Stargazing—Week of August 28th through September 3rd, 2023

Aug 28, 2023 | Stargazing

Week of Aug. 28th through Sept. 3rd , 2023


As August comes to a close, it’s a time of serious thought and contemplation. World leaders are paying the price of poor rulership of the past. There will be a setback or major step down for a world leader around this time.

Mercury turning retrograde in Leo last week will turn back the clock, looking into issues concerning corruption and power that have plagued the world. Many answers will be surfaced and revealed during this time. So much will be exposed that is unbelievable and many will be in denial about the true facts.

An abundance of energy and ambition jump-starts the week, making Monday an excellent time to impress bosses or apply for a new job.  Expect some changeable energy on Monday. Mars moves into social Libra until October 12th. This supports reaching out and participating in social environments. Libra also represents beauty, so put energy into new clothes or home beautification.

Tuesday could be a moody day, filled with reminiscences of past love and friendships. This energy can be strong so be careful to avoid feelings of useless resentment.

The Pisces Full Blue Moon is on Wednesday Aug 30th. Like the Full Moon at the beginning of August, this is a Super Moon. That means the moon is near earth in her orbit, so pay attention to what activates your emotions. The warm and fuzzy moon is aligned with cold Saturn. This can have you or those in your life changing their emotional state quickly through the day, but it can also help you toughen up your emotional boundaries.

The earth and water elements are strong now. This supports “business as usual” rather than reaching out in new directions (but be careful of developing a deep rut). Mercury continues to be retrograde, helping you to review, renew, and get organized. Allow the melancholy vibes to remind you to ditch the fairy tale visions of the world and embrace personal responsibility along with a realistic approach to life.

Thursday is filled with electricity as Uranus turns retrograde. This energy can bring in opportunity and change as long as you can stop all that over-thinking.

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, Saturday, September 2nd is a great day for romance. This is the last day of Venus retrograde, so if you are remembering someone special from your past, it’s now or never. Try to reconnect and see where the universe leads you.

Venus ends her Leo retrograde cycle on Sunday, September 3rd (since July 22). Tackle chores during the daytime hours. Once Venus is direct on Sunday evening, a sense of self-confidence and inner beauty comes back.  The time has finally arrived when you can implement a new beauty regimen and update your look. Get a haircut, buy some new clothes, or change your hair color. It’s time for a new you = from the inside out.

It’s time for full speed ahead for romance although it’s best to schedule events after September 15th, when Mercury turns direct and Venus is still in fabulous Leo.