Stargazing – Week of Dec. 5th through Dec. 11th, 2022

Dec 5, 2022 | Stargazing

This Holiday month begins with a less than festive start, but things cheer up a bit before Christmas Day.

Overnight into Monday morning is a challenging relationship between Venus and Neptune. If you are operating under illusions in relationships, this will burst them. Make certain you are on the same page as the partners in your life, as assumptions get you into trouble.

On Monday the Moon conjuncts jittery Uranus and squares deadbeat Saturn, bringing up feelings of anxiety and depression.  

Mental Mercury moves into Capricorn on Tuesday, the sign it will be retrograde in starting December 29th. Make a flexible plan as to how you want to handle the practical and mundane aspects of your life. Make a long-term plan that will be flexible – after Mercury finishes its retrograde cycle on January 18th.

Also, a square between Jupiter and duplicitous Neptune, and shrewd Mercury in truth-seeking Sagittarius has everyone suspicious of the motives and manipulations of others. This is a day when you need to tread very carefully rather than jump on the bandwagon of blind trust! Try not to worry about hurting others feelings or allow yourself to be guilt-whipped into situations that are not in your best interest.

The Gemini Full Moon is on Wednesday, December 7th at 17 degrees. Because warrior Mars is retrograde in alignment with this full moon, it is important to make certain you are walking your talk. Always be kind. Mars retrograde is conjunct this Full Moon – stirring up feelings of anger and revenge over past hurts. Sometimes, however, the past should stay in the past. The window for dealing with these issues has closed, so there’s no use in going back to the battle or getting yourself agitated and upset. This energy will help you take a more rational approach. This allows you to extricate you from your inner demons and focus your energy on building a positive and constructive future.

Mars represents action and ambition; Gemini represents our way of thinking and communicating. The Sun in Sagittarius opens your mind and philosophy to a higher state of consciousness, while Gemini comes up with ideas on how to proceed into that higher perspective. Basically, you must make certain your ideas and actions are working together, and the Full Moon adds energy to the process.

Don’t overdo it on Friday as Venus makes a challenging aspect to Jupiter (overeat, overspend, etc.).Friday’s powder-keg T square pits the Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter against each other. Others may be pushing you to cooperate and conform to go along with the crowd, so try to stick to your convictions.

By Friday evening, Venus moves into serious Capricorn until January 2nd. This is actually a decent business combination. Although it is serious, focused and not warm and fuzzy for relationships. It is good for dealing with the practical matters in relationships of all types.

On Saturday, make your house nice and comfortable for the coming holidays. The Cancer Moon sends harmonious vibes to Uranus, Neptune, and Jupiter. This is an excellent period for you to make time for yourself and your loved ones by removing everything off your to-do list in order to enjoy everyone with spontaneity, warmth, and love. You will all probably crave comfort food under the Cancer Moon.