Stargazing—Week of August 23–August 29, 2010

Aug 24, 2010 | Special Messages

Mercury turned retrograde on Aug. 20th and continues through Sept. 12th. This communications breakdown cycle goes backwards through detail-oriented Virgo. If you have natal planets in Virgo, you are even more highly affected by this backward cycle. For everyone, it is time to pull back and tend to all the little things that you have been putting off. (Like installing or learning new software, getting those gutters cleaned before fall, or other boring projects).

It’s that time again. Mercury is retrograde and you can surely expect miscommunications, problems with technology, traffic delays, upsets with real estate, contracts, and more than a little frustration. The things that happen during any Mercury Retrograde push us toward a better understanding of the concept of organization, and this time that will be truer than ever, because Virgo is the sign of organization and doing everything with perfection.

Mercury, the mischievous imp, plays havoc with your schedule, your life events, and sometimes even your sanity when it moves backward in the sky. There’s no need to worry though, because this event occurs three or four times a year. When we take a look at this tricky planet, we can learn his game plan, and the more we learn about it, the better we can cope with these events.
If you already know about the discombobulating events that occur when mercury retrogrades, then this can be a reminder for you to use caution at this time. If this is your first time hearing about retrograde phases, then sit down and put your feet up, hang on, and know that you are in for a bumpy ride.
At the same time, relationship planets Venus and Mars are traveling close together for the next six weeks, currently in Libra and then in Scorpio. This is an alignment that normally only lasts a few days, so their extended dance together is meaningful. Your love life and ambition, and values surrounding those important aspects of life, is going to change before the not so distant Thanksgiving Day holiday in late November. It may be that those desires which held your attention are going away to make room for something new in the area of work, love, and money. For others, those aspects of your life will simply go through adjustments. Either way, something or someone is going to be released.


AUGUST 23 – 29, 2010

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

A plethora of planets in Libra are helping you Air Signs make progress by leaps and bounds this week. Venus, Mars and the Moon are making sure you are at your most attractive. Single Air Signs will be spoilt for choice! And many Air Signs in relationship find they’re in osmosis with their partner. A Moon/Mars trine on Monday kicks your work week off to a confident start. You’re taking the initiative and leaving no doubt as to your competence. The Moon is in Aquarius at the beginning of the week, and flirting with Venus, which has the effect of giving you very high morale. You’re also inspired to pamper yourself and others, and you may make an important investment or purchase a high price item, such as a vehicle. Singles, Jupiter retrograde forms a link with the fickle Moon which has you holding back. You’re eyeing potential prospects with a measure of distrust and suspicion. If you’re in a relationship, Neptune retrograde in your sign is making you dreamy and romantic. But your partner wants you to come to earth and focus on practical matters. Finally, there’s not much activity job-wise, but you’re not exactly scrabbling for opportunities either. Keep in mind that Friday is a time to be spontaneous! A Taurus Moon at the end of the week creates a bit of instability surrounding money. Err on the side of caution and you will come through it okay.

Your Love Week—Air Signs:
With the Moon in Aquarius through early Tuesday, take a balanced approach to love. With Mars and Venus still in Libra, Monday’s about love as both trine the Aquarius Moon. But on Tuesday when the Full Moon enters Pisces and is quincunx Saturn, examine your motivations. The Pisces Full Moon hints at happily ever after, but by late Wednesday the Sun-Pluto trine tells you it’s about the journey, not the destination. By Wednesday evening, Mars and Venus suggest seeing someone else, whether you’re ending a relationship or gaining perspective before starting one. Thursday night the Moon conjoins Uranus before entering Aries, spurring you to act on a false feeling or signal. Once the Moon enters Aries on Thursday and opposes Saturn on Friday, self-control may be hard. Unless you’re involved with a Sagittarius, confusion or anger colors your Friday and Saturday. Saturday’s Moon-Mars opposition helps resolve some unfinished business hanging over you. Sunday morning the Moon sextiles Neptune and Chiron before entering Taurus. Love feels possible again under Sunday’s Taurus Moon. Whew! You can trust your intuition about relationships again.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

This week the Sun says goodbye to Leo and enters Virgo, depriving you Fire Signs of all that extra energy you’ve had over the past month. You feel better financially, as delays and blockages are over and you enjoy a healthier balance. A Moon/Venus trine influencing your communication and progress helps you make an important contact at the beginning of the week, that helps move a previously blocked personal project ahead, which is an exciting relief. The single Fire Signs can benefit from Jupiter retrograde, which helps deepen a new relationship or brings someone who’s been too distant for your taste, closer. A Moon/ Mars trine also creates an excellent atmosphere for dating fun. If you’re in a couple your union is serene, except for a budget worry that could have you battling it out in a heated debate. And Pluto retrograde is counseling prudence, budget-wise. The Moon and Pluto retrograde indicate you may need to change your modus operandi on the job. Some better time management is called for. If you’re in a relationship, Neptune is making you dreamy and solitary and your partner doesn’t like it one bit. Singles, the Mars/Venus duo is sending your attractiveness into the stratosphere and you’re able to enjoy a short-lived romantic interlude.
Your Love Week—Fire Signs:
When the Aquarius Moon trines Mars and sextiles Ceres on Monday, let love find you. Things change Monday as the Sun exits Leo and the Moon trines Mars and Venus. It’s a hopeful time for romance. You want a happy ending under Tuesday’s Pisces Full Moon, but a Sun-Jupiter quincunx makes you a little too grabby. This Pisces Full Moon opposes the Sun, pushing you toward the perfect relationship. Your heart soars late Wednesday as the Sun trines Pluto, possibly bringing you the right person. But the Moon conjoins Uranus before entering Aries on Thursday, warning you to be realistic. You feel like your old self Thursday night, after the Moon enters Aries and conjoins Jupiter. Now how much will you change for someone else? Saturday’s Moon-Mars opposition helps you decide what a relationship is worth. Lovers feel tense this weekend, and Saturday’s Moon-Mars opposition helps you figure out why. Once Venus sextiles Ceres on Sunday, you’ll be at peace with yourself and enchanted by someone who accepts you. Physical contact makes it all better Sunday night.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Your week starts off on shaky emotional footing, with a Moon/ Venus trine. You hit highs and lows and dance around that point of enjoyment you’re seeking, without ever touching it. If you’re single, get ready for a wild ride. A new love story starts to unfold and it’s the source of some steamy emotional highs. If you’re in a couple someone intrigues you and makes you want to stray. Be prudent and wait for your emotions to settle before jumping in hastily. Remember Mercury is retrograde and any commitments made are likely to fall apart down the road. A Moon/ Venus trine at the beginning of the week turns your attention to the home front. A family problem is dealt with and resolved, releasing tension and bringing a more light-hearted atmosphere for all involved. All is calm on the career front, but a Moon/ Pluto trine on Thursday delivers a perfect opportunity to get organized and fine-tune your strategy. If you’re in a couple be wary at the end of the week, because the Moon in the sphere governing your union can bring emotions to the boiling point and create conflict over issues that don’t truly matter. Single Scorpios have a Uranus/ Pluto flirt to look forward to, which either lines up an opportunity to meet someone new or allows for an opening for moving forward in a new relationship. Jupiter retrograde ensures that things go smoothly on the job, but just the same, don’t rest on your laurels.
Your Love Week—Water Signs:
With the Sun moves into Virgo for a month, be logical in love. The Sun enters Virgo early Monday, giving you a month to identify your needs and learn all about your current or future lover. It really begins Tuesday when the Full Moon enters Pisces, sextiles Pluto, and is quincunx Saturn. A conversation with someone special reveals much. Tuesday’s intense conversation reveals your deep feelings and how closely you’re paying attention. Passion ramps up Wednesday night, kick-started by a Moon-Mars quincunx and climaxing with a Sun-Pluto trine. You discover who else has feelings for you. Thursday the Aries Moon brings out your demanding side. If you’re uncertain or guilty, the Aries Moon could make Thursday night through Sunday morning difficult. Accept your needs on Friday, and use Saturday’s Moon-Mars opposition to fix a misunderstanding. Sunday the Moon sextiles Neptune and enters Taurus, sweetly illustrating the logic of love. Wait until then before your next romantic overture.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

This week the Sun enters Virgo, chasing away any fatigue, pumping up your morale and ambition and poising you to seize the day. If you’re single, you have the courage to approach someone you’ve been admiring from afar. You feel your confidence and charm rising to the surface and are enjoying every minute of it. If you’re in a relationship you’re full of surprises for your partner. A Moon/Venus trine starts your week off, bathing your career in positive, supportive energies. You could get an attractive offer that moves your career forward, or sign a lucrative contract. Job interviews also take a turn for the better. A Moon/Mars trine mid-week sees you rebelling, as you just want to break free from your usual routine. Enjoy this self-declared break. The Sun and Mercury retrograde give the single Earth Sign the chance to make up for having gotten off on the wrong foot with someone. Couples, your partner finds you distant at the start of the week, but you make up for it with attention and tenderness as the week goes on. On Thursday the Moon opposes retrograde Mercury, adding more passion to the mix. On the job, your determination helps you see which colleagues are being honest, and which are not. Financially, Venus and Mars inspire you to spoil yourself and others, and even better, you have the budget for it!
Your Love Week—Earth Signs: With Monday’s new Virgo Sun and a Moon-Venus trine, beauty and strategy are yours. When you wake up Monday, retrograde Mercury keeps the Sun, in Virgo, company, ushering in a month of careful romantic strategy. When that Sun opposes the Pisces Full Moon on Tuesday, move on if your current love object remains out of reach. The Pisces Full Moon adds the power of imagination. Now you can hold out for Mr. or Ms. Right. Wednesday’s Sun-Mercury opposition suggests advertising your desire, and Thursday’s Sun-Pluto trine keeps you optimistic even if your weekend dating picture looks grim. The Sun and Mercury turn you inward to face your own issues. But singles or troubled couples feel insecure and possibly aggressive on Thursday when the Moon squares Ceres and enters Aries. Jupiter keeps you laughing Friday, and when the Moon opposes Venus and Mars on Saturday, at least you’re on the same side as your lover. Romance finally arrives once the Moon enters Taurus on Sunday. By Sunday night, a Sun-Moon trine rewards you in some delicious way.