Stargazing — Week of August 5th — August 11th, 2013

Aug 5, 2013 | Special Messages

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Week of Aug. 5th – Aug. 11th, 2013

So just what does the cosmos have in store for you this next week? Woowwwzie.Time for us millionaires to manifest with this once in every 60 years luck boost from fun-loving Leo!

The New Moon on Tuesday is in creative Leo, the fire sign where being bold and a little brash is to be expected, along with the hot dog days of summer. Even if you’re a bit shy, pushing yourself forward to express your ideas is a healthy exercise. Sociable Venus, however, is in discreet and practical Virgo until August 16th, signaling the need to blend practicality into the social and professional mix.

“Love is everywhere these days, thanks to Jupiter’s influence. On Wednesday, Jupiter will engage Pluto in a way that will certainly intensify your connection to someone special. Sparks may fly between you and somebody you meet at a party or other group event. The connection you’ll feel with someone in your social circle might be so intense that you find yourself falling faster than you ever have before. Easy does it! Take your time, don’t rush in and blow it, this could be the real thing!

This is the moon where you open your heart and creative nature to remember the child within. It is also the time where you step into a larger level of leadership. The harmonious Grand Water Trine from last month is still active, so invest time in activities that support you emotionally. Scorpio helps you release, Pisces helps you to revision and re-organize your life, and Cancer helps you nurture and be nurtured.

However, to complicate this intuitive, feminine energy, there is a motivational challenge going on called a T-Square. This pattern would look like a “T” going from Aries to Cancer to Capricorn, if you drew it in the sky. It challenges and motivates you to get moving. It is a time of transcendence. Aries wants to throw a revolution right now. Capricorn prefers slow-but-sure growth. Cancer wants to take care of home base and feel safe. So part of you is supported in kicking back and enjoying summer, and part of you feels pushed to accomplish your goals. Although it is easier said than done, we all need to find a healthy balance between energies that want to go in different directions.

Don’t drive to fast or push equipment beyond their limits on Wednesday. That means airplanes, cars, lawnmowers, and even trying to put too many pages into the shredder at one time. However, Wednesday, August 7th is also a great day of Luck – so play that Lottery. This is called “billionaires luck day!” You only need one ticket, guys. Good luck to everyone – maybe it’s your Good Karma time.

On Thursday, intellectual Mercury moves into Leo for the next three weeks. If your heart isn’t in it, you will not want to do it. Pick activities and projects that you can feel good about because those responsibility projects will be slow going now. The moon moves into Libra on Saturday, supporting romance and social activities.

August is a much mellower month than July, and the most rest and relaxation is in the first half of the month. After that it’s time to begin planning for the busier months of Fall.

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