Stargazing—Week of August 2 – August 8, 2010

Aug 3, 2010 | Special Messages

Phone Calls for Appointment and Questions
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Week of August 2 – 8, 2010

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Saturn, the planet of realism is now sharing the sign of Libra with Mars, planet of action. There are a great deal of changes going on around you air signs and with them come responsibilities and a need to move with caution. Relationships are the number one thing on your mind, and if it involves romance, you’re doubly wrapped up in it. If you’re single, whatever you do, don’t hide out at home letting pain over the past hold you back, because the Sun is shining in the sign of Leo, and the planet of love is lighting up your intimate relations. Saturn also conjuncts loving Venus this week, asking you to examine any fear of commitment and conquer it. If you’re in a relationship, you may feel alone and moody despite your partner’s attempts to reassure you. Mid week provides a perfect opportunity to unwind and chat up attractive strangers; it’s a great time for a party and socializing. Couples, you’re enjoying playful romance. You’ll enjoy smooth sailing. The last quarter of the Moon is a caution flag—just follow up on things that are already underway. The only downer this week is money: you’re likely to need to cut back on expenditures. On the job, your patience is rewarded when you get unexpected support. Your peace making skills are in high demand and you use them to good end towards the end of the week. Friday night and throughout the weekend, take care of and leftover business and then enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Your Love Week—Air Signs:

On Monday the Taurus Moon quincunx Saturn and Mars stirs up emotions. A Moon-Chiron trine heals an old heartbreak, but a Jupiter-Pluto square late that night just amplifies your troubles. An early Tuesday Jupiter-Pluto square challenges everyone, and the hard aspects of Mars with those two planets mess with expensive plans. Are you involved with an Aries, maybe? Wednesday’s Moon-Neptune square lends a sympathetic ear, and you see the world through new eyes once the Moon enters Gemini and trines Uranus. Wednesday’s Gemini Moon sets partners dancing to the same music. Your lover lets you visit friends early Friday, but come home when the Moon enters Cancer and squares everything in sight. You get a few hours of friendship and sharing before the Moon enters Cancer. After that, remain calm even if someone else seems to be losing his or her mind during Saturday’s Venus-Uranus opposition. Stay compassionate and objective. Venus opposes Uranus to change Saturday’s mood, and conjoins Saturn to get you out of the house on Sunday. Sanity is restored by Sunday evening.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Be wary of mixing money and friendship this week, as your ruler Jupiter is involved in a tense aspect linking finances with romance and friends. Be sure to set limits and get all the necessary guarantees, before lending. The Sun in Leo is pumping up your confidence and bringing your leadership skills to the fore. Your motivation is strong and you may be pushing yourself and others too hard. Be sure to keep realistic expectations. Venus is working to create romance at the office this week, and Mars and Saturn indicate an attraction to someone in a position of authority. Complications are likely, so make sure the person who’s making your heart patter is available, before making any moves. If you’re looking for work, don’t miss the opportunities provided by the Moon in Taurus at the beginning of the week. In addition your confidence will be high so seize the day. Mars and Saturn are taking you straight to the point. You have no patience for flattery or small talk. Beware because this can have a negative effect on your love relationship, and remember that Thursday will be your most social day of the week, and you will need to be at your most diplomatic. Singles, be wary of falling for someone just for their looks.

Your Love Week—Fire Signs:

On Monday the Taurus Moon makes unreasonable demands on Fire Signs, maybe triggering a spectacular fight or huge disappointment when the planet Jupiter squares Pluto late Monday. Romantic tension explodes Monday night when the Taurus Moon squares the Leo Sun. Tuesday’s Moon-Ceres quincunx makes trust difficult. This quincunx leaves you emotionally unsatisfied. By early Wednesday, the hard aspects of Mars with Jupiter and Pluto put plans and treats on hold. The Gemini Moon brings breathing space Wednesday. Patience, creativity, and forgiveness invite love again. Starting Wednesday, the Gemini Moon gives you breathing room and suggests a group date as it sextiles Uranus and Jupiter. Thursday’s Sun-Moon sextile focuses you on someone special. This Moon-Sun sextile rewards your patience. If dealing with an ex or finalizing a breakup on Friday, keep it gentle and fair as the Moon enters Cancer and Venus enters Libra. Make wise promises on Friday when the Moon squares Jupiter and Mars or the weekend could be endless – and not in a good way. Lovers reconnect when the Moon comes to Leo Sunday evening.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

The deep planet Pluto is very active this week. A connection with the Moon and Mercury ensures the social activity from the previous weekend continues to light up your Monday. Romance and flirting are intuitive for Water Signs on Monday, although when Neptune is square the Moon and quincunx the Sun on Tuesday, noble motives clash with bad judgment. A Pluto/ Mars square on Wednesday and a Moon/ Pluto opposition on Saturday both cause your mind to buzz with questions and doubts about changes taking place in your career, and within yourself. Try to stay optimisic and to trust your intuition. If you hook up with someone in your moral comfort zone after Saturn enters Libra on Wednesday, a Moon-Neptune sextile leads to a hot date Thursday night. Why not make a weekend of it? Since Friday’s Moon-Pluto conjunction opens a window of social activity, one-on-one could pass for social behavior. Jupiter retrograde can bring an old flame back into you life. Be sure to put aside any power games within personal relationships, and to give your time and attention only to those people you can trust fully. Sunday’s Aquarius Full Moon suggests making this a habit.

Your Love Week—Water Signs:

Monday frustrates you when a dream lover slips from your grasp or shatters your illusions by opening his or her mouth. Blame the Sun or Pluto. Monday brings fast flirting when the Moon trines Pluto, but failure could strike as Pluto squares Jupiter. The next night you surprise or shock yourself when Pluto squares Mars. Wednesday’s Moon-Neptune square brings a chance to take responsibility and move on, although beauty soon distracts you again. Distract yourself Wednesday and Thursday by checking out Air Signs. If you encounter romance early Friday, learn from past mistakes. The Moon enters Cancer, opposes Pluto, squares four other planets, and disrupts love everywhere. If you find love with Friday’s Moon-Neptune trine, understand that larger circumstances may interfere for six weeks. Cancer isn’t your friend this weekend, but Leo is, oddly enough. Your romantic fortunes fall and then rise as the Moon passes through these two signs. Quick thinking at Saturday’s Mercury-Moon sextile scores you new phone numbers, but it may be a few weeks before you can call them.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

Your week starts off with the Moon in Taurus participating in a Grand Earth Trine, a rare planetary alignment that works to bring stability to all areas of your life and give your talents extra verve. Your challenge will be to remain aware of the opportunities as they unfold around you, so that you can seize them before they slip by. This week is a sensitive time for you Earth Signs, and you find it all too easy to intuit other people’s problems. This can create extra worry for you, but luckily Mercury and Venus help you keep it all in light-hearted perspective. This helps you discover confidence you didn’t know you had, and open up more to the people who come into your life. Financially, the more you take other people’s needs into account, the more profitable your own ventures will be. Your confidence is high and you feel good about yourself and this is creating benefits for your romantic life. Beware of a Jupiter/ Pluto square though, which can uncover secrets and bring people from your romantic past back into your life. On the job your charm helps you move your agenda ahead. Also, Saturn cautions you to watch your expenses closely.

Your Love Week—Earth Signs:

The Moon enters Taurus early Monday and trines Pluto and Mercury for a day of sexy persuasion – if you tune out Saturn and Mars. The trine gives you a silver tongue on Monday, but a late night Jupiter-Pluto square invites bitter words. Otherwise, religious or philosophical differences could spoil the party on Tuesday. Religious or philosophical differences could spoil the party on Tuesday. Mars comes on like a vengeful ex Tuesday night. Wednesday’s Moon-Venus trine is a sweet goodbye kiss before Gemini blows in and changes everything. Venus soothes and pampers your beautiful self on Wednesday, no matter who loves or hates you. Thursday’s square between ruling planet Mercury and the Gemini Moon pushes you toward romantic change. A Venus-Neptune quincunx tunes you into the music of voices instead of their meaning. Don’t risk arguments once the Cancer Moon squares Saturn on Friday. It’s a disruptive weekend with so many planets in hard aspects, but when Ceres goes direct on Sunday and the New Moon enters Leo, you’ll end up in the right lover’s arms. Venus tries to calm hostile planets this weekend. You should do the same.