts the Sun on Thursday. Make the most of this unique opportunity. Organize your personal accounting on Thursday. Make files for bills, receipts, and bank statements. It’s time to clear the clutter off your desk! Do something nice just for you this weekend. A friend may invite you to a party on Saturday. If you turn this person down, you may regret it later. Your confidence will soar on Sunday. Be your own best friend. Self-esteem issues will no longer trouble you.

Your Love Week—Water Signs: You’re allowed to look nostalgically back at your past, but only to say goodbye. We are entering a new 28,000 year Era. Two forward-leaning forces are driving your personal life this week, Water Signs, which means that it’s time for your heart to move on. Thursday’s adventurous Sagittarius New Moon signals a need to expand your tastes and take some chances in pursuit of happiness. This Moon sets you up for a socially active weekend. You might attract a dominating individual, but it’s healthier for you to take the lead in relationships now. Making plans and expressing what you want is the best strategy to get the weekend off to a good start. However, a lunar shift into quirky Aquarius changes the mood for the rest of the weekend, requiring a more flexible approach to keep the peace. On Saturday afternoon, a lunar shift encourages you to experiment in relationships. Engaging others with a little less intensity allows you to enjoy yourself without worry. Getting away from it all is perfect for you this weekend. It’s time for some privacy on Saturday afternoon, and for spending quiet time out of the spotlight. Amorous Venus aligns with Neptune on Sunday to spur romantic feelings. It’s wonderful to experience these divine emotions as long as you don’t lose touch with common sense.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

Keep your lips sealed on Monday. Don’t give your secrets away, even when you’re talking to close friends, especially if the subject is about Holiday gifts. Intensity will be your middle name on Tuesday. You’ll dedicate yourself wholeheartedly to a new endeavor. Daydreaming will be your favorite activity when your ruler Mercury squares Neptune on Tuesday. You’ll be eager to escape to fantasyland for a while. A family member will ask for a helping hand on Wednesday. Consider saying yes. This person will return the favor someday soon. Also, share the workload on Wednesday. Delegate some of your duties to colleagues. Remember, you’re only one person! Your intuition will kick up a notch on Thursday. Listen closely to your sixth sense in all scenarios. Take a new approach to a problem on Friday. The same old tactics simply aren’t working! Your assertive side will be on display when the Moon in Capricorn conjuncts Mars on Saturday. You’ll stand up for your rights in all scenarios. There will be a new bounce in your step when your ruler Venus enters Sagittarius on Saturday. You’ll look at the world more optimistically. Frustration could be the name of your game on Sunday. Try to deal patiently with life’s little annoyances. A lover may fudge the truth. Look beneath the surface when interacting with others this weekend. You’ll be tempted to overindulge on Sunday evening. Try to practice self-control, particularly where sugary desserts are concerned.

Your Love Week—Earth Signs: Sticking with the usual routine might sound comforting, but familiarity isn’t likely to fulfill your needs this week. Thursday’s fearless Sagittarius New Moon inspires you to aim higher in matters of the heart. Sure, the different tastes and desires of others are very likely to stretch your personal boundaries, but surpassing your limits is sometimes what it takes to restore excitement to your love life. Truth is likely to come out in a big way this week with the outspoken Sagittarius New Moon on Thursday. Being honest with yourself is the first step to freeing your heart from the past. A lunar shift into orderly Capricorn later that day puts your feet on solid ground. Your quiet confidence and unwavering courage can’t help but impress others and make your company especially desirable now. The Moon is in the Earth Sign of Capricorn from Thursday afternoon until Saturday afternoon, providing you with a forty-eight hour window of opportunity to take control of your social life. Your natural leadership skills can be used just as easily in a romantic encounter as a professional meeting. But once the Moon moves into irreverent Aquarius you might want to change your tune. Create balance in your relationship life and be a more desirable companion by sitting back and enjoying the ride. Your easygoing approach reduces pressure and shows off the serious side of your personality.