STARGAZING — Week of Dec. 2nd through Dec. 8th, 2019

Dec 3, 2019 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

Jupiter dominates the skies the first week of December as it changes signs, and moves into hardworking Capricorn until December 2020. There is an opportunity here to bring big ideas into the mundane world. Think big and be willing to put long-term effort into living large. This is the year to create long-lasting efforts that will have important consequences for your future in the new decade, which actually begins next January, 2021. How will you use your free will to begin the 2020 New Year? What do you need to re-create or let go of?

The Moon is in friendly Aquarius on Sunday and Monday. Participate in social activities or help a friend or serve some group effort. Monday morning brings a possibility of brain fog when the Sun gets into a tangle with Neptune. How much snow were we supposed to get? Monday brings the movement of Jupiter as well, as Jupiter is considered to be in its fall in a cardinal earth sign. Things could get a bit awkward while Jupiter moves through Capricorn because its path to expansion, good luck and joy is severely restricted by Capricorn’s love of discipline, cautiousness, conformity, and conservative philosophy. However, the “father” energy of Capricorn, even at its worst, will bring good fortune to some of those who work for it.

The most significant part of this energy change is that Jupiter and Saturn will be conjunct in December of 2020. Now, Jupiter and Saturn come together every twenty years and are known as “the rulers of the age.” This powerful energy begins the new decade. The last time they came together was in the sign of Taurus in December of 2000. This was just before 9/11 which changed the world, and our way of living. It’s time to meditate or to begin your daily meditation practice. Open your belief system to a larger way of looking at life. There are greater possibilities than you ever imagined.

Relationship planets Venus and Mars are in quiet harmony Monday evening into Tuesday morning, excellent for personal sharing in partnerships. This energy could unite love and sex in a positive way.

Beginning at midday Thursday and lasting through Saturday, the Moon is in impatient Aries. This sign is like a sprinter rather than a long distance runner. Be sure to get the most important things done first so they do not fall to the “half-finished” category. Of course, Aries energy is also good for exercise.

A square from the Sun to Neptune on Sunday, Dec. 8th could result in low energy, confusion, and disappointment. This is a good time to relax, avoid any high-stress activities, and to focus on your creativity and imagination.