STARGAZING—Week of August 3rd – 9th, 2015

Aug 2, 2015 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing



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There is a mixed medley of positive influences this week, including a meet-up, a balanced trine, a square-off, and a sign change. Beyond that, there is a buy-a-lottery ticket combination of Venus and Jupiter on the 4th. Of course, luck comes in many different ways.  This conjunction occurs at 29 degrees Leo, so your heart must be engaged as you take a risk on manifesting your desires.

Lovely Venus and Lucky Jupiter start things off on Tuesday, August 4th, with their second meet-up of the year in Leo. This second of three alignments is considered to be a very lucky combination. Because they are in Leo, you want to make sure that your heart is fully focused on your activities to get the most out of it. For example: buying a lottery ticket for the fun of the game is much better than buying it in desperate hope of escaping your financial challenges. With these two combining energies you’d expect to hear nothing but good news, but this time Venus is carrying some baggage; she is retrograde, and is also squaring Saturn in Scorpio, which can be heavy-duty. Unless you like your fun with a bit of seriousness, this combination can put a wet blanket on the brightest love bubble.

Wednesday and Thursday bring small challenges to your boundaries. Be willing to say what needs to be said when your values and ideas are challenged, but don’t dwell on it. Be like a rolling stone gathering no moss, with no emotion, and deal with the small stuff then move on quickly. On Thursday, August 6th , Mars moves into position to make a sensitive water trine with Saturn. This is a place where the brave and the bold become responsible, and tackle serious issues in the best possible way. Even though your physical energy could be low, (Cancer) your strength and endurance or high. (Scorpio) If Saturn rained on your Venus/Jupiter parade earlier in the week, this energy helps you to find a way to make up.

Mercury Retrograde  Friday begins a talkative weekend. In fact, sleep may be disrupted Friday morning by too much on your mind. Using a grand style of communicating and doing business becomes a thing of the past on when Mercury moves from Leo into Virgo until the 28th, so it is time to make a list. Virgo has a home-court advantage and likes to check tasks off her list to have a sense of accomplishment. Mercury likes those tasks to be varied and quick. Virgo energies include a photographic memory and a mind like a computer processor; for the next month, communications, travel, and commerce will be detailed and objective, emphasizing accuracy and systematic problem solving.

The talkative tone continues all weekend, but there is a shift Saturday in the afternoon when ambitious Mars moves into heart-opening Leo until September 24th. This is a great cycle for creativity and purposeful play. Leo urges you to step up into new levels of leadership.

Jupiter-Saturn-Uranus-Pluto   The biggest shift this month is expansive Jupiter moving into detail oriented Virgo for the up-coming year. Starting August 11th, big dreams have the opportunity to come down into physical manifestation as long as you are willing to get productive- and don’t get bogged down because of all the new ideas streaming in through your mind. This will feel daunting at first, but you will learn to make big visions practical in the coming year.