Stargazing  Week of Dec. 7th through Dec. 13, 2020

During Holiday Season, we usually pin all hopes on the next year; we all are eagerly waiting for the time to lapse into 2021 at the end of the month. However, with another powerful eclipse on Dec. 14th, we wonder what and when will change for us in 2021? In order to get the answers, Ihave devised an early useful version of a 2021 horoscope reading.

This will show you and help you to understand whether you are better placed in 2021? With positive astrological changes in December 2020, you can expect the answer is in affirmative. The planetary positions seem much more benign in 2021. The positive transits will help you reclaim the lost ground of 2020. Schedule your 2021 reading with Elizabeth Joyce.

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