Stargazing — Week of Dec. 20th through Dec. 26th, 2021

Dec 20, 2021 | Stargazing

Festive cheer is in the air on Monday due to Mercury’s trine with invigorating Uranus. Monday is a friendly day, so share a meal with people that are emotionally supportive.

Winter Solstice is on Tuesday December 21st. There are an abundance of planets in action signs for the next three months. There is also a sense of “bah-humbug” due to an overly sensitive Cancer Moon being walked all over by its opposition to Pluto and Venus in Capricorn. This leads to easily hurt feelings and feelings of being slighted. But you will certainly not lack for things to do! 

Venus continues to align with Pluto in Capricorn and is retrograde until January 29th. Capricorn is serious, practical and responsible. But with the Moon in nurturing Cancer, it suggests that you balance your productive efforts in the world with the more emotional needs for self-care. 

With the Moon zooming into Leo late Tuesday afternoon, and trining Mars early Wednesday morning, the mood will brighten temporarily, but don’t start to deck the halls just yet. A stubborn T square between the Moon, Mars, Saturn, and Uranus will play out for the umteenth fixed T-square of the year, dragging out the usual fixed-sign stubbornness. Don’t be surprised if there are petty disputes over observing traditional Christmas practices versus opting for a more modern flair.

Expansive Jupiter, in the final days of his year in idealistic Aquarius, is preparing to move into psychic Pisces on the 28th. Look at where you need to shift your consciousness from the intellectual and scientific Aquarius into intuitive, spiritual, and divine feminine Pisces.

December 24th, Christmas Eve, brings the final challenging square relationship between regulated Saturn and rebellious Uranus. This has been going on since February 2021, and will still be close to each other through October 2022; but its effects are technically done (which means there will be residual clean up ahead; the new Covid variant may play into this).

This energy will be a doozy! This rare, heavy hitting aspect will infuse the entire week next week with a tense, anxious energy. Take extra precautions when driving to avoid accidents and keep your mind sharp when out shopping in the Christmas markets — to be aware of security issues. (Like the elderly going out to their car and a stranger offering to help them unload their basket into the car.)

The energy on Christmas Eve will intensify due to the Moon’s opposition to Jupiter and squaring of Mars, leading to clashes in ideology and fights. The task this year has been to create more freedom for yourself and your ideals, while still being responsible.

December 25 (Christmas Day) is fairly quiet under a “keep it simple” Virgo moon. Luckily the day features a more festive time with trines from the Moon to Uranus and Mercury, creating a loose Grand Trine to the grounding Earth signs, while conjuncting Venus with Pluto brings on the energy of Peace and Goodwill. 

The day after Christmas sees a continuation of good planet upbeat vibes, with Mercury’s sextile with dreamy Neptune, sending some strong, positive rays to Venus and Pluto.

Venus, moving retrograde, aligns with “Let go and let God” Pluto once again (this alignment started on Dec. 11th, and doesn’t end until the first week in March, 2022) and you are letting go of old values and people/activities that no longer resonate with the new you that is developing.

On Sunday, the Moon moves into harmonious Libra and mental Mercury and is in harmony with dreamy Neptune. This is a good day to share with close friends, or work on your vision and resolutions for the coming year.