Stargazing – Week of August 1st-August 7th, 2011


As most of you know, I have been on the road tour with Ammachi, the Hugging Saint, and could not keep up with my weekly web pages. This only happens once a year, this was my 25th year, and now we are “back on track.” Please forgive the delay.

Mercury retrogrades tomorrow, and I had this page all prepared and it suddenly disappeared on me. I want to bring your attention to my on-line magazine and monthly predictions. I no longer post them publically for two reasons. 1) They have a value because of their detail and accuracy. 2) They are stolen and posted on others websites as their original.

Although this is not a pleasant subject, it is none-the-less the truth. In the past few years I have learned to record my predictions long before I put them in writing, creating a history. Rob McConnell of the X-Zone has helped me achieve this. The magazine, Psychic Visions Plus, is updated every month by me, personally. I create every page, the Angels, Numerology, Astrology, The Tarot message, and occasionally, a Metaphysical Corner article.

Can anyone see into the future? Can anyone forecast upcoming events? Can we change the energy for ourselves if we expect upset and chaos? YES, I know we can. It takes practice, discernment, and spiritual fortitude.

Over the years, I have had some amazing success with my monthly and annual predictions. My main annual prediction focus always takes place at some point during the year. Sometimes I can pinpoint timing, and sometimes not. Why a psychic can see certain things but completely miss others is unknown. I believe it has something to do with vibration and energy. Rememberwe can never see for ourselves. I explain all of this in my book, Psychic Attack, Are You A Victim? This book focuses on our fake psychic swindlers, and I wrote it to truly help others.

For Example: In September, 1997 I predicted, “In early 1998 a woman named Veronica will upset the White House. President Clinton may not give the State of the Union address. An angry blond will bring forth the truth and President Clinton will be impeached in the fall months of 1998.” I wrote this message for a publication and put it down as I heard the message, word for word. I wanted to change it, because I thought Hillary would be the angry blond. She was notwe all know it was Linda Tripp.

On New years Day of 2001 I predicted, The Twin Towers will fall like pancakes in the fall months, shortly after school begins. This is something I had put in writing, but also stated at a New Year’s Day party when asked what was ahead for 2001. Many did not want to hear it, not believing a word, so we changed the subject to lighter matters. I added more to that prediction in late July, stating the date it would occur – September 11th.

I feel humbled and blessed that I can receive such accurate messages and share them with people I work with. This has been my life. Once or twice I wanted to quit and give up for various reasons, but the energies keep pulling me back.

Here I offer the fact that Congress will settle the financial upset we have for a short period of time. This is karma, as well as a planned political tactic to try to remove Obama from office. I have always stated, from 2003, that Obama is a one-term president. Many political struggles and surprises lay ahead. So what’s next…? Join my subscription pages to find out.