STARGAZING — Week of August 10th through August 16th, 2015

Aug 8, 2015 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing


New-MoonThis next week of August comes with some amount of challenges, which are going to be unexpected. New beginnings are at the top of the agenda as Jupiter moves its Lucky Charms in the more grounded sign of Virgo for this next year. This shift promises an easier time for Virgos, but because Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system, it may bring in some energy that is confining and makes it difficult for us to see the big picture. On the other hand, this transit is very necessary in the twelve year cycle of Jupiter through the zodiac, because it brings a time when we examine, analyze, and evaluate as well as work hard to manifest our desires.

The tone changes considerably early in the week, beginning with the moon entering nurturing Cancer. Odds are good you will want to stay close to home, or spend time with your inner, trusted circle of family and friends. Do not overindulge in comfort food, but try to stay with your summer diet.

Mercury Retrograde VenusTuesday morning the 11th is when Jupiter moves into Virgo. This begins a time when you can bring big ideas into physical manifestation. You can work on expansive visions in the coming year, and this is the year to work on all those little details that are required when you want to turn a dream into a reality.

New partnerships can be forged, and joint ventures along with joint areas of work would do very well. Recent pressures at work and the exceptional high level of activity will lessen so that you can enjoy life and be more flexible and practical at work. The sharpest areas of focus during this Jupiter in Virgo cycle will be personal health care, healthcare reforms, human resources, and pets.

Car On Wednesday in the late afternoon, mental Mercury opposes dreamy Neptune. You may want to leave work a bit early because of tiredness and traffic. Be careful of evening rush hour drivers because they may not be paying attention.

The New Moon in Leo arrives on Friday the 14th. In a sense, it tops off the past year of Jupiter traveling through Leo. You are asked to make your life more heart centered. Your activities, your work, and your relationships need to be fun and creative. Because Jupiter has now left Leo and is starting its yearlong run through practical Virgo, this new moon supports you in taking action on all that you decided in the past year regarding where your heart is engaged and where it is not. The new moon is aligned with Venus and simultaneously is making harmony with Uranus. That means you can have a revolution and be diplomatic, kind, and graceful in the process. A sacred Symbol for this new moon is “a carrier pigeon fulfilling its mission.” Something has come to a close, or a friendship of long standing had ended. Consider what this means to you personally. Create some quiet time to listen to that wise inner voice that knows what you must do next, and then trust yourself to act upon that inner knowing.

The fixed signs of Leo and Scorpio are heavily emphasized now. Fixed signs are great at perseverance and endurance, however, they have lessons in not being stubborn and needing to let go when it is time to release. This is the beginning of a two period of increase and growth. Passions are running high as the developments in banking occur as well as new laws concerning marriage for same-sex couples.

MoneyThere can be gains due to joint work and joint projects. Income and new orders will also pick up tremendously during this week. Investments will be average. You should not take too much of risk in terms of the stock market or investments now.

Saturday is a talkative day, one of those days where you can move quickly from task to task, conversation to the next conversation. But it is not a good day for focused attention, so just keep moving. Venus in retrograde meets up with the Sun in Leo for the one and only time this year. This “inferior conjunction” will take us back to the past to resolve some old issues. This weekend could be the time when an old flame or old debts show up on your radar screen. Have compassion and be gentle, easy, and as loving as possible.