Stargazing – Week of August 1st-August 7th, 2011

Aug 1, 2011 | Special Messages


As most of you know, I have been on the road tour with Ammachi, the Hugging Saint, and could not keep up with my weekly web pages. This only happens once a year, this was my 25th year, and now we are “back on track.” Please forgive the delay.

Mercury retrogrades tomorrow, and I had this page all prepared and it suddenly disappeared on me. I want to bring your attention to my on-line magazine and monthly predictions. I no longer post them publically for two reasons. 1) They have a value because of their detail and accuracy. 2) They are stolen and posted on others websites as their original.

Although this is not a pleasant subject, it is none-the-less the truth. In the past few years I have learned to record my predictions long before I put them in writing, creating a history. Rob McConnell of the X-Zone has helped me achieve this. The magazine, Psychic Visions Plus, is updated every month by me, personally. I create every page, the Angels, Numerology, Astrology, The Tarot message, and occasionally, a Metaphysical Corner article.

Can anyone see into the future? Can anyone forecast upcoming events? Can we change the energy for ourselves if we expect upset and chaos? YES, I know we can. It takes practice, discernment, and spiritual fortitude.

Over the years, I have had some amazing success with my monthly and annual predictions. My main annual prediction focus always takes place at some point during the year. Sometimes I can pinpoint timing, and sometimes not. Why a psychic can see certain things but completely miss others is unknown. I believe it has something to do with vibration and energy. Remember—we can never see for ourselves. I explain all of this in my book, Psychic Attack, Are You A Victim? This book focuses on our fake psychic swindlers, and I wrote it to truly help others.

For Example: In September, 1997 I predicted, “In early 1998 a woman named Veronica will upset the White House. President Clinton may not give the State of the Union address. An angry blond will bring forth the truth and President Clinton will be impeached in the fall months of 1998.” I wrote this message for a publication and put it down as I heard the message, word for word. I wanted to change it, because I thought Hillary would be the angry blond. She was not—we all know it was Linda Tripp.

On New years Day of 2001 I predicted, The Twin Towers will fall like pancakes in the fall months, shortly after school begins. This is something I had put in writing, but also stated at a New Year’s Day party when asked what was ahead for 2001. Many did not want to hear it, not believing a word, so we changed the subject to lighter matters. I added more to that prediction in late July, stating the date it would occur – September 11th.

I feel humbled and blessed that I can receive such accurate messages and share them with people I work with. This has been my life. Once or twice I wanted to quit and give up for various reasons, but the energies keep pulling me back.

Here I offer the fact that Congress will settle the financial upset we have for a short period of time. This is karma, as well as a planned political tactic to try to remove Obama from office. I have always stated, from 2003, that Obama is a one-term president. Many political struggles and surprises lay ahead. So what’s next…? Join my subscription pages to find out.


Week of Aug. 1st – Aug. 7th, 2011

Mercury retrogrades on August 2nd through August 25th

When Mercury retrogrades during summer it doesn’t seem to be that bad because it provides a great opportunity to retreat, go within, and re-organize for short time. This communications breakdown cycles starts in the very beginning of the sign Virgo. Home redecorating and repair projects are supported by this energy. Clean out the basement and garage. You can also make early preparations for autumn activities now, but it is likely you will just plan them rather than putting much energy into them.

On Aug. 8, Mercury retrogrades backs into Leo and is ready to play. This fun energy is heightened beginning at the Aquarius Full Moon on the 13th. Make time for your creative, heart-opening activities. Work on exactly what pleases you. Take off from work on August 15th and 16th if you can, because you probably will not accomplish much at the office, even if you try. During the week before Mercury turns direct (Aug 21-26), there is a mixture of easy and challenging energies, so just flow with the constantly changing emotions and schedules. Meditate for clarity.

The energies of August and the rest of the summer, are peaceful as compared to earlier this year. This is not to say that nothing is going on, but this is a summer to catch up on your rest, do some healing, and take care of those smaller, back-burner home projects. Attending an August retreat would be good for the Soul.

The three eclipses in June and early July helped you open your mind to new possibilities and stimulated a certain restlessness that desires change (but you will not do much about it right now). Take the time to review your year thus far, finalize decisions on what nurtures you and determine what activities or people no longer serve your best interest from an emotional perspective. Then, as September opens, make your plans and move forward.

Saturn in Libra has been helping you to redefine your relationships and relationship needs and priorities for the past year. Libra represents balance and justice. Equal partnerships. Saturn wants stability; and on the opposite side, Uranus in Aries wants freedom and independence. This may become a push-pull energy. Relationships are being redefined now through September’s end.

On the work level, it is the ongoing issue of how do you be responsible so you can pay your bills, yet have freedom to explore new places, be creative, and have time to yourself? Mars in Cancer from August 3rd through September 18th is the time for looking at people and activities that have lasting value.

As for the planet, a lot is happening! Healing the oceans, advances in the film industry, better computer technology and medical breakthroughs, and re-visioning religions are on the horizon. Many people feel a certain sluggishness or uncertainty about what to do. They know that something has to change, but they feel a lack of clarity about what that change needed to be. Just know that the action step forward is coming by Spring 2012.
Sometimes the Universe needs to confuse you to get you to shut down your logical brain and surrender the need to know the detailed blueprint plan for your life. Again, meditate for clarity and had every one of your concerns over to Spirit. TRUST the Universe because it truly never lets you down.

Another shift to watch for in the news is Politics and the United States. Restrictive Saturn has just ended its seven month retrograde cycle and is beginning to push forward. This energy will bring various aspects of banking, tax law, mortgages and credit to the forefront of economic policy. It is also the focus of partner’s values, so it will be interesting to see if Joe Biden will be named as Obama’s running mate. I think not. Because this restrictive planet is in partnership-oriented Libra, look for forced partnerships; be it in congress, the Middle East, or in economic restructuring. We have seen a startling example of that this past week concerning our debt ceiling structure.

For the next several months, it would be beneficial to look at your life since 1998 and decide what needs to stay or be released. Do you need to practice compassion or forgiveness on a person or life circumstance during that time period?

The USA Labor Day holiday weekend September 3-5 has the Moon in adventurous Sagittarius. You may visit a new location, or visit people from a distance over the weekend. Enjoy summer’s end and get ready for fall. Time to let loose, have fun, and get rowdy!

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

This week you’re ready to work, with goals in mind and knowing how to get things done under Monday’s Virgo Moon. Mercury is your romance planet, Air Signs. Your social life brings fun and laughter. Invitations on Monday may bring opportunities for romance. You could meet someone who becomes a future soul mate. Or you may get involved in a very exciting relationship that gives you a broader view of life. As it turns retrograde on Tuesday, you may meet up with an old flame who was a big part of your life at one time. You get the opportunity to talk, which could be very healing. Neptune moves back into Aquarius, taking the pressure off your finances. If money seems to have been hemorrhaging from your account and you’re feeling insecure, this should stop. It’s time to relax and pamper your body, too. Give yourself a very special treat. Mercury turns retrograde, so be sure to back up your hard drive, take extra care when sending valuable documents in the mail, and don’t purchase big-ticket items if you can help it. If you must, be sure to keep the receipts.

Your Love Week—Air Signs:
As August opens, it’s the time to envision the bigger picture of what you want in a relationship. A breakthrough that illuminates an emotional issue may occur midweek, so listen to your inner voice for insights. Being naturally adaptable will help you weather a possible storm in the romance arena. On the upside, your charming way with words will prompt a romantic encounter with your sweetie or help you attract someone new. However, this week can bring confusing signals. Are you in or out? Is this a seduction or a goodbye? Instead of looking for mixed signals, take the other person at face value, ask them how they feel, and them clarify things if you misunderstand. You could dine with an ex who’s reconsidered. Maybe you will rekindle that old flame, or maybe its embers can warm you one more time. Even if this feeling lasts just for a little while, it’s comforting to know where you stand. This weekend, your sultry side comes out to play on Saturday. A professional setting can bring romance. On Sunday a shared activity inspires romance. Love can be found in a group gathering. It’s possible to talk about the future even when you’re terrified of the words ”marriage” and ”commitment.” Liking the one you’re with is step number one. And if like blossoms into love, you may already be on your way.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

This week your imagination will be very active, Fire Signs, so use it to help you rise your vibration to be successful rather than letting it get you down. Make sure your thoughts are motivational and positive. Your love life isn’t your main focus, but there are opportunities for romance this week. You may meet someone with the potential to be a Soul Mate. Mercury turns retrograde on Tuesday, which may delay travel plans and work projects. Back up your computer and check your anti-virus software. If you can be flexible and go with the flow, this is the best way to handle whatever happens. Nothing is set in stone, which is why it’s NOT a good idea to sign contracts or major deals. Mars in Cancer is stirring up your feelings and bringing your passions to the surface. You’re about to get in touch with some powerful emotions.

Your Love Week—Fire Signs:
A problem with fairness or cooperation can upset interactions with your sweetie or hinder the development of a new relationship. Considering the other person’s feelings while expressing your own will help love flow. A compromise may be needed. Socializing can be irritating unless you surround yourself with positive people. Spending time with friends brings joy on Thursday. Romance can be found through a community event or group project. During the weekend, a cozy rendezvous at your abode will heighten passion on Saturday. An exotic atmosphere or activity will fire up a romantic interlude. Sometimes your love life really sparkles. Those flashes of brilliance have a slightly escapist edge to them. You may well find that a heady combination of circumstances means that you are swept off your feet before you even got up to dance. You will feel completely spellbound. So don’t promise your all on the strength of what happens now. But do, by all means, enjoy yourself. Your spark and lightness brings a romantic encounter on Sunday!

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

This week, Mars stirs up a desire to venture into new territory. You may be drawn to spiritual or psychic courses or want to visit a spiritual teacher in a far-off land. Mercury retrogrades on Tuesday and may bring an old flame into your life. This is a chance to heal some of the issues that split you apart in the first place. Then again, you may hear news that someone you were attracted to is now free, and you could feel you have a chance. You may be motivated to start dating again, especially if you’ve been single for some time. Don’t beat about the bush if you want results. Be honest about your needs. While Mercury is retrograde, it is best to take precautions and back up files on your computer. Check out your anti-virus software, too. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Mars moves into the Water Sign of Cancer and stirs everything up, bringing certain fears to the fore, illuminated in color. This is the time to take control and watch that inner movie that plays in your mind 24/7. If you notice it getting too dark, then make it light and bright. Also, when Mars trines Neptune on Wednesday, this may coincide with meeting someone on a blind date or the beginning of a new romance. This one has possibilities, Water Signs. Remember, Mercury is retrograde for most of August, so don’t make any major purchases if you can help it. Keep receipts and paperwork. Your social life is fabulous – all you have to do is enjoy it.

Your Love Week—Water Signs:
A date with your sweetie can bring you closer together on Monday. If you’re solo, focusing on meeting someone compatible will increase your chances of attracting a true partner. Mars entering Cancer on Tuesday (through September 17) energizes your charisma and self-expression. Being shy or tongue-tied works to your advantage this time because a certain someone thinks all this blushing and stammering is incredibly cute. Let your guard down and release your passions. By living in the moment, you might be ending another relationship or dashing someone else’s hopes. If so, it’s the price you pay for taking a delicious risk. Getting lost in a new romance could make upsetting ripples in the non-romantic areas of your life. Watch out for some emotional chaos toward the middle of the week. Emotions can get wobbly later this week, but a comfortable date will make passion sizzle on Thursday. Saturday is an excellent time for a sexy tryst. A generous gesture heartfelt gift inspires love on Sunday. Following your intuition can bring you into contact with a potential lover over the weekend. Hopefully, it’s worth all the trouble!

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

Life isn’t all about work, Earth Signs, so in August find the time to play. You will find that your creativity expands. Neptune moves back into Aquarius, so issues that confused you about your current relationship may suddenly become clearer. You see things as they are and not as you want them to be. At the same time, there are possibilities for some very romantic dates if you’re interested. The presence of Jupiter in Taurus encourages you to want more out of life. It’s time to get on with those things you’ve always wanted for yourself. But watch out during these Dog Days of summer because there’s another side to Jupiter—it can make you lazy. Remember, Earth Signs, you always have choices. You can swim upstream or float back down. Mercury turns retrograde on Tuesday, so watch out for mixed messages. Or possible misunderstandings Mars moves into Cancer on Wednesday and encourages you to talk about your inner feelings. Don’t clam up and shuffle your feet. Explain yourself.

Your Love Week—Earth Signs: This week a friend may be very generous with his or her benefits. While you could get used to this, remember that a promise or commitment takes two. If you’re the one who’s spreading the love, be sure everyone’s clear about the arrangement. Money carries uncomfortable baggage for some people. Passion escalates on Monday. Someone likes you but seems in no hurry to sleep with you. Don’t turn this into a big drama. If you can make yourself more appealing, do it. If not, look for somebody who’ll take you as you are. You’re a magnet for admirers now, so take some time to play! An issue over money or priorities can derail romance midweek. An expression of appreciation will get love back on track. Gossip might take on a life of its own when too many know too much. Respect everyone’s humanity even when there’s animal–like behavior involved. Nobody needs to go home with a broken heart. Hosting a gathering of friends (or dinner for two) will energize you on Thursday. Love can be found during a healthy or helpful activity. Quiet gatherings are better than noisy parties. With fewer places to hide, you have to be on your best behavior. The focus on shared duties can deepen or derail romance later in the week. Be consistent when reinventing yourself or telling a tall tale to a long-term friend. During the weekend, verbalizing your desires during a romantic getaway can set passion ablaze on Saturday. A sexy tryst can bring delight Saturday evening. Playfulness ignites passion and sharing. Hosting a party will energize you on Sunday!