Stargazing — Week of Dec. 13th through Dec. 19th, 2021

Dec 13, 2021 | Stargazing

We are now living through the final days before to next week’s Winter Solstice when there is a definite  shifting of energies, bringing in final endings, and sentimental energies of Christmas Past, as well as a cosmic gift that tops any  Holiday gift you’ve ever received. Can you see it?

Monday brings a big shift as aggressive Mars moves into adventurous Sagittarius until late January. It brings the feeling that you just have to do something or go somewhere. Also on Monday, Mercury moves into Capricorn to help your ideas get grounded and come into form. This energy will help you stick to a budget during the Holiday season.

Be aware that Mercury will move back and forth between Capricorn and idealistic Aquarius through March due to his coming retrograde cycle (January 14th February 3rd). Be productive Tuesday through Thursday morning under a Taurus moon so that you will be able to have a lighter weekend.

The Full Moon is on Saturday at 28 degrees Gemini. This Air sign helps to communicate a higher philosophy in a way that all can understand. Gemini opens you to new ideas to help you get unstuck from ways that no longer work in the evolving world. Sagittarius takes the high road of honesty and integrity.

While there’s a lot of good cheer on Thursday, when the Moon trines Pluto and Venus, there is also potential for a bit too much merry making, leading to feelings of physical and emotional exhaustion because of a T square to Neptune in Pisces. The water element is weak now, so be sure to tend to your emotional needs.

Love and money Venus is aligned with power planet Pluto, as she turns retrograde on Dec. 19th. One way to use this energy is to step into feminine power to make needed changes. Pluto is about letting go of that which is old, worn out, and ready to be released.

Although Venus turns retrograde on Sunday until January 29th in the sign Capricorn she turns retrograde less often than all the other planets, so you want to pay attention to your changing of feelings as well as your value system. Venus is not particularly comfortable in cold, hard Capricorn, but it is a good business combination and supports communicating firm boundaries in a diplomatic way.

The feelings of the typical end-of-the-year melancholy intensifies when Venus retrogrades in Capricorn, leading to a Scrooge-like memory of perceived missed opportunities and paths not taken in possible forks in the road.

Stay in the moment. Be willing to make shifts to support your long term plans, and that likely means letting go of people and/or activities that may be good, but are not set up to go into the distant future.