STARGAZING—Week of August 5th – August 11th, 2013

Aug 6, 2013 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

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Week of Aug. 5th – Aug. 11th, 2013

So just what does the cosmos have in store for you this next week? Woowwwzie.Time for us millionaires to manifest with this once in every 60 years luck boost from fun-loving Leo!

The New Moon on Tuesday is in creative Leo, the fire sign where being bold and a little brash is to be expected, along with the hot dog days of summer. Even if you’re a bit shy, pushing yourself forward to express your ideas is a healthy exercise. Sociable Venus, however, is in discreet and practical Virgo until August 16th, signaling the need to blend practicality into the social and professional mix.

“Love is everywhere these days, thanks to Jupiter’s influence. On Wednesday, Jupiter will engage Pluto in a way that will certainly intensify your connection to someone special. Sparks may fly between you and somebody you meet at a party or other group event. The connection you’ll feel with someone in your social circle might be so intense that you find yourself falling faster than you ever have before. Easy does it! Take your time, don’t rush in and blow it, this could be the real thing!

This is the moon where you open your heart and creative nature to remember the child within. It is also the time where you step into a larger level of leadership. The harmonious Grand Water Trine from last month is still active, so invest time in activities that support you emotionally. Scorpio helps you release, Pisces helps you to revision and re-organize your life, and Cancer helps you nurture and be nurtured.

However, to complicate this intuitive, feminine energy, there is a motivational challenge going on called a T-Square. This pattern would look like a “T” going from Aries to Cancer to Capricorn, if you drew it in the sky. It challenges and motivates you to get moving. It is a time of transcendence. Aries wants to throw a revolution right now. Capricorn prefers slow-but-sure growth. Cancer wants to take care of home base and feel safe. So part of you is supported in kicking back and enjoying summer, and part of you feels pushed to accomplish your goals. Although it is easier said than done, we all need to find a healthy balance between energies that want to go in different directions.

Don’t drive to fast or push equipment beyond their limits on Wednesday. That means airplanes, cars, lawnmowers, and even trying to put too many pages into the shredder at one time. However, Wednesday, August 7th is also a great day of Luck – so play that Lottery. This is called “billionaires luck day!” You only need one ticket, guys. Good luck to everyone – maybe it’s your Good Karma time.

On Thursday, intellectual Mercury moves into Leo for the next three weeks. If your heart isn’t in it, you will not want to do it. Pick activities and projects that you can feel good about because those responsibility projects will be slow going now. The moon moves into Libra on Saturday, supporting romance and social activities.

August is a much mellower month than July, and the most rest and relaxation is in the first half of the month. After that it’s time to begin planning for the busier months of Fall.

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Week of Aug. 5th – Aug. 11th, 2013

You seem to be in the spotlight, so make the most of this opportunity to showcase your skills and talents to the world. You might feel confident enough to aim for a promotion or new career. Or you may simply have more faith that you can reach your life goals. Extra financial resources could become available just as you need to pay for unexpected items. Jupiter’s upbeat influence could encourage you to come up with new income streams to enhance your earnings. If you can be flexible, adaptable, and even a bit cutting edge, you could notice an upward shift in your career, community, or business status. However, do your homework regarding one plan or offer, as it could have a hidden catch. Be prepared so you can take advantage of what may essentially be a good deal. The New Moon in charming, persuasive Leo might occur at just the right time to get a project off to a good start, while Mercury’s presence in Leo can enhance your sales technique. However, it isn’t all about work or money. There are some fun opportunities to enjoy, too. The social scene amps up for you Air Signs encouraging you to look for opportunities to increase your circle of associates. A friend may have a suggestion concerning a romantic difficulty that you can’t resolve alone. Your love life flourishes as the New Moon and Mercury bring the possibility of a fresh start. Creative plans and mutual goals could give your love life wings.

Your Love Week—Air Signs: Love and partnership is the name of the game for you this week, Air Signs! On Tuesday, a brilliant New Moon opens the door for new relationship potential. If you’re already dating someone, you might decide to become engaged, move in together or even get married over the next two weeks. If you’re already taken, then your connection to your love will surely be renewed this week. There’s a possibility mid-week that a situation with a love interest will leave you feeling more insecure than usual. Perhaps there are feelings that you’re afraid to express for one reason or another. If so, realize that the greatest regrets in life tend to have more to do with what we never did rather than what we at least had the courage to try. Lighthearted romance might not be on the agenda Wednesday, as you’ll likely feel pulled between heavy work and domestic responsibilities. Harsh criticism about the one you love or the one you’re pining away for might come from a colleague or relative. You might also need to cancel plans for an after work date night to take care of business. Take heart, however, because things will be very different by the weekend. Communication will take a positive turn after Thursday, when Mercury also moves into Leo. It’s wonderful when your mate isn’t just hearing you, but is also truly listening. On Saturday and Sunday the Moon will be in Libra, opening you up to a socially graceful and enjoyable weekend; you’ll certainly make time for love.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

You seem to be in top form this week, Fire Signs, as support from friends contributes to your happiness. Don’t let a demanding person or a financial worry rain on your parade. You have more control than you think in what seems to be tricky situation. Beware of someone trying to dominate a situation with potential for success. You’ll need to tread carefully and do your homework to get the most out of it. You’ll have lots of energy to spend time with friends and loved ones. You may seek good times both at home and away. A show, art exhibition, or movie might be ideal. . The New Moon in Leo could be the best of the year for you. Use it get your latest plans off to a good start. The New Moon may suggest that a friend can open your mind to new perspectives involving education or travel interests. The prospect of a change of scenery could lift your spirits and bring out the adventurer in your soul. Romance and creativity are emphasized as Mercury moves into Leo on Thursday. You’ll know just what to say to make someone feel special. Dreams and intuition continue to play a big part in your everyday life. Jupiter makes you more confident about learning to meditate or starting a new spiritual practice. You might even feel moved to find a guru or life coach who can help you make the most of an opportunity to change from the inside out.

Your Love Week—Fire Signs: This week, a new direction is possible if you’re willing to take a chance. Are you ready? You might feel on top of the world this week, and rightly so! Your romantic focus may reach new heights this week, thanks to a combination of planets that influences heart expansion. Your capacity to open your heart to someone special might lead to a fresh love connection. A glorious New Moon in Leo on Tuesday will leave you beaming, and others are sure to notice your bright disposition. In fact, this New Moon will help you attract partnership opportunities, whether business or personal. As the most romantic sign of the zodiac, this lunation may help you pursue a love interest that you’ve kept under wraps. In fact, Wednesday might be the time you come out of the closet about your secret crush. Don’t worry: You’ll be empowered, not flattened. This is followed with Mercury in Leo joining it on Thursday. You’ll soon understand that love is all around you and always has been. Until now, however, you might not have been as receptive to it. This love will light you up within and you’ll crave a new spiritual or cultural experience. It might turn very romantic by Thursday. You and your mate may decide to embark on a new learning experience together. Or, you might finally book that dream vacation overseas.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

The desire to explore new horizons could strengthen you Water Signs this week. You may feel a restlessness that shifts your mind from your usual routines and encourages fantasies of travel and adventure. New responsibilities are possible, but you may relish them for the challenge they offer. Whatever is on your plate this week, the power of positive thinking can help you achieve success. You may want to feel part of something bigger than yourself, but choose your causes wisely. This week it might be better to become disenchanted than to feel misled. Financial matters get off to a good start when Tuesday’s charming New Moon in Leo could coincide with a desire to get your accounts in order. Later, you may be eager to talk over ideas that can help your money work harder for you. It’s a good time to invest in you! Lunar influences bring fortunate developments as the New Moon encourages changes to your lifestyle and health routines. This might be one of the best times for a new exercise or diet regimen, because you may have more chance of sticking with it. Romantic options might seem enchanting, but tread with care, all may not be as it seems. You’ll know for sure in September, Water Signs. It might be time to sort out vacation plans or consider a short break. Right now, the chance to do something different might nurture your soul. Get a goal or project off to a smooth and creative start in August. Meanwhile, Mercury in Leo boosts your planning power. Get ready to conquer the world!

Your Love Week—Water Signs: This week, you might feel like your love life is one never ending game of tug of war. With Saturn affecting your romance these days, settling in matters of the heart is not an option. A friend might discourage you when it comes to a romantic matter. Perhaps he or she feels like you’re wasting time pursuing someone they feel is “out of your league.” Try not to allow anyone else’s opinion deflate you. In fact, consider that this pal might have a flame for you (or the object of your affection) that would explain the lack of support. Your partner wants control over a certain situation, and he or she will likely seize the moment on Wednesday with a potent Jupiter-Pluto alignment. Try to remind him or her that love isn’t about control, and that as partners the two of you really are on the same team. If you’re single or dating, you might feel a pinch of rejection on Wednesday due to another cosmic influence. Dust yourself off and move on. Just remember that Love is everywhere, Water Signs, especially on the weekend, thanks to Jupiter in the strong sign of Cancer. On Wednesday, Jupiter engages Pluto in a way that will certainly intensify your connection to someone special. Sparks may fly between you and somebody you meet at a party or other group event. The connection you’ll feel with someone in your social circle might be so intense that you find yourself falling faster than you ever have before. Easy does it! A new way of life, and perhaps a new home, is on the way!

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

Your social life could be this week’s high point. Planetary influences are stirring things up, bringing new people into your circle of friends, and encouraging you to make networking a habit. You’re also eager to find groups or clubs that can benefit you in a business sense. It’s a great time to promote yourself and your ideas. You can successfully launch a new plan or project with Jupiter on your side. Joint financial affairs may get a boost on Tuesday as the New Moon and Mercury in Leo encourage a new approach to an ongoing issue. Despite problems or a few snags this week, there’s still plenty of potential for a fun, fulfilling social life. This New Moon brings the possibility of a fresh start to home and family affairs. This could be the best time to change the family dynamic, such as introducing a new pet. Mercury’s presence encourages you to reach out and connect with family members, perhaps with a get-together, but don’t let someone’s mood dampen your spirits. Mid week the accent switches to family and relationship matters. However, a discordant note could sound if you’re determined to have your way. If your interests conflict with those of your partner or family, it might help to have a heart-to-heart talk. On the weekend, the focus gradually shifts to spiritual considerations. You might want to spend some time alone reflecting on your options and priorities. It’s also an opportunity to get some inner answers to pressing problems.

Your Love Week—Earth Signs: Expect a lesson when it comes to the power of love this week. If you’ve recently started to date someone, you might decide to take your sweetheart home to meet the family! Your capacity to experience more joy in relationships is strong now that Jupiter is moving through Cancer. On Wednesday, Jupiter will oppose Pluto, intensifying your craving to become one with your mate. You’re not only interested in commitment, you yearn for a true merging—body and soul. This hefty opposition between Jupiter and Pluto will tug at your heartstrings. You might wrestle with any anxiety you have relating to your capacity to give and receive love, but love will prevail in the end, thankfully. With Pluto in serious Capricorn, your approach to matters of the heart is meant to be transformed. If you’re someone who relied on putting a wall up in the past in order to protect yourself from being hurt, then perhaps it’s time for those walls to come tumbling down. Let love in Earth Signs. This theme continues on Thursday, when Mercury enters Leo, helping you speak up about your deepest desires. Expect a strong connection between love and domestic matters now. You might also find yourself in the position of sharing more space with your lover, perhaps by exchanging drawers or closet space in each others home. Another possibility might include talks about moving in together. Remember, these days love and relationships are a serious matter. Married? Then you might feel hungry for more romance—especially on Wednesday.