Stargazing—Week of August 8th-14th, 2011

Aug 9, 2011 | Special Messages


Week of Aug. 8th – Aug. 14th, 2011
Mercury is retrograde through August 25th.

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

It may be difficult to make a decision on Monday. You’ll have too many options in the matter! An old school chum will contact you on Tuesday. Get ready to stroll down memory lane. Stay out of trouble when Mars squares Uranus. You may be tempted to venture into the danger zone. Don’t jump from an airplane without a parachute. You might be in a disgruntled mood on Wednesday. The Moon squares Saturn in Libra. It may be wise to spend some time alone. Your assertive side will emerge on Thursday. You’ll be ready to fight for your rights. Don’t become obsessive in your quest for success. Curb the urge to be extravagant on Friday. Think about ending a bad habit on Saturday. It’s time to walk on the path of wellness. Weigh all of your life choices carefully on Sunday. Opportunity may knock. If so, be sure to open the door!

Your Love Week—Air Signs: Focus, breathe, and reveal your true feelings or sexy suggestion. Whether you get a warm kiss or cold stare of non-interest, at least you tried. It’s your turn again. If you truly enjoy this person’s company, it doesn’t matter. But if you’re waiting for him or her to deliver the goods, you might feel used or abandoned You’re better off with somebody who likes to have fun and won’t take things too personally. When you offer to do a little extra, you’re just being nice. OK, you actually want something in return, but you’re still being nice! If dating were about mean people making each other uncomfortable, what would be the point? Charming someone doesn’t always mean picking up the tab or giving gifts. Time and quality attention can win a heart. Listen to well-meaning friends whether or not you asked for their advice. Everybody who’s ever been in love has something to share about the experience. Be open to listen.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Optimism will be your mood on Monday. The Moon in Sagittarius trines the Sun. You’ll be upbeat, Fire Signs. You’ll also be in reflective mode on Monday. Mercury retrograde backs into Leo and it’s time to reassess your lifestyle. You may be walking on the wrong path. Employ safety precautions when playing sports on Tuesday. Wear a helmet when biking. Your creative juices are flowing so listen to your inner voice. Resentment may occur in a relationship on Wednesday. Don’t allow others to take advantage of your good nature. Express your feelings to a loved one on Wednesday evening. This person wants to know how much you care. Your sense of personal power will activate on Thursday. It may be time to take charge in a certain situation. Guard your secrets on Thursday. You need to be discreet. You’ll let out a load cry on Saturday, OUCH. A friend may step on your toes! Put on your thinking cap on this weekend and focus on the upcoming Fall months.

Your Love Week—Fire Signs: When you say everything that’s in your head and heart, you probably complicate a simple situation. A smooth, creative pickup line can work wonders. There are degrees of yes, and buying someone coffee isn’t always a direct invitation to his or her bed. The attempted relationship that failed last time could really take off this time. As long as you don’t repeat the same mistakes, it’s worth a try. Your chances are better when you both like the same things and have a common understanding of what’s important. If you want to boldly move onto the fast track, maybe that’s a risk worth taking. Also, if the other person is coming on strong, try to understand the agenda. Are you OK with being loved and then totally deserted? Remember, some romances were never meant to be; if you gave it your best, back away from the wreckage with all due apologies. Impossible promises won’t fool anyone. Self-respect makes sharing so much easier.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Unfinished business may arise on Monday. Mercury retrograde opposes your ruler Neptune. An associate may want to clear the air. Take care of business. Your intuition will lead you in a new direction. Pay heed to your gut instincts in all life circumstances. It usually never lies. You’ll be inundated with chores and appointments on Tuesday. Leisure activities may go on the back burner. Your agenda may change unexpectedly on Tuesday. Mars squares Uranus in your daily routine sector. Go with the flow as much as possible. Your willpower will be strong on Thursday. Concentrate your energy on building a positive lifestyle. You’ll be tempted to offer advice to a friend on Thursday. However, this person may not welcome your guidance. A legal issue will need your attention on Friday and your judgment may be off on. Do the math carefully in a certain situation. Stick to your beliefs on Saturday. Social invitations will pour in on Sunday but put your own needs first.

Your Love Week—Water Signs:
It’s hard to censor yourself in the moment. The most amazing things pop out. Someone might fall into your arms or back cautiously away. You could easily have your way with someone – and then what? Weigh the consequences of finishing what you start versus walking away, hopefully before you start! If you’re with a person you care about, keep it casual instead of hamming it up. Relaxation brings out the best in you, so plan your dates accordingly. And if somebody else bares his or her soul, try not to take unfair advantage. Talking before you hook up doesn’t have to kill the mood. Make a habit of respecting each person even if he or she doesn’t symbolize sex, love, or the future. The one who’s ultimately best for you might actually be the one you don’t notice right away. Take your time to know this person, and the future will unfold in a happy way for both of you.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

A life dilemma may need your attention on Monday. Don’t spin your mental wheels to find a solution. The answer is simple! Take off your rose-colored glasses. Strive to be realistic in all life circumstances. A friend may ask you to pay back a favor on Wednesday. However, you may feel the debt is satisfied! Give yourself a pep talk. Count all of your many blessings. Take steps to lift your spirits. Mixed signals may occur with an associate on Thursday. Strive for clarity when interacting with others. Consider reconfiguring your goal list on Thursday. Mars opposes Pluto. You may be chasing some outdated ambitions. Temptation will be strong on Friday. The Moon squares Jupiter in Taurus. Try to practice self-control. An associate may be hostile to you, and you won’t know why. Don’t pay attention to this person’s negativity. You may consider starting a new career on Saturday. Health matters may demand your attention on Sunday.

Your Love Week—Earth Signs: You may be the only one in this couple looking for action. Handle rejection with grace and humor. Then wait your turn or see who else wants to play. Remember, Mercury is retrograde so a casual relationship runs its course, or a serious romance never gets off the ground. Things don’t happen as planned in this energy. Instead of judging or blaming, accept what is. Revisit your pickup lines and dating strategies to see if they’re relevant to your current scene. If you’re looking for an emotional connection as well as a physical hookup, be patient, wait until mid-October. Other people have needs and comfort zones. All the really great lovers are very considerate. You could learn to be that way, too. Be sure to avoid the temptation to gossip about someone who wronged you. As much as the world loves drama, revenge won’t look good if you’re trying to find somebody new. Consider taking a break from dating to nurture all of the positive feelings within you. The more relaxed and tolerant you are, the more attractive you become.