Stargazing — Week of Dec. 21st through Dec. 27th, 2020

Dec 22, 2020 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

The Winter Solstice is on Monday, December 21st as we enter the Winter Season, and the sign of Capricorn, creating the longest night of the year. Last week’s solar eclipse is now at the first quarter moon phase, and that means there is a challenge to create. The moon is in Pisces for the next three days, so it is time to meditate and go beyond the veils of this physical world to bring back a new and higher vision for both yourself and the planet. By later afternoon this day, the moon moves into Aries, which stimulates you to pioneer a new path. But this is no normal winter solstice. Generous Jupiter and long-term Saturn align at the very first degree of eclectic Aquarius. The two planets coming together create a large star, the Christmas Star, in the sky, which has not occurred in more than 800 years.

This marks the end and beginning of a twenty-year cycle. Positive Aquarius holds onto the higher ideal and then works to bring it forth. Negative Aquarius thinks they know better than everyone else and can get hardheaded and inflexible until they get tired of having migraines and change their attitude

At the Solstice candles (red-for life blood and green-for growth), decorations, and lights remind us that renewal and rebirth follows death. After the darkest day of the year, we follow the increasing daylight into spring and celebrate our own personal rebirth.

When the Sun is in Capricorn your focus is tuned into your career and your standing in the community. This year adds another special and powerful quality as mentioned above, the great conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter. This has huge significance because, first, it conjuncts the United States of America’s chart rising sign, and second because Jupiter rules economic, political, and religious matters. Saturn rules business and systems of law and order, all of which have bee greatly effected this COVID year of 2020. This energy is a game changer and brings a time to review the laws of what this Nation stands on; the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and our current justice system. It will highlight just what needs to change and help us decide if America has been built on good, strong values.  

The 1961 conjunction highlighted the Kennedy assassination, the Vietnam War, and social, economic, and political issues that came afterward. The 2001 conjunction highlighted 9/11, the Afganistan War and the bank crash of 2008-2009, and the social, economic, political aftermath that has been going on ever since. Because the 2020 conjunction is in Aquarius the sign of the outlaw and rebellion, the same sign as in 1776, it is expected to reflect the unusual and possibly revolutionary turning point of a new and different world order.

Aquarius is ruled by the electric and unpredictable planet, Uranus, which makes it difficult to know which way the ball will bounce, but you can bet, in years to come, there will be major turning points in our money system, economics, climate change, and methods of how we use electricity and our energy.

It is well to note that this conjunction on December 21st occurs after the USA Presidential Election and before the inauguration on January 20th, 2021.

In the coming three months, open to innovative ideas and ideals about how you can change your life to be fresh, free, and exciting – about creating new possibilities. As if that isn’t enough, psychic (or dazed and confused) Neptune has been challenging the spiritual destiny nodes of the moon. This adds to the energy of needing to go beyond the confines of this limited world to bring new ideas and higher philosophy back in from higher realms. It also challenges everyone to find compassion and forgiveness for yourself and others – as well as for those who voted for or against your favorite candidate.

Tuesday and Wednesday favor exercise and independent activities under an Aries moon. Do avoid coming on strong or forcing your way on Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning as aggressive and impatient Mars makes a challenging square to obsessive-compulsive Pluto in Capricorn.

Thursday evening, December 24th (Christmas Eve) has Mercury making harmony with friendly Uranus. The normal interpretation would be to get out for some short Christmas Eve events, but the virus may require that energy to be done by phone or Zoom. Christmas Day is relatively quiet this year under a sensual pleasure-loving Taurus moon. On Saturday, December 26th, the Moon will be void of course. If you must shop during a void moon, be certain you will be able to exchange what you buy since this is not a good time period for important purchases or actions.

Take a deep breath on Sunday and rest up after all the family and festivities.