Stargazing—Week of August 9th-15th, 2010

Aug 10, 2010 | Special Messages

The big T-Square is still the topic of discussion and will be throughout the rest of the summer, especially the last week in August. However, relationships will be changing, especially within yourself and your feelings. You need to make some adjustments and decisions. The New Moon on the 9th reminds us of our inner child and opening the heart to bring your creative ideas into reality. It’s time to try new ways of approaching life.

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STARGAZING – WEEK OF August 9th —August 15th, 2010

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Moon/ Jupiter trine on Monday turns you into quite the social butterfly. You feel confident and very much at ease connecting with others. If you’re single you turn on the charm instinctively, and it’s not long before you’ve got someone interested. Venus and Mars are also firing up your desire to taste new romantic adventures, and there’s nothing stopping you. Venus opposite Jupiter kindles your desire for something better in your career. You’re hungry for new experiences this week and with so many planets circulating through air signs, you’re likely to get them. Mars and Venus conjunct in Libra cue you that it’s time to make your desires a reality. You’re in the driver’s seat and you’ve got the green light. When Venus opposes Jupiter on Thursday, you could experience a challenge in your love relationship, when your partner resists the changes you’re trying to put into place. If you’re single be careful towards the end of the week because you will be more vulnerable than usual. Over the weekend the Moon may help you put your finger on what needs to change. Watch out for over-indulging financially. Also retrograde Uranus backtracks into Pisces over the weekend, bringing you inspiration.
Your Love Week—Air Signs:
Monday’s New Moon whispers sweet nothings in your ear, making you jittery as it sextiles Mars and brings hope and motivation whether you’re single or coupled. But Tuesday doubt and distrust creep in from all sides. But a Venus-Jupiter opposition slows you down. And when Venus squares Pluto, the wrong person could be sorry! With the Moon in Virgo, rational and logical are sexy, and when it reaches Libra by Thursday, you welcome commitment. You have until Thursday evening to explain yourself, even if the truth gets uncomfortable. Then the Moon enters Libra, distracting you with others’ delight and drama. Friday the Moon conjoins both Venus and Mars in Libra, turning you into a creature of love through Saturday evening. When Uranus enters Pisces Friday night, rekindle an old flame instead of lighting a new fire. Good feelings and romance ignite late Saturday. Scorpio intensifies you on Sunday when your lover is ready to meet your demands. This could be the real thing!

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

This week starts off with a New Moon in the heart of Leo. Fresh energy and feel good vibrations are yours, Fire Signs. You will find people coming to you for advice and you will enjoy this role of listening and sharing the benefit of your wisdom. Your career is in the spotlight and earning respect and admiration for all you know how to do. This will be more important than ever. Be sure to open up and share your knowledge, as generosity is the path to getting noticed professionally, and to emotional fulfillment as well. A Moon/ Pluto trine could even mean a promotion or a pay rise. If you’re single Venus opposite Jupiter can create hesitation surrounding budding romances. Be wary of the consequences of leading someone on if you’re not sure you want to. Retrograde Neptune is pulling you and your mate onto the same wavelength. You’re partners in crime and enjoying every minute you share. If you’re single a lovely Moon/ Neptune connection later in the week helps you find just the right approach for that someone you’ve had your eye on. Also Mars and Venus in Libra enhance your communication and leadership skills on the job. Be careful not to get too spend thrift over the weekend though, when the Moon opposes expansive Jupiter.
Your Love Week—Fire Signs:
With Monday’s Leo New Moon favoring Fire Signs, it’s easy to forget caution. Someone may not be available just because you desire him or her. Romance is glorious, especially with another Fire Sign. The magic persists through Tuesday, although Venus makes you hostile to anyone who interferes. Tuesday’s Virgo Moon helps you focus on self, home, and finances so that you’re date-ready by Thursday night. It’s your treat, of course. You might not get a chance to apologize for Wednesday’s harsh words until Thursday evening. Then both Venus and Mars lovingly conjoin the Moon, and between Friday morning when the Sun trines Ceres and Saturday morning when it sextiles the Moon, you and your partner can fulfill Monday’s promises. The fireworks begin Friday night! Throw yourself into a romantic weekend with comfort and confidence. After the Moon enters Scorpio Saturday evening, getting physical and philosophical is a sweet blend. Saturday night’s Moon brings sensuality and deep connection.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Your week starts off on a positive note but quickly gets complicated. Love and relationships can be intense areas for you now. Your sexual and creative energy are high and this can make you impulsive. Be careful of a tendency to become pushy or possessive with your love partner, as this will create the opposite effect than you were looking for. Keeping balance in your emotional world will be an important challenge. As early as Tuesday Venus, the planet of love forms a square with retrograde Pluto, creating an environment of suspicion and jealousy where relationships are concerned. If you’re single, this is not an ideal time to get involved, as things are likely to get off on the wrong foot. Wednesday the Moon opposes Neptune in retrograde, making you fragile emotionally. Towards the end of the week an obstacle comes along to darken a great new idea you’ve had. You will have to change plans and swim through conflict, but this is a wonderful opportunity to be inventive, that helps you come up with something even better than before. A Moon/ Pluto square on Friday can bring an emotional conflict to a friendship. The weekend is marked by retrograde Uranus backtracking into Pisces, which can bring a revelation to you that changes everything.
Your Love Week—Water Signs:
You believe in romance during Monday’s New Moon, although Venus defines the limits as it opposes Jupiter and squares Pluto. Between the New Moon-Mars sextile and Venus-Pluto square, you could fall rapidly into and out of love. But when the Virgo Moon trines Pluto on Tuesday, the right person loves you whatever you say or do. Confirm your date after Tuesday’s Moon-Neptune opposition, because things change. And if the Moon hooks you up as it enters Virgo that evening, by Thursday morning the affair could be short-lived. Thursday night isn’t good for dating, since the other planets suspect your motives once the Moon enters Libra. Friday’s Moon-Mars conjunction brings a day of love if you aren’t too pushy. When Uranus enters Pisces Friday night, certain fantasies might be impossible for the rest of the year. This could actually bring a surprise romantic weekend late Saturday as the Moon trines Neptune and enters Scorpio. When the Moon enters Scorpio Saturday night and sextiles Pluto early Sunday, you’re all about deep romantic connections.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

Be careful with your wallet this week, Earth Signs, because Mars and Venus can throw you into a spending frenzy and a Moon/ Jupiter opposition can have you compensating emotional insecurities with a shopping spree. A Moon/ Neptune opposition cautions you to be careful with who you give your money. Mars and Venus are focused on your career for starters, firing up your ambition to move ahead with your agenda, and a Venus/ Pluto square can make you demanding and inflexible. Remember to turn on the charm and work towards compromise, it will get you further than trying to force your hand. Even your romance is dominated by work issues, as jealousy crops up over too much time spent at the office. Try instead to examine your expectations of your partner and your relationship. The beginning of your week may not be too productive, but a breakthrough comes on Wednesday when the Moon forms an illuminating trine with Pluto, giving you the insight or idea you need to move forward. Venus opposite Jupiter retrograde creates inequality of expectations between you and your mate. Try to get to the bottom of what’s behind this: are you being fair? Or do you need a change of routine? Uranus backtracking into Pisces over the weekend can inspire an idea for bringing the magic back.

Your Love Week—Earth Signs:

The New Moon raises strong feelings on Monday, whether it’s desire or anger. This New Moon reboots your relationship or brings in someone new. Let high hopes outshine lingering disappointments or broken hearts. If you let go of pain and negativity on Tuesday as the Moon opposes Chiron, enters Virgo, and trines Pluto. Approach romance differently Tuesday evening. When the Moon conjoins Mercury on Wednesday, settle any differences with love. You could be in love or at least in bed by Wednesday evening. Don’t spoil it by saying the wrong thing! The Libra Moon conjoins Saturn on Thursday, boosting loyalty and cooperation. Support without clutching Thursday night. Friday’s Moon-Mars conjunction, flavored with Venus and some delicious outer planet tension from Uranus, brings romance to those who are polite and patient. Be rewarded when Venus and Mars make nice on Friday. Saturday’s Scorpio Moon strikes a delicate balance between sensual and civilized. Clear the air after Saturday night’s Moon-Pluto sextile. Be open about what you think and feel.