STARGAZING — Week of August 14rh through August20, 2023

Aug 14, 2023 | Stargazing

As the tides are turning, this month’s energy will feel very different. All eyes must be focused on September, as this is the time the big event will culminate from all the proceeding occurrences.

On Tuesday, August 15th the Sun squares Uranus. This is not usually a fun time.  You must be very careful with driving as well as electrical gadgets.

The Leo New Moon is on Wednesday, August 16th. The fire and earth elements are strong now, so it’s a good time to bring your creative and passionate ideas into form. Leo likes to have fun, so planning a little retreat is nice. An enthusiasm for living and creative expression butts up against a killjoy status quo at this New Noon.

This is especially true since sensual pleasure loving Venus continues to be retrograde in Leo until September 3rd . There is both harmony and challenge in this New Moon. Leo likes to open hearts and share with others, but eccentric Uranus, making a challenge to the New Moon, wants to go its own rebellious and independent way. Fortunately, physically active Mars and mobile Mercury, both in Virgo, are in harmony with Uranus. This supports a day trip, perhaps to the beach or the mountains, to help you feel like the Leo queen or king you are.

Horoscope for LeoThe Leo New Moon of August 16th  squares Uranus, while Mars  in Virgo simultaneously trines Uranus. It is a somewhat charged time when extroverted natures can find an excellent stage for self-expression.  Put your full force into making your dreams comet= true, as ambitious, productive energies are in abundance this week.

This energy brings a career opportunity for you as well as public recognition. Spiritually it could bring in growth, knowledge, and changing your belief system, as well as a desire for higher education.  Living well is the best revenge, so embrace your joy and love.

On Friday, August 18th, Mars begins to form an aspect to transiting Saturn. As Mars enters Virgo, the tides will change. Since it is the sign of health and healing, Mars in Virgo will bring about a health scare. Now is the time to strengthen your health through vitamins, exercise, and most of all, raising your vibration by changing your consciousness. This means connecting to the spiritual world through meditation, breathing techniques, while focusing on positive thinking. The energy brings new beginnings and new opportunities.

With Mars and Mercury in Virgo, this energy can bring in personal breakthroughs.  However, it is also suitable for expressing what is close to your heart. Enjoy fashion, art, and fun for their own sake over the weekend.

Enter any discussion about your concerns without making demands, and beware of misplaced vanity. Silent meditation can provide you with new and valuable inner impulses