STARGAZING — Week of August 7th through August 13th, 2017

Aug 5, 2017 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

On Monday, August 7th, the lunar eclipse is here at fifteen degrees Aquarius. This eclipse month is about resetting consciousness and opening doors to new realities. By Sept. 5th we shall learn if important changes will comes from it. The general rule is that emotions will be high around the lunar eclipse. There is certainly the opportunity to open to and welcome new friends and/or take some time to play. We are well on our way to the full Solar Eclipse on August 21st.

The Full Moon on August 7th is a partial lunar eclipse visible over Asia, the Middle East, and eastern Africa. It is common to see regions under an eclipse in the news. Aquarius asks you to open your mind to higher ideals and not get lost in the chaos of an emotionally reactive world. Aquarius represents government, higher learning, and scientific research.

A lunar eclipse brings a time to wind up your projects, put the finishing touch on them and bring them to completion. Friends and politics are involved, so let’s see what Washington DC brings forth this next week.

The Sun and Mars are aligned in Leo, which also makes a friendly alignment with both Saturn and Jupiter. This should be a peaceful eclipse bringing in universal harmony, instead of forcible chaos. But it is not so good for fire season and people with anger issues. Lunar eclipses tend to pull you apart so you can go beyond rigid thought patterns. Eclipses in general are not the time to plan elective surgery, sign legal papers, or begin something new. Just plan to keep on keeping on.

The key now, and at the bigger eclipse coming on the 21st, is to keep an open heart. Leo likes to remember the child within and play, and also likes to lead others in a heart-felt direction.

The middle of the week is gentle under a Pisces moon. On Thursday, the moon is in its quiet void-of-course, introspective phase all day. There are pleasant planetary aspects for sharing ideas over an easy, non-rushed lunch or early dinner.

The tone changes on Friday when the moon moves into hard-charging Aries to get you moving. Be physical. By Friday evening, romantic Venus makes a happy trine to fantasy-loving Uranus. You could fall in love (and then out again on Saturday).

Another characteristic of the Full Moon Eclipse is Mercury slowing down in Virgo as the messenger prepares to turn retrograde on Saturday, August 12th. This mental combination opposes psychic Neptune in spiritual Pisces. This is great for opening your mind to go beyond the veils of this tangible world to begin to bring a higher vision in from the cosmos.

There is also a Venus-Neptune trine on the 12th That brings out your romantic side, creativity and your intuitive imagination.

However, this same pulling apart can have you searching for what is real and what is fantasy, or logical one moment and spacey the next.

Over the next several weeks, you have the opportunity to bring a higher vision into the practical world. This Mercury retrograde, the third one in 2017, is perfect for personal renewing within, rethinking your life and how you are living in as well as redoing your mindset and things in your outer world.

The Sun and Saturn trine as this week comes to a close, which brings in fun, vacation plans or activities and perhaps some new perspectives.

Mercury retrogrades at 12 degrees Virgo back to 28 degrees Leo. The interesting thing about this retreat and revise energy is that the cycle ends at the same degree of Leo as the total solar eclipse. Expect some hot news and actions of heads of state around the world. There won’t be a dull moment for these three weeks, and a few days after, too.

Certainly the Virgo part of this energy will help you work on all those fix-it projects that need to be completed before the change of seasons. But Leo likes to play and Mercury’s nature is short and quick, so that means quick projects and quick getaways. Enjoy!