Stargazing — Week of August 21st through August 27, 2023

Aug 21, 2023 | Stargazing

Don’t allow your self-esteem to get discouraged as the week opens. Your strength will return on Thursday, once Mercury settles in its retrograde

The week begins on a stressful note as emotionally painful energies can arise out of nowhere.  It’s best to stay away from triggers that can strip you of your vital energies. If you have any toxic people in your tribe, it’s best to eliminate them from your life, once and for all.

Go easy on Tuesday and Wednesday when Mercury turns retrograde in Virgo, one of its rulers, and the world shuts down the tendency to over-think matters. Avoid impulsive actions as the Sun challenges Uranus. Also, the moon is emotionally intense Scorpio just at the sun is moving into Virgo. Avoid criticism and don’t react if you feel others are critical of you. Your decision making could be a bit off center so rely on your gut reaction and gut messages until we get to the Fall Equinox.

Two mid-week lunar T squares give us some challenging moments. Emotions can be hurt easily so it’s best not to give advice or “constructive criticism”, especially concerning personal projects or anyone’s appearance. 

Mars is in harmony with Pluto on Thursday August 24th. Some nosey, judgmental attitudes are likely to prevail, so avoid any busybodies or negative people. Thursday eve ning brings in the beautiful trine of Mars and Pluto, making it one of the best date nights of the year.

Any new meetings or join-up will have a fated, soulmate quality to them.  Get out there and mingle. The strength of the Mars energies helps you overcome any shyness while bringing you the courage to smile and warm up to a new date. Action is in harmony with power. With the moon in Sagittarius on Thursday and Friday, it is good to get physical as this is not “sit at your computer” energy. 

As for the weekend, Saturday begins with you feeling a bit lazy, but you’ll feel more productive by the afternoon.

It would be good to be physically preparing for a garage sale, as Pluto is good for releasing that which you no longer need.

Sunday marks the beginning of a festive period where it will be easy to make new acquaintances The energies turn to socializing and having fun. Plan a neighborhood barbarque.