Stargazing — Week of Aug. 8th through Aug. 14th, 2022

Aug 8, 2022 | Stargazing

This is a week to strengthen your inner self-worth. Stop feeling guilty and rejected by others who seek to sharpen their ego and improve themselves by cutting you down.  You do not owe these people your time, compassion, or assistance

The Moon moves into hard-working Capricorn on Monday so plan to accomplish tangible tasks through Wednesday morning before the Moon moves into Aquarius – for the build-up to the Aquarius full moon. Avoid getting sucked into someone’s sob story when the Moon squares Neptune in Pisces that day.

On Tuesday others could whisper and go behind your back in order to try to gain favor from bosses and leaders; remember, you are protected by the higher forces so keep your wits about you. A lunar trine with Mercury will help you become aware of these manipulations before it’s too late.

Tuesday’s Venus-Pluto opposition is strengthened on Wednesday when the Moon comes in to join the party.  Others could be swayed by untruthful gossip and whispering will be going on back in the dark shadows. If you feel this is happening, relax, get quiet and allow your mind to tap into the energies of the Moon’s trine to Mars, then confront the situation head-on, before too much damage can be done. 

The Full Moon is Thursday, August 11th at 20 degrees Aquarius. Relationship planet Venus moves into heart-opening Leo until September 5th to add to the energy. This anxiety-ridden Full Moon forms a T square with Uranus, while also drawing Mars and Saturn energies into the mix.

Venus in Leo wants some playtime in the coming weeks. However, this full moon ties back into the August 1st  alignment of Mars, Uranus, and the north node. This part of the energy wants to get productive projects moving, but feels pulled in three directions simultaneously.

This is a day of battle, both out in the open and within you, when matters will be shaken up by volatile forces and other people. If you sense that your participation in a group has been compromised or rebuffed by the toxicity of people with different thoughts – your colleagues, this Full Moon may give you the courage to walk away so that you can work with healthier and more nourishing minds.

The water element is weak at this time, so be certain to take care of your emotional wellbeing. The fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius are strong now. This gives you great perseverance and stamina, but can also create a stubborn and hardheaded energy. Perhaps the best advice is to mix work and play, while avoiding “my way or the highway” people.

Friday afternoon and Saturday ease up as the Moon slides into gentle Pisces. Mellow out in a scenic watery location, meditate, see a movie, or listen to music when Pisces is active. Watch out for a bit of moodiness.

Sunday includes two planetary combinations that are buoyant but somewhat contradictory. The Sun in Leo is opposite Saturn in Aquarius. Leo likes to play and open hearts, whereas Aquarius is more mental and wants to keep a healthy level of detachment from the drama that Leo can often bring. This is an amazing day to tap into your inner power and strengthen your confidence. Push your comfort zone by taking part in active pursuits that help you tap into the thrill of being alive.  

Combine the Sun in Leo’s generosity with Saturn’s ability to set appropriate boundaries.  At the same time, aggressive Mars makes a harmonious trine to Pluto, helping you to take positive action to release whatever is no longer needed in your life. Your Soul will be crushed if you hang out with any judgmental people.

The Moon moves through Aries from Sunday afternoon through most of the day next Tuesday.