Stargazing — Week of Dec. 6th through Dec. 12th, 2021

Dec 6, 2021 | Stargazing


This week’s energy is a ball of confusion. It will be difficult to know where to focus your energy.

The moon is in hard-working Capricorn on Monday along with a helpful relationship between “take action” Mars and transforming Pluto; this energy is strengthened by dynamic Mars motivating sextile of Pluto, which brings an incredibly buoyant beginning of the week as the Moon conjuncts Venus and powerful Pluto.

Tuesday through early Wednesday morning presents small challenges and suggests it is best not to force your ideas onto other people (or let them push you around). A bleaker, more bewildered energy takes hold on Tuesday along with a mood-dampening conjunction of the Moon and Saturn. 

Matters spin out of control on Wednesday when angry Mars squares a morally righteous Jupiter, making it more difficult to know who is being oppressed and who is doing the oppressing at this time. That can be hard for some to figure out.

Thursday, when the Moon conjuncts Jupiter and squares Mars, tends to rub salt in yesterday’s wounds. A Pisces Moon on Thursday and Friday is great for music, meditation, fantasy romance, intuitive activities and a good movie. 

Friday’s energies tend to undermine the efforts of confident, talent people through manipulation and gaslighting. If someone in your circle is targeted with strictly hearsay accusations, get all the fact before joining in.

Strength and empowerment return in time for the weekend, when Venus cojoins Pluto; Mercury sextiles Jupiter; and the Moon trines Mars ;– on Saturday.

This combination helps you go to deeper levels in relationships, and support in communication your expanding dreams and goals. It a great day to have fun, shop, and begin to send out some joyous Holiday cards. Have fun by enjoying some intellectual pursuits and tending to your family and loved ones. 

Sun square Neptune late Saturday night suggests calling it an early night- one of those nights where you fall asleep on the sofa watching television.  

Sunday reminds us that it’s an extremely auspicious time to help out people in need so their Holiday can be a little bit brighter.