STARGAZING — Week of August 15th through August 21st, 2016

Aug 13, 2016 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

full-moon-monsaraz-claroThis week your physical energy and motivation increases to put long -term projects into motion. There is also a “partial” lunar eclipse on the 18th. It is “partial” because the eclipse barely touches down into our atmosphere. Tune in to determine if you can feel it early on the 18th. Look within to consider where your heart is engaged in people and activities. If your heart isn’t in what you are doing, this partial lunar eclipse urges you to detach from any people and activities that do not energize you.

The moon is in Capricorn to begin the week, and brings responsibilities and hard work. However, the early week is also filled with happy lunar aspects, so you can combine joy and fulfillment with productivity.
Innovation is the name of the game on the street this week, and the kick-off is on Tuesday, August 16th, when a Sun-Uranus trine sets up an exciting energy that open up new perspectives and leads us into the Aquarius Full Moon on Thursday.

By Tuesday and Wednesday, you are ready for something different. That goes double for Tuesday when the energetic Sun makes harmony with eccentric, “I’ll try anything once” Uranus. Step out of your comfort zone. Try something or someplace new and different.

Love-Fortune-HoroscopeThere is also a short but sweet trine between Venus and Pluto on Wednesday. This energy can add charm and magnetism to your dealings with anyone from your lover and family to your banker. Wednesday evening favors deep relationship conversations, bringing people closer together.

The Full Moon arrives on Thursday morning, and because Uranus is making a harmonious trine to the Leo Sun and a sextile to the Aquarius Moon. This is a time full of dramatics and flamboyance. However, before you take a bow, take a deep breath, because besides signaling a two-week winding down and completion period, this Aquarian Full Moon can also be full of surprising and unexpected events that might involve a new discovery or an amazing aha moment in your personal life.

In Aquarius, you balance your casual friendships with heart connection relationships. The Aquarius Full Moon opposes the Leo Sun. Aquarius wants to bring forth a higher ideal and Leo wants to have fun doing it. Leo wants to jump into the action with both feet, and Aquarius wants to check what it is getting itself into first. Together, you open your heart to something larger in your life, but you are smart about what you get yourself into before you do it.

Another characteristic of the full moon is that Mercury and Jupiter are beginning to align over the next several days. Both of these planets are restless and need movement and action. Mercury wants to take a weekend trip and Jupiter wants to see the world.

opendoorIdeally, you take the higher philosophical concepts of Jupiter, positive expansion, and bring them down to earth to work in today’s world of Mercury, writing and communication. It would be great to start writing your book or prepare for a long distance trip under these energies.

A Pisces moon arrives on Friday. This energy is great for a movie, music, spiritual activities, or steaming up a romance. Sleep in Saturday morning to remember your Pisces dreams, and be sure to journal them. Get active in the afternoon as the moon moves physical Aries. Walk, dance, swim, or work on projects that improve blood circulation.

Wish Bone

If you are looking for an exciting week that’s perfect for breaking tradition and finding your freedom and fulfillment zone, well, your wish has been granted.