STARGAZING — Week of August 8th through August 14th, 2016

Aug 7, 2016 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

planet-saturnMost of the action this week will be focused on the upcoming weekend. On Sunday, August 13th Saturn moves forward again in Sagittarius, after a five month nap. This change of direction is a wake up call to be responsible for your own actions and to use one of Saturn’s most valuable gifts: the ability to face cold, hard facts.

Although the moon is in social Libra as this week opens, there is a part of you that prefers to be sitting quietly at home. The solution to this conflicting energy is to surround yourself with nice, kind, and caring people. This isn’t the time to visit that relative that is always overly critical, but it is a good time to be around positive people.

mercury RetrogrdeAlso quietly active to start the week is communication and intellectual planet Mercury aligning with the spiritual destiny North Node. Open your mind to higher levels of service in this world, and create a wider work base. Get out your journal and write down ideas for new projects that create a win-win environment. Or just find a quiet place in nature where you can separate from technology and the business of the outer world.

By Wednesday, you are able to focus on difficult problems and research deep topics. Don’t be satisfied by superficial answers early in the week, keep digging. Of course, the negative sides are likely to be rude comments by politicians or negative people. Don’t allow that stuff into your energy field.

forest sun raysBy Thursday, you are ready for a party or a journey into the great outdoors under a positive Sagittarius moon. If you must work, don’t pack your schedule too tightly and be sure to take a long lunch. Otherwise, beach clothes anyone?

Saturday continues to bring an optimistic tone, but also begins to blend into pragmatism. Restrictive Saturn, retrograde since late March, turns forward to help give you productive traction in the coming weeks. Sorry to say, but this is the signal to the beginning of the end of summer as your mind turns to more practical tasks and responsibilities.

The only drawback to success this weekend is Venus. She is already weak in Virgo and will be squared by the recently awakened Saturn on Saturday and Sunday, August 13th and 14th. Shackled by Saturn and disillusioned by Neptune, this Venus configuration breeds confusion and misunderstanding that can send your self-esteem into a free fall.

moneyIf you’re having trouble with your love life, or in financial affairs, this would be the week to reach out and get a second opinion. Ask someone you trust to look at the situation objectively and give you advice that will get you going into the right direction.

oceanThat doesn’t mean the summer fun is over, but it does mean the tone is starting to become more focused and serious. It’s kind of like buying school supplies and fall clothes for the children, knowing that they are going to need them very soon. Prepare your fall calendar and activities with focus, caring, and the goal of assured success. Enjoy the August sunshine and I’ll see you next week.