Stargazing—Week of Dec. 12th through Dec. 19th, 2010

Dec 14, 2010 | Special Messages

I will be in Mahwah,  NJ — beginning Saturday, December 18, 2010 – through Thursday, Dec. 23rd . To schedule a healing or reading appointment, please call the 24 hr. number: 201-934-8986

The last two weeks of December holds some powerful, explosive energy. Expect anything from bad weather, sudden storms, as well as political upheaval, and unrest. Stay close to your loved ones as you enjoy the Holidays — and have gratitude for how blessed we all are.


Week of December 12 – December 19, 2010

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Beware of the combined action of Venus and Pluto this week, which can cause excesses, and especially food over-indulgences. An intense desire to nibble at every moment of the day could quickly lead to consequences you’d rather avoid. Saturn, still in Libra, is tiring you out this week and playing games with your mood. Fortunately, Venus and Pluto back you up, making sure your circle of family, friends and close contacts is friendly, warm and supportive. Venus is also affecting your love life. This soothes and comforts you and if you’re single, may be the source of a friendship with romantic undertones. It’s nothing serious, but you will have trouble understanding each other at times. Uranus adds a note of tension to your relationship. If you’re looking for your soul mate, you could become infatuated with someone who’s married or otherwise unavailable. Do take care to protect your heart. If you’re in a couple, Venus again throws her two cents in. Little white lies are told, or one of you conceals something from the other. All is calm on the job front and it’s a little frustrating. Truth be told, you’d like some action and would love to tackle a challenge. There’s not much action and you’re quite happy about that at Holiday Season. You’re more in the mood to head home early than to roll up your sleeves and accomplish professional wonders. Jupiter is providing benefits and protection for your finances. Some extra mad money may come your way. For the rest of December your financial sector looks calm and worry-free.

Your Love Week—Air Signs
: Thanks to Monday’s five planetary conjunctions, you could begin the week paralyzed with indecision about love. The information overload is more manageable Tuesday when the Moon enters Aries and makes hard aspects with four planets. Proceed with caution as the Pisces Moon conjoins Uranus. High hopes invite heartbreak. Date carefully and make few promises Tuesday. Wednesday’s Moon-Saturn opposition brings relief as you take romance step by step. Things come together Thursday with attraction, intuition, and frank discussion as the Moon enters Taurus. By Thursday evening it’s OK to open your heart once a Moon-Neptune quincunx reveals more about everyone. Venus could drive you to excess on Friday. However, Friday is for fun, not soul-searching. You get a better handle on all this excess energy once the Moon enters Gemini late Saturday. On Saturday the Sun and Moon mix it up with Neptune, Uranus, and Chiron, and you won’t know if you’re in love or trouble. Sunday’s Sun-Mercury conjunction helps you take romance moment by moment.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

The Sun and Mercury are making you a powerful communicator and you should be quite successful this week in a variety of sectors. For starters, if you’re single, you’re able to charm the socks off just about anyone you set your sights on. When it comes to dating possibilities, you’re spoilled for choice. Mercury and the Sun are working to make single Fire Signs irresistible this week. If your heart is free, you should have no trouble bringing the person of your dreams right under your spell. Take full advantage. If you’re in a couple your partner only has eyes for you. They’re catering to your every whim, enjoy. Venus focuses your attention on your family life. Your children and the comfort of your home are your highest priorities and primary sources of joy. On the job you’re quite critical and you’re speaking up about all the faults you spot in how things operate in your workplace. Your colleagues are impressed with your skills; in addition, your charisma inspires respect. Pluto is helping you carry through with the changes you began in previous weeks. On Wednesday you receive news that allows you to wrap up one phase of a project and move onto the next. Finally, your finances are free of any negative planetary influences. Your situation is stable and you aim to keep it that way. You’re managing your funds wisely and especially spending sparsely. To wrap up, your wallet is doing well thanks to the Venus/ Pluto duo, who’s rewarding your past efforts with financial security and benefits.

Your Love Week—Fire Signs:
Monday’s Sun-Moon square and Moon-Jupiter conjunction suggest standing aside and hoping for the best. Monday is bristling with planetary conjunctions and this Sun-Moon square urges patience. On Tuesday, Mars tells you to rush ahead while Venus recommends discretion. The Aries Moon excites your impulses Tuesday, but be a loyal friend and considerate lover when it opposes Saturn on Wednesday. If possible, spend Wednesday with a Libra for perspective. Romance gets exciting Thursday when the Sun trines the Moon and squares Jupiter. Thursday rewards you as the Sun trines the Moon and squares Jupiter. Be natural and easy around attractive people, and let Friday’s Moon-Mars trine give you extra momentum. Put attraction ahead of doubt. Saturday’s Sun-Neptune sextile helps explain retrograde Mercury moving back into Sagittarius. This will be a quick review of your romantic past. The Sun is active this weekend, deepening your relationship on Saturday and heightening perceptions on Sunday. Don’t let retrograde Mercury fool you. The Gemini Moon hosting Sunday’s Sun-Mercury conjunction keeps you looking forward to the New Year.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Saturn is relatively powerful this week, and you feel a strong urge to do some clearing out. You’d like to rid yourself of certain elements in your life that weigh you down, so that you can start over in these areas with a fresh slate. If your heart is free, you make an effort to define your relationships with certain people, to gain greater clarity. This allows you to be more open and available when you meet new people. Uranus is playing with your nerves and you’re struggling to keep the upper hand in this game. Fortunately, at the beginning of the week, the Moon helps you channel your energy surplus into some constructive uses, especially on the job. You’re hard-nosed and sticking like glue to your objectives, which are ambitious indeed. Your standards are high and you’re up to the challenge. Concerning love, the atmosphere is rather calm and uneventful, and this is true whether you’re single or attached. The planets have deserted the area concerned with matters of the heart, ceding the spotlight to your career and personal projects. If you’re in a couple, Jupiter inspires you to get closer to your other half. They’re delighted at your interest and attentiveness. On the job, Uranus sends some unexpected hitches your way that require you to be flexible, but you’re able to handle this with no problems. Little by little you’re making a place for yourself in the world of business. To wrap up, your wallet falls under the influence of the Sun and Mercury and this spells good financial luck. An opportunity for an investment that could be positive for your career could come along mid-week. Whether you choose to purchase stocks, real estate or something else, your financial situation is protected.

Your Love Week—Water Signs:
The Moon remains in Pisces Monday, optimistically conjoining Jupiter and Uranus on a day of romantic uncertainty. Beware of confusion or disappointment Monday’s Mercury-Pluto, Mercury-Mars, and Mars-Pluto conjunctions show your battle between urge and restraint. Tuesday when the Moon enters Aries and squares Mercury, Pluto, and Mars, the urge remains but doors have closed. Wednesday’s Moon-Saturn opposition returns your focus to the one who’s right for you. Act on your feelings Thursday – the good ones, anyway!. Luckily tension eases when the Sun and Neptune smile on your love Thursday and Friday and the Taurus Moon trines Mercury, Pluto, and Mars. Venus promotes extravagance on Friday. Venus might take the celebration and persuasion too far, but haven’t you earned this? Saturday the Sun and Moon challenge your ideas about dominant and passive roles. Retrograde Mercury reenters Sagittarius on Saturday and conjoins the Sun on Sunday, reminding you that the future won’t wait. Discuss this Sunday once the Moon enters Gemini.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

Saturn is in charge of your finances this week, requiring you to keep a close eye on your bank balance and avoid any unnecessary expenses. In the love department, Venus and Pluto, the planet of regeneration, could very well change your life if you’re single. Destiny could place someone on your path, someone you find irresistible and who makes you want to throw your precious freedom to the winds and settle down. A good dose of luck is with you for most of the week and in most areas of your life. Jupiter is largely responsible for this; the planet of abundance is showering you with energy and has a knack for putting you in the right place at the right time. If you’re single, Venus is working for you too. You’re likely to run into someone exotic who gets your heart pumping in no time. If you’re in a relationship, everything is calm—perhaps a bit too much for your taste. Monotony looms large, and the same old routine holds little charm. Try to find a way to add some spice and spontaneity to your life together. Your intimacy should improve quickly from your efforts. Consider getting out of town, just the two of you. It will do you the world of good, allowing you to forget the annoying daily worries and grow closer. There are no major changes in store on the job horizon. You simply carry out your duties without asking any existential questions, and you’re certainly not seeking out the spotlight. Your financial situation looks healthy. Some extra cash may come your way mid-week. In the professional sphere, towards the end of the week the Moon creates a work overload and you have to shift into the highest gear you’ve got. Good luck!

Your Love Week—Earth Signs:
On Monday you could love a Scorpio, Aries, or Capricorn if you aren’t already involved with one of them. It’s now or never if you’re reaching out to someone Monday when Mars conjoins Mercury and Pluto. Tuesday when the Moon enters Aries and squares your ruler Mercury, maybe you’d rather move on. Tuesday’s Moon-Venus quincunx advises you against making a fool of yourself. Wednesday opposition with Saturn keeps you in control and lets you wait for someone who needs time. Patience pays off Thursday after the Moon trines the Sun and Mercury. Thursday the Moon enters Taurus and trines Mercury and Pluto for a shot of irresistible persuasion. If you surrender to passion at Friday’s Moon-Venus opposition, retrograde Mercury may undercut your commitment when it backs into Sagittarius on Saturday. Retrograde Mercury is quincunx the Taurus Moon, resetting your current relationship or reconnecting you with someone from out of your past. Sunday’s Sun-Mercury conjunction suggests this upset and confusion is only temporary. Explanations get easier by Sunday when the Moon is in Gemini.