Stargazing—Week of August 30 – September 5, 2010

Aug 31, 2010 | Special Messages

September begins with Mercury retrograde until the 12th. The days between August 20 when Mercury’s retrograde began, up to Sept. 3, are best for completing old tasks. Sept. 3rd marks the halfway part of this communications breakdown Mercury retrograde cycle. This through September 15th begins a time when you can do behind the scenes planning for future projects.

One of the more troublesome aspects, the summer’s T square, is beginning to break up now, as Saturn moves away from it’s square to Pluto. This aspect occurs again in the late spring of 2011. September, in particular, spotlights a “lucky streak.” Some can expect financial windfalls, an inheritance, or a lottery win.

We have watched the ups and downs of financial conditions of various countries around the world, from the relative steadiness of Germany to the near collapse of Iceland and Greece, and the TARP program in the US that probably kept everyone from living in a Hooverville environment or selling apples in the street, as people did back in the 1930*s. Politics comes on the scene as they prepare for the November elections. Are we due for a positive financial change as well as a political change? Only the planets know for sure.

Expect upsets around the Fall Equinox and Full Moon on the 23rd before we settle into a relatively quiet October; except for the television political ads, that is!

When I looked at the 2010 hurricane list of names in April, I picked out Earl, Ivan, and Matthew to be star performers. For my September predictions, join my subscription pages.


Week of August 30 – September 5, 2010

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Venus, Mars and Saturn are camped out together. Your mind is yearning for exploration so let your curiosity roam and enjoy the journey. This process will provide excellent opportunities to meet like-minded individuals who can influence your life path into the future. Monday’s Moon-Mercury trine helps you decide about starting or continuing a relationship. The Moon forms a challenging aspect with Neptune on Tuesday. Be sure to stay tactful with your partner at all times at home. And be careful of being too flirtatious mid week, it can cause misunderstandings. Tuesday the Moon sextiles Uranus just before entering Gemini and inspiring lovers toward creativity. But heed Saturn’s advice and ignore surging emotions until Thursday, because once the Moon trines Neptune and Chiron, you’d rather lose yourself in the moment than linger over hurt feelings. Mercury retrograde is affecting you on a sub-conscious level; pay close attention to your dreams. Your creative juices are also flowing fervently. A Venus/ Neptune trine makes this weekend a wonderful time for dressing to impress and doing something wildly fun.

Your Love Week—Air Signs:
Love is in the air as this week begins. If you’re in a relationship, pull out the candles and other romantic trappings, and kidnap your partner for the evening. Neither one of you will regret it. With the Moon in Taurus through Tuesday, it’s hard to discourage someone who’s a little too interested. Balance hope and patience once the Moon enters Gemini, sextiles Jupiter, and trines Saturn, especially during Wednesday’s Sun-Moon square when everybody’s fighting. Thursday the Moon trines three planets and one moody comet, and you’re all about love not war. If you’re looking for love, the Moon forms a romantic trine with Venus on Thursday, which creates the right mood for connections. So let yourself go with the flow and see where it takes you. Keep an open mind. If you’re single, your chances for meeting someone are high, so accept those social invitations, especially from friends who are interested in stepping off the beaten path and exploring alternative ideas. It’s harder on Friday when the Cancer Moon demands solutions for a wide range of relationship issues. Mars sextiles the asteroid Ceres on Friday, urging physical release. Friends and maybe lovers forgive you Saturday when Venus trines Neptune and squares the Moon. Saturday’s Venus-Neptune trine and Sunday’s Venus-Chiron trine help you find love in the right places. Generosity comes easily as everyone relaxes on Sunday.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

This Monday the Moon forms a friendly link with the Sun This brings opportunities that are not to be missed! If you’re in doubt just say “yes.” Mercury is moving backwards towards the Sun in the same area of your chart though, so take care with financial risks. There will be an awful lot of frustration surrounding you this week, but you stay level headed, and can be a ray of sunshine for struggling colleagues and loved ones. If you’re looking for love be sure to take action this week, while Jupiter is still in adventuresome Aries. Jupiter is moving backwards which can make staying in touch with your natural good humor challenging at times. This is an opportunity to work on keeping your cool and maintaining your generous spirit afloat, even when times are tough. Be sure to let your hair down after hours and have a little fun. Singles, Monday and Thursday are excellent for connecting with people on the same wavelength as you are. But don’t have high expectations for anything serious right away; take it slow and above all, enjoy. Monday and Thursday are both excellent for making love connections. Couples, be patient with your partner. On Friday the Sun overtakes Mercury, letting you know that change is just around the corner.

Your Love Week—Fire Signs:
How do you handle stubborn partners or inaccessible love objects? The Taurus Moon teases you Monday and is quincunx Ceres early Tuesday, withholding what you desire. If you’re looking to start a relationship or make sparks with someone you love, not much happens until Tuesday evening when the Moon enters Gemini and sextiles Jupiter. The Gemini Moon blows hot and cold, with a come-hither Jupiter sextile Tuesday night, a hostile Sun square on Wednesday. Love gets another chance, although with Wednesday’s Moon-Sun square it’s more like confrontation than consummation! Everyone feels sexier and more trusting on Thursday Jupiter trines to ever-so-willing Venus and Mars on Thursday. Friday the Cancer Moon squares Jupiter and Mars sextiles Ceres, leading to broken promises and impatient arousal. Friday and Saturday could be romantically challenging unless you use the Sun-Mercury conjunction and Sun-Moon sextile to deliver what your partner needs. Whether or not your date spends Saturday night with you, Sunday lifts your spirits and self-esteem. The Moon enters Leo Sunday morning, in favorable aspects to Jupiter and Saturn. Now things can really heat up.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Your love week starts off with the Moon forming a friendly trine with the Sun, which spells social fun and opportunities to meet new people for single Water Signs. Your emotional intensity, unmatched by any other signs in the zodiac, will be heightened on Tuesday, as the Moon makes a challenging aspect to Neptune. Mercury retrograde further complicates communication issues, so be careful with moodiness at home and take care to sugar coat everything you have to say. Emotional honesty will be important with your partner, but go easy when opening up to them; too much intensity will be hard for them to swallow. The Sun and clever Mercury connect this week. This helps you find creative solutions to problems within your couple. You’re thinking unconventionally, and you’re able to use the right touch of humor to lighten up the mood around you, just when it needs it. Jupiter retrograde is interfering with progress on the job, and communication with colleagues is scrambled; be patient. On Friday the Sun overtakes the retrograde messenger planet, easing your burden and announcing the light at the end of the tunnel. Friday, bringing good news for your pocketbook. At the weekend, Venus connects nicely with spiritual Neptune. This creates a wonderful mood of mellow relaxation to be shared with someone who’s on your watery wavelength.

Your Love Week—Water Signs: Monday finds you pouring on the passion, but Tuesday’s Moon-Mars quincunx hits the brakes. Monday the Taurus Moon clarifies the state of your heart when it trines Mercury. Tuesday it squares your ruling planet Neptune and sextiles Uranus, making trouble if you’re playing with the wrong person. When the Moon enters Gemini and is quincunx Pluto early Wednesday, suppress the emotions nobody wants to hear. Don’t expect much sympathy Wednesday. And can you handle all the attention Thursday when the whole world starts coming on to you? They’re ready for your romantic overtures on Thursday, but a Moon-Ceres opposition has you giving more than you get. The Cancer Moon opposes Pluto on a tense Friday, interfering with fantasy and reality. Friday’s Moon demands commitment. Even if you aren’t ready, Saturday’s Venus-Neptune trine allows love to grow under pressure. Mars and Pluto spend the weekend stirring you up. If you know a Fire Sign, maybe his or her luck will rub off on you. Hook up with a Fire Sign on Sunday to bask in his or her glow.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

The beginning of your week is ripe with opportunity. The Moon in Taurus forms a double trine with both the Sun in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn. Speak up for what you want and say ‘yes’ when you get an attractive offer. Work matters continue suffering blows from Mercury in retrograde. Things will not move ahead and it’s best to recognize the limits of the situation and press on with what you know. If you’re in a relationship, your partner may be feeling under pressure. The Moon, the Sun and Pluto join forces to bring more stability to your life. You’ll be feeling strong and confident, just when many of your colleagues and friends will be floundering in decision making difficulties. Your opinion and advice will be welcome. Mercury is still retrograde so don’t try to force anything with regards to your own projects. Take stock and hone in on details that need careful attention. Uranus is still creating tension between you and your partner but take heart: Jupiter is on its way into your love zone and the closer it gets, the better you will feel. On Friday the Sun forms a lovely connection with Mercury, which eases up financial woes. If you’re single enjoy the romance created by the Venus/ Mars conjunction but don’t rush anything. Give them the benefit of all your support and stamina, and plan something special over the weekend. Singles, you could find love with a Virgo.

Your Love Week—Earth Signs: Use the Moon-Mercury trine to win someone’s heart on Monday. On Tuesday you’re too charming until the Moon sextiles Uranus, enters Gemini, and lets you apply that gentle pressure. The Moon is in Taurus through late Tuesday, but unless you’re with a Virgo or Pisces, expect foot-dragging. During Wednesday’s Moon-Saturn trine, choose patience and calm over fighting and breaking up. But when the Moon squares the Sun and Mercury in Virgo Wednesday, current or possible lovers run from you. The Moon-Venus trine finds everyone a date on Thursday. Thursday supports loving communication, and relationships take a big step forward Friday when the Sun conjoins Mercury and both sextile the Cancer Moon. Only Virgos remain on your wavelength Friday, when the Sun and Mercury smile on you Earth Signs, but the Cancer Moon has major issues. Saturday’s Moon-Venus square suggests you spend the night entertaining friends instead of pursuing romance. Saturday’s Venus-Neptune trine and Moon-Venus square treat you to a memorable date, and your luck holds on Sunday, too. Sunday’s Venus-Chiron trine makes romantic surrender seem like your best option.