STARGAZING—Week of August 21st through August 27th, 2017

Aug 19, 2017 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

And in the last days before the Eclipse, God will give to His chosen children the gift of sight, healing, understanding, and visions in dreams along with the inner understanding that God has chosen them to bring transformation and deliverance to the Planet Earth. These are His Light Workers who are prepared to bring the world into the new earth plan for love, peace, and harmony.

There is not a man upon the earth that can show the timing of these coming events: therefore there is no king, lord, nor ruler, that asks such things nor any magician, astrologer, or psychic, and no other human form.

Now is time to see if this much talked about Great American Eclipse packs any punch. A solar eclipse is thought to bring deeper, soul level priorities to the surface, and then bring them out into form to use in your life — over time (rather than rushing out). So it represents Endings and New Beginnings.

Be aware that this sensitive degree of the zodiac, twenty-eight degrees, is being hit by other planets in the coming month, including talkative Mercury, ambitious Mars, and love and money Venus. Look to wars, rumors of wars. Venus is in Leo at three degrees on August 29th, the same degree as last month’s New Moon. Look to disruptions on the home front and unexpected losses. On the positive side, we can expect new, powerful inventions and technology, new babies, and break-ups of relationships and governments. (Usually that winds up being for the good, as well.)

This Full Solar Eclipse occurs at the end of Leo and the end of a sign represents endings, yet a solar eclipse represents new beginnings and fulfillment of your deepest desires. Mars is in Leo all month and the fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) are emphasized at this time. Although the last Full Solar Eclipse was on Feb. 26, 1979, the energy was in Pisces, not Leo, and other planets were not at these critical degrees. This energy is not good for a fire season that is already out of control, especially since Jupiter is in Libra. Air signs represent the possibility of damaging wind. The combination of wind and fire is not good for and fires burning out of control, making it very difficult to contain them.

Saturn ends his retrograde cycle (started early in April) on the 25th. The god of boundaries and long-term planning is now in his final run through Sagittarius before moving into Capricorn near Winter Solstice. Expect a disruption in government as Saturn stations, comes to a standstill, before reversing its path. Cautious expansion is called for, or perhaps a conservative adventure.

There is a total Solar Eclipse over the United States on August 21 at 2:30 PM Eastern Time. A solar eclipse blocks out the busyness of daily life to help soul level ascend, and their projects and ideas to come into manifestation.

It is interesting to note that this eclipse lands near the end of the sign Leo. The late degrees of a sign represent endings and completions. This eclipse could be easy to miss since its duration is about two minutes. The significance of this eclipse is that wherever an eclipse passes over is where the “action” is. The United States is where it will have the greatest impact, and this energy lasts for about a year.

A solar eclipse usually represents new beginnings; this one does as well, but not without a promise of radical change first. Look at where your heart and passions are engaged in your life verses where you are just going through the motions. The sale ‘ole same ‘ole is about to give way to, hopefully, a more fulfilling and rewarding life.

This eclipse happens on a Leo New Moon. On the positive side this represents dynamic leadership, charisma, and a fiery, strong willed, dominant person filled with self-confidence. On the negative side, Leo can be arrogant, over-controlling and resistant to change. In other words, they want to stay in the past, which is absolutely impossible in these times.

The only planet involved with this eclipse is Uranus, which represents revolutionary change, With both Mars and Venus in Leo, one at the beginning and one at the end degrees, the eclipse message seems to have something important to say about our American pride and possibly taking a different position in their role in the worldwide community. Is this country becoming unmanageable? (This energy can also represent an end to wars – which I feel could be the conflict with North Korea, as I foresee both North and South Korea coming together as one country.)

Leos’ want to have fun and be creative. Leo steps into leadership. Leo’s have to be number one, but that is possibly changing as his energy moves through America. Meditate on this energy to gain a personal meaning on what this eclipse brings to you. A suggestion is that a feminine energy is rising from the unconscious in order to be put to use in the world.

In the past history of eclipses, several deaths of leaders such as Herod in biblical days or King Henry I created superstitions that eclipses brought death to emperors and kings. However, the prophet Mohammad stopped those rumors at the death of his son saying that the Sun and Moon were of the gods and not mere mortals. Eclipses that land on a person’s planet or house in their natal chart definitely bring something to the person. However, you have to be cautious in making predictions based on fear. To everything there is a reason, season, and time. Hold that in your heart.

Action Mars dancing with Saturn opens the door again for hard, focused work, to begin your day Tuesday. Accomplish something productive as that helps lead into the Sun – beginning its month long journey through Virgo on Tuesday afternoon. Your slow, hard work and ambition will bring amazing results. The month ahead focuses on your work, health, and your pets.

Thursday has a quick, but complicated trine between “I want love” Venus and “I just want to be friends” Uranus. Or it can come to you through an internal conflict between balancing security versus and your desire for freedom.

On Friday, Saturn ends his long retrograde cycle since early April. This helps stalled projects get moving in the weeks ahead. It’s time to gain new ground on the structures that define your life, and perhaps create new ones. Also, Venus slithers into Leo, creating a drama with love and finances. Can you finally afford that home upgrade or new car?

Saturday is a day when you can talk about deep and vulnerable topics. Insights come in from the past lessons learned as well as through your dreams and unconscious.

As Fall approaches, Saturn is now making a dash through Sagittarius towards Capricorn for its two years trek, starting in December. Are there projects that need to be finished by the end of the year? Get with the program, or lose your opportunity.

As we all travel through the rough time of September and October, please remember, I am safe, it’s only change.