Stargazing — Week of August 12th through August 18th, 2019

Aug 12, 2019 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

The Aquarius Full Moon is the excitement for this week, The week brings change, and you have been feeling it coming for the last week.The planets involved in next year’s triple alignment in Capricorn were as close at they were going to get this year in April 2019. Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto have all been moving retrograde since then, which had you feeling like you were stuck, or treading water, or in a big transition between the old and incoming new you.

Well, optimistic and expansive Jupiter started moving forward again on Sunday, August 11th, and Saturn and Pluto will follow at the end of SeptemberSo this is a good sign to start moving forward with big projects. At the same time, revolutionary Uranus starts moving backwards until January. In the coming months, think how you can set yourself free, improve your technology and skills, or open to innovative new concepts and techniques.

It all starts on Tuesday when the Sun aligns with Venus. The Sun and Venus in harmony personifies beauty together with a deep love. On Wednesday, with the Moon in friendly Aquarius, you definitely want to get out and share with others. This energy can be a bit stubborn because it likes perfection, but wants others to do all the work. Be gracious, kind, and helpful.

The Aquarius Full Moon is on Thursday, August 15th. On one level, this is a great Full Moon for opening your heart and meeting new people to share a higher vision. On another level, there is an abundance of stubborn zodiac signs. Avoid “my way or the highway” conversations. Although this fixed energy is great for getting through any challenge you are facing, be careful not to do everything the hard way. Step back and allow other to express their ideas, You could learn somethi

Mix social time with private some spiritual growth time. Make time for creative pursuits that are near and dear to your heart. Be empathetic, but do not get sucked into the drama of your friends, family or the world.

Friday morning is not great for clear thinking, so start your day quietly and allow gaps in your schedule. Mercury squares Uranus and there’s a lot of nervous tension I the air. You could hear some alarming, surprising, and upsetting news

Your nerves calm down on Saturday. On Saturday night, aggressive Mars moves into hard working Virgo until October 3rd. The downside of this energy is that because you are seeking perfection, you could get persnickety and critical. Keep a lid on it. Remember perfection is only an idea or perception.

With love and money Venus moving into Virgo next week, it is time to get organized and produce. It’s time to look forward to the hard work ahead.